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-Bishop David Oyedepo on “In Pursuit of Excellence” at International Youth Alive Convention 2021
Day Five
The spirit of excellence is our access to out-of-this-world realm of wisdom. Job 28:12-13, 20-22. Wisdom is not found in the land of the living. It is out-of-this-world order of insight. Now, let me ask you this. Is there any school of psychology where you can unravel the dream of another person?

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No! It’s not found in the land of the living. Is there any laboratory where you can equip a man to go through the fiery furnace unscratched, without a smell of fire on him? It is out of this world.
Is there any injection you can give a man that will go to the den of a lion and come out to be testifying? Out-of-this-world order of wisdom. Now, a man was lost in the deep for one night, by name Paul.

And he came out in the morning not in the hospital, went on his next assignment and he is not a diver. Out-of-this-world order of wisdom.
Now, this kind of wisdom is not available in the knowledge market. No! Job 28:14-19. The scripture began to tell how that nothing can access it. The depth said, “It is not in me” The sea said, “It’s not in me”
-Certain things will start happening in your life that no scientific theory will be able to explain it.
-Yet, they will be pure not games in the name of Jesus!
This kind of wisdom has the capacity to tame destruction and death. Job 28:22.

We are in the age where the word “A good old age” will become the new experience of believers. Where as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of my people and my own elect will long enjoy the fruits of their works. Just know the right thing to do to keep strong and healthy and then you are there.

This wisdom creates solution to the challenges of life. Job 28:9-12. Practical solutions. He doesn’t beg situations. He create solutions to them.
-You are leaving here today with that solution-creating power.
-You will never be stranded again.
God is the only source of this realm of light and understanding. Job 28:23. It is all with God. Who gives wisdom to the wise and understanding to men of knowledge? He knows the way.

God only! So, your being tied to God is the only guaranteed access to that realm. You can’t put God aside and flow in this realm.
In Daniel 2, Daniel was blessing the name of the Lord in 22-23. Daniel 2:20-23. That wisdom has only once source, God! You will never find it in any research institute. Not any high brass university, it is not there! God knows.

We were in this sanctuary for years without an air-conditioning system and nobody was choking. Why? God shows what to do. We have a kite in place. The kite catches wind from wherever it is coming from and it will come into the hall and push the hot air out and give us the cool needed.
-Solution-bearing insight is what you are leaving here with.
-You won’t struggle again where others struggle.
However, a capital demand for access without any assumption is new birth. This is what makes a man come alive.

Wisdom is not in the grave so a dead man cannot access it. 1 John 5:12. You must be born again before you can be a candidate of the spirit of excellence. You must be born again, with fruits of repentance at work in your life. There are proofs that things have changed in your life. Don’t just get lost in the crowd. Are you born again? Where is the proof of new birth? ‘

You can fake it with men but you cannot fake it with God. The only authentic proof of redemption is the passing away of old things and the all things becoming new. If nothing had changed, nothing real has happened.

However, to experience the outpouring of the spirit of wisdom and revelation which is also called the spirit of excellence, the fear of God is a non-negotiable requirement.. Now, watch all those men that operated in that realm. Job 28:28. You can’t access this realm without the fear of God at work in you.

Reference and godly fear as your new lifestyle. Daniel has that spirit in him but he purposed in his heart not to defile himself and he lived up to it by grace. Daniel 6:4-5. The fear of God! That was the same thing that Joseph had. The fear of God!
The Spirit of excellence is only available to those who are living with the fear of God as a lifestyle.

These two folks manifested the spirit of excellence supernaturally.

How do you preserve food for 7 years in the days that there were no chemicals? No breakage! No damage!’

-I release you from here as solution bearers.
-You step into a business, new things will start happening there.
-You will never run out of valuable ideas anymore!
Remember, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy is what causes understanding to flow. Proverbs 9:10. No fear of God, no access.

Until you turn at His reproof, it is not your turn to enjoy the outpouring of the spirit. Luke 5:37.

God does not tempt anyone with evil. You need to renew your bottles to prepare for the new anointing.
When that spirit of excellence came upon Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego, they were said to be ten times better than their
colleagues in school. Ten times better! Excellence in school, at work, in business, ten times better.

How much you love righteousness and how much you hate wickedness will determine how much of that portion you can have. Wake up!
When you heard that Esau sold is birthright for a morsel of meal, you say, “Poor Esau” Many are selling off their destiny with their eyes opened. They are selling it off for a morsel of meal. For someone to leave here now and go back to his old life, you are sold off again. Somebody’s story is changing.

That prophecy in Psalm 45 was about Christ and you know how he operated in that realm all through. 1 Thessalonians 2:10. 2 Corinthians 4:1-2. 2 Peter 3:15. Unusual depth, riding on the platform of the fear of God. No one here will sell his birthright.

Paul wrote about half of the New Testament. He was a principal agent for communicating the wisdom of Of God from heaven to the earth but the fear of God paved the way for it.
-You are going places in Jesus’name!
-In this hour, receive the outpouring of the spirit of excellence upon your life.
This is a gift not an achievement and the glory must go to the giver. The moment you begin to give the glory to yourself, the flow will cease.
-May no Queen of Sheba visit you!
After that visit was the fall of Solomon. “Half of this was not told me, as I stepped here my spirit left me” Is this a human being or an oracle. She was just showering accolades on Solomon. After the woman left, Solomon started multiple marriages. The woman left in Chapter 10 and Solomon began his strange marriages in Chapter 11.
-May no Queen of Sheba visit you!
-May no human applause blow your head!
God gave wisdom but he forgot that it was a gift. He saw himself as the wisdom. No! And then he went wild into utter foolishness. Near open-market madness. Solomon married seven hundred wives and added three hundred concubines making one thousand women.

They must all have plate number and carry their number on their neck. He built shrines. His brain was upside down already. The Same Solomon that built the temple and brought the glory of the Lord to the city.
-May no agent of the devil visit you.
-May no human applause blow your head up!
Paul said, ” I am what I am by the grace of God” He said he was among the great of sinners but was found by grace. Pride goes before destruction. Somebody’s story is changing.
Pride is poisonous to the spirit of excellence.
Nebuchadnezzar stood up one day and went on the top of the roof of his house and said, “This great Babylon which I have built by the might of my power for the majesty of my kingdom” While he was still saying those words, he was turned to an animal and he was chased out of town into the forest.

The hairs on his body were like feathers of the eagle.He was disfigured. Pride brought him down.
King Herod also made the same mistake in Acts 12:22 and then an angel came down and struck him and worms ate him up because he didn’t give God the glory.

Pride is poisonous to the manifestation of the Spirit of excellence. Beware of it! There are many first-class folks in school that are last class in life. The pride of first-class brought them down.

There are many last class in school that are first-class in life. Beware of pride! Young people, your parents ask you where you are going and you say, “You are asking me where I am going? I am a graduate” Who graduated you? Is it not the same parent? did you pay a fine of the school fees?

When will you come back? You say, “Don’t ask me that again, I am not a baby” You are not a baby? Then, go and find your house. Pride will not allow you fulfill destiny in life. It is one of the weights of life. Most young people are already captured by it. Caution! Caution! Caution!
Please understand that your place in this end time move of God requires the spirit of excellence. Don’t toy with that!
-And this morning, you are returning with your portion.
-This morning, you are returning with your portion
-Excellence will become your new identity from henceforth.
Lift up your right hand wherever you are seated and tap into your portion this morning.
If you are still here today and you are not just sure of your salvation, you have not experienced the reality of new birth in your life, you want to say:
“Jesus, save my soul, make me a new creature, forgive my son’s, let old things pass away, let all things become new. Set me free from every destructive habit”
Anyone in that situation that requires a rescue today, stand to your feet.
Everyone standing for this prayer, come around the altar.
🎵🎵All to Jesus I surrender🎵🎵
Pray from the depth of your heart. Cry out to Jesus right now. Tell him to forgive you all your sins as you accept Him as your Lord and savior.

Tell him to reveal the grace of salvation to you today.
Pray this simple prayer of faith:
Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins today, and I know only you can save me from them. Save me today from my sins. Let today be my day of escape. I know you died for me. On the third day, you rose again. And in rising, you raised me up together with you. Therefore today, grant me a brand new beginning. Let the old things pass away.

. Let all things become new as I accept you today as my Lord and my Savior. Thank you Jesus for delivering me from everything that was designed to destroy me. I take cover u see your blood. for my total rescue. Thank You Jesus.

Now I know I am born again. Thank You Jesus for saving my soul!
🎵🎵I’ve Got My Mind Made Up and I won’t turn back…🎵🎵

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