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-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Glory Reign Evening Session Day 2
Holy Spirit we give you praise, on this second day we ask that Holy Spirit you take over every aspect, glorify no other person but Jesus, we vow to give you all the glory in Jesus mighty name.

Let me share this with you before you take your seat, it is what you make happen with a clean heart that you will harvest after. When I came in God said to me do you know why this is happening? I said no and I know when he is speaking to me.

He said 1995/1996 you sowed a seed you are reaping the harvest now. I was in Bible School under my mentor Bishop Oyedepo, and when we come to Church there will be no space in the breakthrough seminar and I poured my heart into service, I knew i was not going to work in Winners’ Chapel, I knew this from the beginning that i was not going to work there. But the whole of my heart was inside, he said the seed you sow is what you’re reaping now.

As I am talking to you today we have 336 viewing centers in Port Harcourt and the 336, not one of them has space as at yesterday they were looking for chairs at the headquarters alone we have 24 viewing centers and not one has space, people stood yesterday.

God said you made it happen and I am still making it happen till now, when Shiloh is in place I announce it in Salvation Ministries. He said the seed you sow is what you’re reaping now and the harvest is always bigger, don’t ever be jealous of anyone’s field, sow your seed into that field, when your harvest comes it will be bigger. He said that which you sowed 1995/1996 is what you’re reaping now and I know God was speaking to me.

Listen, I want to speak to all men of God here, don’t ever get jealous just sow all your heart before these 5 days will be over the harvest will be greater and he ministered to me in a direction that is very funny, business men hear this, everybody no matter where you are, after today people will gather and overflow.


That your shop that you’re not selling, crowd will begin to flow in from now, anything that concerns you there shall be an overflow in the name of Jesus. No matter how dead the business is, today I announce to you, the power of the Holy Ghost will turn it around in the name of Jesus, because when he appears nothing dies.

After today you will never remain the same, no matter what you hear he will refresh me, sign on everyone today. Let the hearts of your people be open to receive your Word, let each one have an understanding of your Word in Jesus mighty name.
Hear me people of God, I am going to teach you something you have heard over and over again. It is not new. It is one thing to hear it is another thing to understand and having understanding is different from practising what you understand.

Because you can understand something and not practice it, I am not going to preach, I am going to impact what I practice.

Two person’s make my life turn around, the book of Kenneth Hagin “Love – Way to Victory” I read that book and I had deep understanding of what love is, secondly one day I was driving with my mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo in the car and while he was talking to me he said my beloved son how is this man of God and when I talked I looked at him, the man of God he is asking of is someone who hates him from his bladder, he was talking to me, how is he in Port Harcourt, I said he is fine sir, I said I wish my father knows how this man hates him, but I didn’t stop there I was taught a lesson and so I increased my love again. What I am about to preach: if you practice it, you will sit somewhere and people will be healed, so I don’t want you to just copy notes, make sure you take note of what you’re copying in your note. Yes, you have heard it over and over but are you doing it?

One day I worked to a man of God who is here now, I said sir, I come to you, in case I offended you please forgive me, I love you. He looked at and said sir, you have just taught me a lifetime lesson, by all standards I have more results than him but I love him, so I drove to his office I said sir we can’t be brothers and be frowning our face, you know that we are flowing, so I drove down here to tell you please flow with me.

I love you and he looked at me and we embraced, we are supposed to be one family and we will remain one family, the Bible says we should love one another. He couldn’t believe it; it was shocking to him because by all standards he is supposed to come to me but I went to him.
I am not going to preach I am going to impact; you preach what you read, you impact what you live.
Father speak to us, my greatest secret is what I am about to preach to you today, you don’t know me until you know what I am about to preach.

If you like read all my books you will still not know me, until you know what I am about to teach. You may be seated.




Whatever people have said is impossible in your life. I decree today not tomorrow; the God of Heaven will make it possible in the name of Jesus.
On Sunday I prayed for our members and I said there is nobody under my voice that will not operate as I operate, I prayed for my Pastors I said anywhere you go you will see the Healing grace manifesting. You heard them testifying. On Sunday one of them stood on this altar and miracles were happening like water. How many men of God will pray that people under them should operate like them? I am not afraid, do you know why? Ask me why? Jesus said greater works you will do, have we done greater than him? How many of us have raised a dead person who has been dead for 4 days? No matter what I give them he will still give me more, because he that scatters increaseth, so when I give to them, he gives me another level, scattering is not only in me, it is in anything you have.
What is Glory?
Glory can be defined as the proof of God’s tangible presence in a man’s life that makes him enjoy distinction.
What is Reign?
Reign means to be in charge with an impeccable influence and undeniable affluence
Glory Reign therefore means the manifestation of God’s presence in one’s life thereby making him to be in charge with influence and affluence.

When you know God, you encounter his glory, you will reign without sweat. Daniel 11:32, when you encounter the secrets of God you will command exploits.

God’s Word works in any Nation. Ecclesiastes 5:9, Acts 10:34-35, Romans 10:12. No difference between the Nigerians and the Americans. There is no difference between the Americans and Mexicans. The same God is rich to all, if you practice his Word, it will produce anywhere. If you’re a female don’t be afraid you can do what any man can do. So, we can command the same results no matter the Nation we are in.

The word of God when applied profit all, it doesn’t profit some people and does not profit some, it profits all.

2nd Timothy 3:16, our key scripture for tonight’s scripture is taken from Romans 5:5, that is where we are taking the message from, make sure you take time to romance that scripture, because when you’re in romance with it, believe it your life will change.

Romans 5:5, so just like they taught you faith, if you don’t put it into practice it will die. Love is already in you by the Holy Ghost, you have been empowered to love. Some people say, I can’t love, that is a lie. You don’t just choose to live; every born-again child has been empowered by the Holy Ghost to walk in love and it is left for you to decide whether to walk in love or not. Saying that you can’t love is you deceiving yourself.

The Holy Spirit has empowered you to love, so it is left for you to decide to walk on love or not.
The Word says I lay before you life and death. So, you can decide not to love, that is your own choice, you can love, it is left for you to give love expression. Listen to me the most powerful force in the Universe is not nuclear weapons, the most powerful force in the Universe is Love. I will tell you why. 1st Corinthians 13:13 (NKJV). Love us a universal language accepted in any nation.

Love is the most powerful because God is not prayer he answers prayers, God is not faith he works with our own faith, God is not word of knowledge, God is not any other thing but God is love. 1st John 4:8, when I walk in love I walk in God and when I walk in God I command results like God, are you getting what I am saying here. God is not prayer; you can be a prayer giant and not command results like people that love God.

You can’t command results until you work in love. When you walk in love, you walk in the fullness of God. Listen, it is divinity taking over humanity when you work in love.
Do you know why I say this? Let me tell you the secret, anybody can sit anywhere and people will get miracles. You know why? You don’t know what you’re missing walking in hatred.

Ephesians 3:17-19, you can quote all the Scriptures and not get my kind of results, you can preach more than me and not get my result, when I walk in love, I carry the fullness of God. That is, anywhere I appear, God appears. When you’re walking in love, demon can’t kill you, you carry the fullness of God.

some of you are carrying half of God.

The fullness of God is for those who love, when you walk in love you don’t pray for people to get healed, they get healed, they look at your face and sickness leaves, you sit in a shop the shop will be rocking because of the fullness of God. But that can’t be if you don’t understand what love is.

This is not about sending love texts, it is not singing love songs, if you like sing soprano. God said when you understand what love is you walk in the fullness of God. You are walking and God is walking. You are moving and God is also moving, you sit somewhere and God sits there.
I carry the fullness of God, that is why I can say cancer man sit where I sit and cancer will be healed because where I am sitting is where God is sitting. Are you getting what I am talking about? So, when you walk in love you automatically catty the fullness of God, you don’t pray for miracles to happen.
Somebody asked me a question today very humbly. He said sir, I was waiting for you to call out the sick for prayers yesterday, you didn’t pray for them, I was waiting for the prayers for sick people. Did I pray like that yesterday? The fullness of God manifested by the Holy Ghost, you have struggles enough after this teaching your life will turn. Listen, stop running from your country to another country if you know what to do. Just carry the fullness of God, anywhere you are things will work. Were we in America before we were given property. Fullness of God, I wish people knows what they want, they will not be in want, it is not running to a nation that makes you, you just carry the fullness of God you will sit in the poorest country and be rich. Anywhere you are things will work. You don’t need to run to another nation to be useful, I wish people know what they really want. I am running from Africa to USA, to do what? Except God sent you there. If he didn’t send you there and you sent yourself, you will be a gatekeeper. That will not be your portion. Say with me: Father, open my understanding to what love is, I want to carry the fullness of God.
Shout Halleluyah!!!
John’s greatest secret was love, you read the Book of John you will know that the greatest secret was love, he had more fullness than peter. They could kill Peter, they could not kill John.

People who walk in love are unkillable, unslapable, untouchable. Put them in a frying pan and they will wake up. It is not you preaching love I am talking about you living love. Matthew 22.

You think if I don’t love I will go to Shiloh. Listen, ask me why? Most times when I finish program here. I am physically tired; I won’t tell you what happened last time, even physically I was worn out, my father can’t be having a program and I am here, doing what.
If I tell you this you will be shocked. I have never prostrated before Oyedepo.

I am not from the west to lie down, but my heart loves him. I don’t need to lay down for him to know that I am loyal. But my level of loyalty is too high. You talk about him harshly where I am, I will kill you. He may not talk but me. You can’t insult my father.
Can they insult your biological father before you? Spiritual father is stronger than a biological father. You say your father does not talk. If they accuse your father of being a thief, will you keep quiet? That is the day I will bend your mouth upside down; this thing love is not theory. Matthew 22, it is not the one you say baby I love you; all those ones are useless things. I am not talking about all that baby love, baby love is a lust.
Matthew 22:36-40, you know why God is saying you should him from your heart, because everything is controlled from your heart. You know where your heart is, that is where you will go.
When you love God, you place high value in him. So, you don’t struggle to draw virtue from him because you love him. So, you command results without sweat. Matthew 6:33, you can’t seek God and sink in life. When you wholeheartedly seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, all physical, social, emotional, physiological, financial and security needs shall be added unto you.

Love must be first unto God and then to your neighbour.

Hear this, do you know how powerful love is?
Do you know that when you love even Satan will know, do you know why Satan said Jesus I know, Paul I know, why didn’t he say Peter I know?

Paul said in Ephesians 3:1 and Ephesians 4:1. Why did Paul say a prisoner? Why didn’t he say a servant of God?

You know why? A prisoner only takes what they tell him. You can tell a servant to go here and the servant might turn you down.
I have come to a point where anything God tells me I carry it out. I’m a prisoner. I have no choice of my own. Where he sends me, I go. The demon said this man loves God oh, Jesus is like him, Paul is like him.
The two of them are different. I know them, who are you? Acts 19:15, Ephesians 3:1. A prisoner for Christ today will emerge in a palace tomorrow and you will emerge in your own palace.

One great price to show that you’re a prisoner is soul winning.

Paul got the greatest price he said wow is me if I preach not the Gospel,1st Corinthians 9:26, Romans 1:16, it is a pearl of great price. Daniel 12:3, we are still talking about Paul till today. Soul winners don’t die, did you hear me?

Billy Graham cannot die for the next 5 to 6 generations, if you call Billy Graham today you will think he is still alive. Soul winners don’t die. Call Benson Idahosa you will think he’s still in Benin.

Politicians die but soul winners don’t die. If you’re a Politician here take note today, if you’re not a soul winner the day you leave Government everybody will forget you, ask people if they remember previous Governor’s, ask your children. It is only soul winners that don’t die. Politicians do, businessmen do, soul winners don’t die because that is the greatest heartbeat of God. Mark 8:3, God equates a soul winner higher than anything in the world, this is how powerful soul winning is. Romans 1:16, Matthew 6:33.
It is one thing that places you in command of all things, the Kingdom of God. Let us be love motivated. I sat down talking to my mentor. Do you know Christianity has turned the other way round? People are more interested in reward than they are interested in love. Matthew 6:33, the things that you are bothered about is an addition, he said leave that to me I will give you.
So, we should not be pursuing the things we should be pursuing the love of God. Then it is now his duty to give us those things and God is not a man that he should lie. Numbers 23:19, so giving you those things is not a problem to God but people are now pursuing the things instead of pursuing the love of God. Some people will say I am coming to Church because I am looking for a job, I am coming to Church because I want to have a child, I am coming to Church because I want to get married. No, God did not say so, he said love me first and these things shall be added unto you, but we have missed it, we are pursuing the things instead of pursuing the love of God.

So, people are more interested in reward than the real thing they are meant to be pursuing. May you all have understanding today.

Let us be more live motivated, then the reward will just come from God and from today he will reward you. 1st Corinthians 2:9, you become a marvel to your world when you love God. After today you will be the next surprise to your world. It is those that love God more than themselves that are truly in love.

Love is not theoretical, it is practical. How many loves him? You love him, you will find out whether you love him
1st John 3:18, let us not just sing it, let us not just preach it. You can preach love and not walk in love. You can compose a very good love song for the Lord and not understand love.

I have seen people who preach love and they don’t even understand the love they preach. Because as they are preaching love, they are angry with the next person.


These are the proofs that you love God, if you see them in your life then you love him, if you don’t see them then you don’t love him.

1) You will obey him. John 14:21, 1st John 5:3, anything he tells me to do I will do it.
2) You will love his Word. Every time a message is coming and you get up to go, your problem is not because you’re tired the truth is you don’t love God. You stayed when they prayed, you stayed for anointing, you stayed for businessmen prayers but when they wanted to preach you decided to go.

You know your problem, if they say let us study the Bible, you tell them to keep it aside. Because you never loved God. Those who love God will love his Word. Psalm 119:97-100.

3) You will love his house and Kingdom. Psalm 112: 1. If coming to Church is a burden then you don’t love God, some people claim that why didn’t they remind them of service. Were you reminded to go for political meetings, were you reminded to go for business meetings, because you know that there is money there. If you see politicians when they have election meetings by 2am, by 1am they have instructed their drivers to warm the car. You know why?

That is the meeting for rigging. So at 2am, he will not forget the meeting. But when it is time for Church, he will say Pastor I forgot.

He didn’t forget, he never loved God. Did they remind him of the PDP and APC meeting? When you love God, you will remember that service is for 4:30, they will not remind you, they will claim that they forgot service today, did they forget the Executive Council meeting today. The truth is you don’t love God yet.

Those are the proofs, if you love God, you will love his house, you will always like to come to his Church. You won’t need a reminder. Let me tell all of you, David was a King and he was going to Church 10 times a day, Psalms 119:164, that is why God said he is a man after my heart.

You were given one small appointment and you have disappointed God. Psalm 84: 1,10. Lift your hands and say from today I will show my love to God.
4) You love to win soul. Romans 2:26, Psalm 119:46. That means when you go for an executive meeting, if you’re an Ogboni man (Fraternity) I am for Christ.

When they give you Ogboni form, give them Church form because nature avoid vacuum, either you give them Church form or they give you Ogboni form and some of you signed ogboni form, this night throw away that Ogboni form. Be proud to say that you’re a Child of God for goodness sake. Be very proud to tell the world that you’re a child of God. Let them know who you’re. When you appear in the bank tell who you are.

I saw a minister yesterday putting a man’s picture on his shirt, the minister is from the south here. I said “ If you can hang a man’s picture who will not go to Heaven, is it God that I cannot talk about in the palace”. Do you know that some Christian hide their Bible? So that people won’t know that they go to church, they are a disgrace. You will love to engage in soul winning, praying for soul winning and establishing the Kingdom of God. From today may your love for soul increase in the name of Jesus.

5) You will Love his people. 1st John 4:20-21. All this shout that you love God and you hate everybody else is not it. When someone share a testimony that they bought a new car, you’re calling them a thief. Someone testifies to building a new house and you’re there saying that the house will collapse. You know your problem you don’t love God.

If you love God, you will love your brothers and sisters. 1st John 3:17-18, Ephesians 6:8, it is what you make happen for others God will make happen for you. Love people, that is the proof of love.

6) You will love to serve him. John 21:15-17
7) You will love to Give. John 3:26, any love without giving is fake. The authentic proof of love is giving.

A genuine love will always want to give. 1st John 3:17-18. You will love to give to God and humanity if you love. True love will always want to invest in the things of God and be a blessing to humanity.

These are the things to know whether you love. If these things are not around you, then you don’t love. It is not preaching, it is not quoting and it is not jumping love, these are the things to show whether you truly love.

For Glory Reign, I went out for evangelism, I am the one to preach yet I went out. I did not say members you need to go for soul winning, I went out myself into the markets and ghetto to preach. I am the one preaching, I could have easily said all of you go, me I will stay here. But I love God.

There is no way I can sit down when they are going for evangelism, I won’t be able to stay, my body will be pinching me. So, I went out with them. I was very happy when a woman who was hawking came on Sunday. She is in service tonight as I am talking. She was hawking on her head in Mile 3, I said Jesus loves you, she said sir, I want to give my life to Jesus. I asked her and her son to Christ, as I am talking to you, she is around. That is the one God will record for me, ask me why?

The one I did altar call here, he won’t record it for me, you know why? You people brought them. Pastors take note the altar call you make you not the one who brought the souls. It is the one that you preach to in the street that is your own.

That altar call is not your own, when you go out and tell somebody Jesus loves you, that is the one he records for you, is like somebody is giving you money to pay offering, who gave the offering.

Somebody brought those people who came out for altar call to church and it will be recorded on their own account not yours. It is the one you take out time to go into the street to preach to that becomes your own and they will be very happy because you’re the one preaching. Won’t you be happy as a Governor and you stand at the door to usher in somebody. That is what Christianity is all about. Somebody at the reach of my voice today God will lift you to that position.

Please Christians let us come back to the love of God. You’re a multi billionaire and you stand by the door and you usher somebody and the person will say do you know that man who ushered me? He is a very rich man. He told me to sit down.

A Liberian came to this Church, he said sir do you know how he became born again? He saw a very wealthy man calling him sir when he was entering.

He said in my life nobody has called me sir before. He said when I was coming into Church, I saw this man that has money. He said sir you can sit down here, he said this man called me Sir, he felt good that a rich man can call him that, he gave his life to Christ that day. You don’t know what you’re doing to yourself sitting down without serving the Lord.


1) Love is the gateway to the revelation of God’s Word. 2st Corinthians 2:9-10, the Holy Spirit can only reveal things to those who love God. I will tell you something that will shock you, rigorous study does not determine revelation. Revelation is by Love, everything we are looking for is in this Bible but he reveals them to his lovers.

how come David knew about the resurrection and Prophesy of Jesus Christ. A prophet did not know a king knew; Paul has more depth than all of them because nobody showed more love than Paul. Revelation is not by the numbers of books you read. John 15:13-15. Do you know if you love somebody who is your friend you will tell him something you have not told your brother who is close to you. You will call your friend on the phone and inform him that you’re travelling and you won’t inform your brother who is your neighbour. God reveals his secret to lovers.

2) Your faith works by love. Galatians 5:6. As powerful as faith Even if two of you pray, God will answer his prayer more than yours.

You’re not working in love yet you’re praying. Please walk in love.

4) Your fasting is accepted when you walk in love. Isaiah 58:7, fasting delivers by love, anything you’re fasting and you’re not walking in Love is a hunger strike, fasting without love is hunger strike. Fasting giants, that is why love is important, nothing will deliver without love.

5) Your supernatural victory is by Love. 1st John 5:4. Victory works by faith and faith works by Love. So, no love, no victory.

6) You enjoy Kingdom wealth. 1st Corinthians 13:3. Giving must be love motivated, the reasons God blessed Solomon was because he gave with love. 1 Kings 3:3, so if you’re giving without love, you will have zero result. That is why it’s important.

7) Divine health is guaranteed by love. 1st John 3:14-15. Eternal life in you is activated by love, with eternal life activated you can’t be sick. So, if I want to walk in divine health what do I do? Walk in love.

Now, most people who are sick, the devil is not the cause, this is the problem. If you go to hospital, patients in the female ward are more than male ward, in any hospital you go to you find more women than men, not because they came for delivery, but for sickness. Let me tell you the reason. Two men can quarrel and they forgive each other instantly but not women. Women will quote all your misdeeds over the years.

5 men can stay in one hostel but not 5 women, they will quarrel from the first day to the last day, those of you who went to school you know what I am talking about. Boys can live together and after quarrel they will still use each other’s stuffs, not women she will carry her things and keep in one corner. Even in church, she will say she has forgiven her but if she is coming in one direction the other one will pass through another direction.

You can’t enjoy sound health if you don’t walk in love, that is why love is very Important.
😎 You can’t fail working in love. 1st Corinthians 13:8 (NKJV) Love never fails, you want a life Where you will never fail? Walk in love. Prayers fail, faith fails. Jesus said thine faith faileth not. Luke 22:32, prayer can fail, faith can fail but love never fails.

It is the failure proof force, with love no matter the challenge you will end up victorious. People who walk in love can be challenged but in the end they will be victorious.

Faith can fail, Peter’s faith failed, anything can fail but not love. If you know what love is, you will not do what you’re doing.

9) You operate in signs and wonders. How many of you like signs and wonders? How many of you like signs and wonders happening with ease? How many want miracles to happen without praying? If you like it then love. John 14:21.

How can God manifest himself to you and then you remain the same. He manifests himself to his lovers that means you will just flow in the miraculous without sweat. You don’t shout, you don’t scream demons Go! Go! Go! you just say it with ease “Satan get out”. You will become a sign yourself. From today as you walk in love signs will become part of your life in the name of Jesus.

So, you can see that everything in the Bible is controlled by love.

So, instead of chasing after fasting, chasing after prayers, chasing after signs and wonders. Just chase after love and then you control all things.
10) You carry God’s nature. Ephesians 3:19. That means whatever answers to God answers to you, just walk in love, whatever you do, God will be in it with you.

You don’t have to be a pastor, just walk in love, the nature of God will be visible in you. When the devil sees you, he will see God. How many will walk in love?

Love is powerful. Two years ago, a man of God was to hold a program in Port Harcourt, a great man of God I won’t call his name. He was to host a crusade in this town.

Do you think I am just preaching love? I live it. We are having 5 Nights of Glory and this man’s crusade was to happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In this same city and town. I don’t preach love, I live love and I said this man is in town, go ahead let us honour him. It was my Rolls Royce they used to carry him, in the same city and town.

Hello! You think I preach love; I live love. Normally I should say, okay now, I am the one God gave this town to, let me see how you will have your program.

The sky is too big, I can’t win every soul, so the one I cannot win he has to win. Stop striving, stop fighting it is not necessary. We are all doing the same work for Christ. I don’t preach love; I live it and I don’t struggle to love.

God’s nature is love. So, if you’re not loving, you’re not of God. 1st John 4:8, once you’re not loving you won’t have his nature and you can’t manifest anywhere. That is why some people will fast heavily for 40 days and they have no result. If you’re asking how things are happening for David Ibiyeomie? I have told you my secret.

You can pray more than me, fast more than me yet you won’t get my kind of result until you do this one. So, you don’t know my secret until you know how I love.

11) You become untouchable and unbeatable. Nobody can beat you in any field when you love God, they couldn’t beat David. What was his secret?

Even when Saul went after him, he could not touch him, the entire army of Israel went after David, they could not touch him, he was unbeatable and untouchable. When you walk in love nobody can beat you in any field. You go for politics and they are rigging, you will rig them out.

If Christians know what love is, you will beat anybody in any field.
Let me close with this, 1st John 4:16-17. When I love God, I win like Jesus would have won, can anybody beat Jesus in any field.

So, when I walk in love, I am unbeatable, I just get results the way Jesus would get it.
My result will be exactly like Jesus results. If you want to replicate him then walk in love. Amos 3:3, when you don’t walk in love, he leaves you alone.
You will be too loaded to be defeated and buffeted by any force. May the Lord give you understanding. So, the Love question must be answered by all of us. Do you love him? He asked Peter 3 times, do you love me? John 22:15-17, do you know Peter lived Jesus, the Bible said Peter denied Jesus, where were others, others took to their heels before they appeared. Others the moment they carried Jesus they ran away. Peter said I love you oh, but in my flesh, I deny you but I love you. He was the only one who followed him to that level, no other person followed him to that level, others didn’t even come near the gate they ran. You say but he denied Jesus but he was the one who loves him more. A man who removed a knife because you wanted to touch his master and wanted to kill the person. When you love somebody, it is not mechanical, you won’t know when you will react. Love is like that, if a man loves his wife and you try to touch his wife, he may cut your head. That is why Jesus came to him and asked do you really love me? He wanted to test him whether that kind of love is still in him. He said master you know that I wanted to kill somebody because of you, I love you. He said If you love me, leave what you’re doing and go and preach the gospel. He left fishing that day.

If you’re not getting any of the benefits, I just mentioned then check your love meter, we have a thermometer. So, check your love meter, check the Gauge if you’re not getting any of these things.

Just have a heart for God and you will make a mark on the heart. Proverbs 23:2, 26. It is you and I that will give him our heart. To know the love of God, is the greatest revelation anyone can have in the Kingdom of God. Discover and apply the power of his love.

Tell yourself the truth, stop having fun with God, make a choice to love him, altar call is different from the Love of God. Altar call is that you want to be saved, love of God is about dedication. Take a decision that is backed with corresponding action to love God. I was living in a place in Victoria Island in Lagos and I was going to Church in a place called Iyana Ipaja.
These two places are far from each other and I was going for evangelism every weekend. I knew I was not going to work in Living Faith. I knew it from the beginning that God did not call me to work there but I won 56 souls in one month. I didn’t say preach, I mean won and abiding souls who did foundation class and were baptised in the Holy Ghost. I did this as a brother, a place I was not going to be a pastor. I have never gone to meet Oyedepo and say I am loyal sir, I have seen people who have said they are loyal but when evangelism came, they ran away, they said this man want to use us to grow his Church and this people are always greeting him, you can never know a man, they are the most complex creature in earth. He has two faces, one is smiling and the other is inside. He has two hearts; one is pumping blood the other pumps thought. He is laughing at you but he is saying he will kill you inside him.

So, when you’re dealing with a man, be careful. Ask me why? Satan was Lucifer before he became Satan, so the person laughing with you today can change from Lucifer to Satan. That is why I said: Love all men but trust only the Holy Spirit, don’t trust any mortal man.

God never told you to trust mortal man, read your Bible, it says out your trust in the Lord, not out your trust in man, love people but trust only him, because those who say I love you today can go against you tomorrow.

Lovers are pacesetters, they are pathfinders, they are trailblazers, they are highfliers, they are never a losing Christians. Everything that works in the Kingdom works by love. When God finds a lover, he will show himself.

2nd Chronicles 16:9. God is searching for his lover; will you be one of them? It is the greatest force for empowerment. The fulfillment of any man destiny is in loving God. A wise will always make the right choice, that a decision to walk in love from today.

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