Tridax procumbens


-Bishop David Oyedepo
at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

* You can’t access that power by seeking to be empowered to advance your life.
* You seek to be empowered to advance His Kingdom, then the same power advances your life.
* We have been advancing the Kingdom, then we came to Education and are setting the pace.
* The first thing I invested in my life was building a Chapel in a School.
* I have never prayed for a house, yet God is building me houses.

Our teaching series for this month, our Sunday Services for the month of July, Engaging the Manifestation of the Holy Spirit for Supernatural Breakthroughs
1 Corinthians 12:4-7
The manifestation of the Spirit is given to everyone to profit withal. The operations of the Holy Spirit is given to us to live a profitable life. Diverse operations but the same Spirit. It is not God who determines which goes for you and which does not go for you. He said but earnestly covet the best gifts (1 Corinthians 12:31). So any of the operations that apply to your situation: covet, demand the release of it. Earnestly covet the best gifts.
“I show you a more excellent way” – that is you can only access them when your coveting them is love motivated. The love of God is the motivation behind your demand for these operations, otherwise it profits you and me nothing.
1 Corinthians 12:31, 1 Corinthians 13:1-3
It means these gifts are released based on our love for God because God hates waste. He will not release a gift to you that will not profit you nothing. It is our love for God that determines our access in these diverse operations of the Spirit. Nobody ever empowers his enemy and so God only empowers His true lovers. You are empowered based on your love for God and the interest of His Kingdom. There is nothing to empowering the believer who is genuinely in love with God. No limits.

As we explore the diverse operations of the Holy Spirit this month in our Sunday Services, just understand the foundation for it and your access cannot be impeded. Understand the platform upon which you are guaranteed access and then you won’t miss it. So important.

God is not a magician, He is not out to impress anybody. God is out to empower you for a purpose, that is, to go after your Father’s business. This is why the Church of Christ in most parts have been so powerless, the reason is because we are yet to discover the covenant platform for access to empowerment. We are yet to discover the platform upon which we are empowered by Him.

Believers are only empowered to serve and not to sit and be entertained by the happenings in Church.
How God empowered Jesus with Holy Ghost and with power who went about doing good and healing all them that were oppressed of the devil because God was with Him (Acts 10:38). We are empowered to go about our Father’s business! It applies in all areas of stewardship.
For instance, we saw how Jesus empowered the 12 and the 70. There was none that was on His mission that was not empowered (Luke 9:1). He called His 12 disciples and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases.
Luke 9:2, 6
Everyone on His mission is empowered to deliver by Him. God empowers people that are on His Mission any day, any time, anywhere.
His power is not for decoration or for show. It’s for the advancement of His Kingdom. That is why everyone genuinely committed to the advancement of His Kingdom is empowered to deliver, empowered to perform and interestingly that power imparts on you first because it is passing you through. Thank You Jesus

Luke 10:1, 17-19
To show that it is in the same order. Everyone on the go is empowered to a triumphant adventure and supernatural delivery of their mission. Everyone on the go is empowered. You can’t be after your Father’s business and not be empowered to deliver, not be empowered for triumph and breakthroughs.

Matthew 10:1, 8
Everyone on His mission is empowered to deliver and empowered for triumph.
-No one here shall be left out.
Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve: that is where it begins and Joshua said, “as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15).
Empowerment is on the basis of our commitment to serve God and the interest of His Kingdom, it is not for show, it is not a title, it is a confirmation of our commitment to serve God and the interest of His Kingdom.
We understand that the Father’s core business on the earth is salvation of the lost.
Psalm 74:12
We also know from scriptures that God wants all men saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth as made available in Church (1 Timothy 2:4). We see them saved by giving them the gospel and we bring them into Church so they can be empowered with the truth for triumphant living. The mission of Christ is to seek all that is lost and that is the Father’s business if you check through in Ezekiel chapter 34 verses 11 to 16 (Luke 19:10).
To seek and to save that which is lost is the Father’s core business on the earth.
John 3:16 – that is His core mission. He is not wishing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). That is His mission. Every aspect of that Mission we engage with entitles us to empowerment for delivery and that empowerment is also ordained to culminate in our advancement in the race of life.
-Somebody’s story must change and it is changing now.

We will be looking at diverse operations of the Spirit in these Series and how that impacts on our lives as individuals.

1. THE SPIRIT OF POWER: We saw Jesus return in the power of the Spirit to Galilee (Luke 4:14)
What was the power for? Luke 4:18. We are empowered to serve His interest first and foremost. The primary purpose of empowerment is to go about our Father’s business on the earth. That is the power He returned with in verse 14 (Luke 4:14). That is the purpose of that power, we need to understand the purpose of empowerment before we can be empowered, otherwise it is a risk.
The day of His power will precede the day of His coming, so we are going to see diverse dimensions of His empowerment before Jesus returns.
Psalm 110:1-3
Our commitment to the advancement of His Kingdom is what to entitles us to His empowerment and empowerment ordains us to rule in the midst of our enemies.
Psalm 66:3
It takes power to rule and to reign in the midst of your enemies and this empowerment is on the basis of our heart for Him and the interest of His Kingdom.
-No one here will miss His place.
What is the primary purpose of that empowerment?
Luke 24:49; Acts 1:8 – we are empowered to be witnesses of Christ on the earth. To be effective witnesses of Christ on the earth, that is the primary purpose.
When the Holy Ghost came and empowered them, the first thing we saw was a huge harvest of souls into the Kingdom (Acts 2:41). That is the first manifestation of that empowerment. Brought conviction which led to conversion and multitudes were swept into the Kingdom: 3,000 people in one day. That shows the primary purpose of that empowerment. It is to draft souls into the Kingdom.

Let me say this and I am saying this clearly, based on the truth of scriptures. No one will ever be more empowered than he is committed to the Father’s business. No one will ever experience any empowerment beyond His commitment to the Father’s business.
“I show you a more excellent way”: the love for God. The love for God and the interest of His Kingdom is the most excellent way for accessing the diverse operations of the Spirit including the Spirit of power.
“He has ANOINTED Me”: He is talking about, “He has EMPOWERED Me.”
We saw the 7 Spirits of God listed in Isaiah chapter 11:
Isaiah 11:2 – these are the 7 Spirits according to Revelation chapter 5 verse 12 that was upon Christ. The Spirit of the Lord is talking about the Spirit of Power, that is what they call the anointing.
“The Spirit of power shall rest upon Him.”
And power to advance the interest of His Kingdom on the earth. We saw it demonstrated there, after that encounter in Luke chapter 4 verse 18, Jesus hit the ground running. Things began to happen, the Kingdom began to move forward: advancement! Healing, deliverance and the gospel: going out to people which is the primary purpose of that empowerment.

The more committed we are to seeing souls saved, the more breakthroughs we command. You shall be witness of Me in Judaea, in Samaria and to the uttermost part of the earth. As you are pushing the frontiers of the gospel, God is pushing your life forward.
You know what the Bible says – Proverbs 11:30, Proverbs 3:35
Commitment to it wipes away shame and reproach.
Daniel 12:3 – the breakthrough. He makes stars of those that turn many to righteousness. He makes stars of them in their various fields of endeavours. In their business, they are stars; in their career, they are stars because they are turning many to righteousness.
Yes, you are empowered to advance His Kingdom and He advances you in return. He advances supernaturally in return for your commitment in advancing His Kingdom. The same power advancing His Kingdom in you is advancing your life.

Somebody got a job here, a marketing job as Regional Director (or whatever) and they asked him, “how do you hope to improve the sales of our products?
He said: the same thing we do in our Church. We engage in ‘Come and See’. We print fliers that show the value that is waiting for them.
They said: Yes, this is the man that can do it.
Can you see Church and Industry? You are advancing His Kingdom, He is advancing you at the same time.

“Have you done the last 3 months that has affected humanity?” (documented testimony).
He said: Yes, I went after souls and I got 7 standing souls.
(Interviewers): Who are they? He gave the names and the numbers off head. They called two of them (souls) in the interview. Medical interview. Medical scholarship, postgraduate studies in Medical Science as a Doctor.
(Interviewers): This man who knows how to lead people to Christ h as passion for life. So we will give you the scholarship, including your wife and two children and he is not married yet. That is scholarship ahead of marriage, ahead of children.
As you advance the Kingdom, He advances your life. God is not a user of men, people are just lazy Sir.
People haven’t made their choice. They are just having fun and being entertained in Church.
“Good choir singing. Very courteous Ushers and Crowd control. You know the place is neat. The Pastor speaks so much grammar. I just like the Church. It is international.”
Thank God for your commentary but where are you standing? Where are you standing?

For instance, we have been advancing the Kingdom and then we came to Education and setting the pace. Setting the pace in Education Sir. Every area of your life is affected when you are genuinely committed to advancing His Kingdom. When you get empowered to advance His Kingdom, you are empowered to advance in every area of your life.
2 Timothy 2:6
You can’t access that power by seeking to be empowered to advance your life. You seek to be empowered to advance His Kingdom, the same power advances your life. It is not the other way round.
People are dying to prosper ooo. Just commit yourself to advancing His Kingdom with your present prosperity, He will advance you to the next. You won’t have to cry ooo. You won’t.
I desired to be building Churches for Jesus when I had no bank account, it was hot in my heart.
“If you ever bless me, I will be building you Churches” – He said, that is the kind of people I am looking for. So He began to bless me small, small.
When I said it, I couldn’t buy one plot of land for anybody because I didn’t have it. I said I didn’t have a bank account. I didn’t have one bank account, there was nothing to take to the bank. Your commitment to advancing His Kingdom in every area of your life is the platform for your supernatural breakthrough in life. Genuine commitment.
The first thing I invested in my life is building a Chapel for a School. The first building! I have never prayed to build a house, yet He is building me houses…
There are some if I say that I want a house in Ikeja, Lekki, Ajah, Epe, they will build it straight.

That is the basis. That is why the Church is so powerless, the Church is craving for, they are putting the cart before the horse. You can’t get anywhere like that.
For instance: you owe God 2 souls. You say, “no I don’t owe God anything. I don’t.”
Okay, those who know they do and are committed to it, they leave you behind. God is no respecter of persons. How long you have been here doesn’t matter to God. A thousand years is like one day.
So all this, “I have been here for the past 50 years”:
He says: How many seconds is that? You know 1000 years, 24 hours; then find out how many seconds 70 years will be!
2 Peter 3:8
You can’t harass human beings by your age, not God. Ancient of days.
My prayer is that you will re-position this time.
Your getting empowered is for your benefit. Thank God for its impact in advancing His Kingdom but thank God much more for its impact that is on your life and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Where can you get that from?
Luke 10:17, 19 – even devils, not familiar spirits, not small witches were subject to us in your name.
-Be empowered in the name of Jesus.

For anyone who will say Lord, I will not take less than 2 minimum.
Somebody will say: No, I don’t belong to the minimum, I don’t belong to the average. You live in me. You are not average, I don’t belong to the average.
As at last Sunday, my team has had 17,000 plus of our converts walk into this Church, for the year!
It is all over to you.
I have seen the dead raised, I didn’t feel anything. He is the one raising them. I didn’t feel that something left me, nothing left me. I have breathe on pictures: effect, fire.
-You will never get out of power.
You keep going forward because you are not looking for it, for yourself.
-Something is breaking forth in your life.
-This month must mark a turning point in your Christian adventure.

2. THE SPIRIT OF OBEDIENCE – Ezekiel 36:27
There is the Spirit of obedience.
Every instruction from God is delightsome to you: you are not struggling with it. You are not explaining it away. You are not re-writing it.
Every instruction from the Lord is tasteful to you, it is delicious to you, by the operation of the Spirit of obedience.
Job 36:11
This is what He said: Acts 1:8
The commandment is you have been baptized in the Holy Ghost, to speak with new tongues, then you have been empowered as an effective witness for me. So it is not sit down, it is to demonstrate the purpose of that empowerment.
John 14:21, John 15:6 – it is a commandment. That means that will bring you into favour with God.

-We are in our month of empowerment, my God will empower you above your enemies.
“Seek ye first” is a major commandment and all these things shall be you (Matthew 6:33). That is your new realm.
– You won’t struggle to make things happen again.
– The Spirit of Obedience will keep adding colour to your life in the name of Jesus Christ.

It takes meekness to stoop to serve. Jesus said, “I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls.”
He went again and said, “I am in your midst as One that serves.”
Meekness empowers people to serve.
Luke 22:25-27; Mark 11:28;
It takes meekness to serve God, to drop your titles, drop your accolade. One of our Pastors said, “I dropped my pastoral title. What I encountered in 3 months is more than my 8 years of being in Church.”
There is no entitlement in titles. Don’t waste your time. There are many Founders of Ministries who are suffering, they are suffer heads.
No, God does not pay leaders, he pays labourers. The labourer, not the leader is worthy of his hire. The leader already has his hire: all the honour they are giving him is his hire but the labourer is worthy of his hire.
Luke 10:7
Say with me, “God does not pay leaders, He pays labourers!
-You won’t lose your pay.

Moses: Numbers 12:3 – very meek, very great.
Some fellows just saw one legged miracle, they thought they had seen the end of it.

They can’t find them again, until the miracles are converted to obstacles. They started looking around:
“You see, I don’t know what happened?”
I know what happened, you disconnected. I have never lost one blessing in 45 years. Since I got into Ministry, I have never suffered one day of setback: because what sets us going, we stayed on with it. You have not seen anything yet. Small business and to you it is the whole world. If you can’t learn meekness from here, you can’t learn it from anywhere. Nobody celebrates anybody’s status in the Church. Big time businesspeople are serving here, old people are serving here, so what is your age that you want to be harassing anybody?
People are 80, they are serving in CCU; you are just about to be 40 and you are saying, “at this my age?” What is your age?
1 Peter 3:4
– Receive the empowerment of a meek and quiet spirit today that will keep you serving, not to be seen, but to advance His Kingdom.
Not to be known and be applauded but to advance the Kingdom.
-You won’t miss it.
Matthew 5:5

There is the Spirit of meekness, it makes great.
Philippians 2:6-9

-Somebody is changing levels here.
Receive the enduement of meekness on your life that will get you all out for God without any feeling of shame (Romans 1:16)

Zechariah 12:10, Romans 8:26
There is the Spirit of Prayer and Supplication that drives you on in praying Kingdom Advancement prayer with utmost delight and genuine passion.
What happens? Open rewards.
“When thou prayest” NOT if thou prayest. It is a schedule, it is God’s plan for our lives (Matthew 6:6).
“When thou fastest” – nobody needs to see you but H e said He will reward you openly (Matthew 6:7).
That makes all the difference.
Matthew 6:9-10 – thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.
And we know His will: not wishing that any should perish but that all you should come to repentance.
2 Peter 3:9, 1 Timothy 2:4
We are praying His will to be done on earth as it is done in heaven. To keep doing that consistently, untiringly, we need the empowerment of the Spirit of prayer and supplication.
-Receive that now in the name of Jesus!
I had an experience, very humbling one on the mountain praying and we came down from the mountain; the Lord said, “go to that Church, you are going to preach there this morning.” I wasn’t called to Ministry. I was just searching for God. So I got to the Church, I said, “can I see the Pastor, the Lord sent me here to minister this morning.” He said, “the Lord told him somebody was coming.” Fire.
What did you preach? I can’t tell.
…it’s the last time I preached it. Just like a whirlwind, my God. Go after God, you don’t know how meaningful life can be until you choose to go after God. All this, “give me, give me”: what do you do? There is no end to it. But get on key where He begins to add to you, beyond what you can think or ask.
-You won’t miss your steps
There is where I know many don’t have a heart for God, assuming you are ashamed to go out which is also wrong, you can’t be ashamed of the truth. I mean it is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful!!
Assuming you are, because you are yet to catch that fire, are you shameful to pray in your room (Matthew 6:6)
If you truly have a heart for God and you are not able to go out by virtue of the kind of job you do, you are waiting, you are a Waiter, you must be on the seat but can’t you enter your closet. There is no job that forbids you from going to the toilet.
Do you sign a contract that says, you shall not go to the toilet throughout your office hour?
One of us here was shutting the door around the toilet area to pray. He prayed Kingdom Advancement prayers and got catapulted to an international security agency from his local agency where he was here. He hears you anywhere, at any time. It is because people’s heart are not there that is why it is not working but it will start working for you from now.
-Therefore, receive a fresh baptism of the Spirit of Prayer and Supplication.
-I see you smiling on the prayer altar from now.

I was answering an interview question, they said, “how much do you spend in praying?
I said: all the time – “Thank You Jesus, Glory to Your name.” I told you my friend Mike Murdock said, “between Capernaum and here, I had said, ‘Thank You Jesus, Praise the Lord’ 72 times.”
It is inside me, I am not looking for it. It is inside me, you can’t call me for an issue and not be hit with prayers as if I was waiting for it before. I never knew something was happening, it is inside me, the prayer just jumps out: No, that can’t be you, in the name of Jesus. Be loosed, be free.
Receive the Spirit of prayer and supplication.
-Begin to experience open rewards in return for your intercessions. So shall it be.

Let me conclude by saying every encounter with power demands a thirst and a crave (Isaiah 55:1, John 7:37-39, Psalm 63:1-2).
Sir you can’t see His power without a thirst and a longing…it is a longing and a thirst.
Ezekiel 37:1 – you long for it to see it. You can’t see power without a thirst.


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