Make Sense on Time,Maximize every Opportunity – Dr Paul Enenche


“When I was in the Medical School, I was made the president of the Christian Medical Students Fellowship of my university. There was a time we went for the Christian Medical Students National Conference at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. People from different universities across the country gathered, and some persons were appointed to anchor different items on the program schedule; by privilege, I was asked to lead a five-minute segment of prayer. And within those five minutes, there was an eruption.

The impact was tangible and undeniable.
So when it was time to elect the national president, they almost unanimously pointed to the direction of the man who brought fire in five minutes; they made me the national president of the fellowship. Thus I became national president, and I travelling across the country, preaching to medical students, and that experience was very foundational for my life and ministry.


Beloved, opportunity is universal, but success is not universal. So, every time you have the stage, make sense on time because the stage is not yours forever; there are others on queue warming up to make sense. To be an opportunity waster is to be a destiny waster.
The grace to make sense on time is released on you in Jesus’ Name.”

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