– Bishop David Oyedepo
Morning Session, Day Two
Church Growth Conference, 2022

Isaiah 52:11
Paul had a lot of analysis on how to make that happen. At redemption, we have the legal right to purge ourselves if we choose to.

So every spiritual structure must have that as the foundation. It is a common denomination, whether word of faith, word of power, anything. We need to come down and package the spiritual structure of our churches starting from the message you are given. We need to sit down and define the tenets of faith, don’t say I believe in whole Bible l, No! Specifically what are the things you believe in. Do you believe in the rapture, do you believe in the second coming? Do you believe in marriage between man and woman, not between male and male or female and female? Till Jesus comes, anyone who dares to marry man and man in this Church will not make (h***n)

No policy of any government under heaven can rule over my faith. What I believe I believe. People are so weak, people fall too cheaply to things. We will cast you out completely. If you mention that nonsense here our Crowd Control Unit will take you and throw you outside the fence. We are defenders of the gospel. Male and female created He them, reason – to replenish the earth. If you don’t define it, anything can enter tomorrow. What are the tenets of your faith you believe in?


A spiritual structure implies outlining the doctrines of the Church and breaking it into a kind of syllabus. For all of us who have Church planting, Church spread ministries and then you design how it goes. Whether teaching emphasis on a monthly basis or however it goes, the core message and components.

From Revelation 22:2 in this Church, we bring up to 12 and we call them the pillars of our Commission. There is a tree of life that bears fruits 12 times in a year. We broke it down to the twelve components of the mandate. The mandate is the word of faith, what are the things that make it work and what are the outcomes of it?

You can catch a revelation of God’s pattern for your ministry, but make sure you catch one. For instance, the month here is the month of success and the caption is ‘I am redeemed for the topmost top’. We push to them the stand of scriptures on your success. It has been running for many years. At the beginning of every month, it is announced where we are going for this month. So you get prepared and recommended books for the month if you care to join us. Without a structure, no ministry has a future.

One of our men was in one little place called Kantangoro, he is a soldier there. He came back and said, “Sir, there is no difference between here and Kantangoro”. It is the same thing in Europe, the same thing in Asia, the same thing everywhere. They can’t communicate the same without being told the same. This Church is too tough to suffer a breakaway. You just break out on your own, not that you break away. Let’s wake up and take responsibility.

2 Thessalonians 3:6
Every ministry has its tradition, not doing anything the way you like. Every ministry has its tradition which has to be defined. For instance, we opened the year here with 21 days of prayer and fasting. It is our tradition. We hold early morning Covenant Hour of Prayer across the nations, it’s our tradition. We hold Spiritual Week of Emphasis, every first week of the month. Accompanied with three short days of fast, it’s our tradition.

We have a special Communion Service every second Sunday of the month. It is our tradition. You don’t have to feel like, that is how it is like. We have a special Monthly Anointing Service every third Sunday of the month. It is laid down. We have end of Month Special Thanksgiving and Children Dedication every last Sunday of the Month.

One way to be free from temptation is to keep yourself positively busy. Billy Graham said, “some temptation comes to all men, but all temptations come to the idle”. Whether you have interest in fasting or not, we fast here one day every week and then three days in a row every month at the beginning of the month to give it shape.

They are all traditions of the Church as seen applicable to us. This is so vital, we lack that as Charismatics. It is life today, die tomorrow that is what many people live for. We need to leave something solid that coming generations can thrive on, something strongly biblical.


No matter how weak the message you have sent me appears to be, that is the one He is back up. Jonah’s message didn’t make much meaning but it brought a revival of the kind that the world had never seen with animals fasting under that seemingly weak message. When He brought us into ministry, some fellow thought it was American Christianity and I said humourously, Jesus is not an American.

The message of faith was detested by many but see how it has flourished today by holding fast to it. Yes, the message of prosperity has been grossly abused by many but you can see many sanctified and redeemed of the Lord by engaging the covenant terms of prosperity. Hold fast to what you are sent with. I received three core messages from the Lord:

1. The word of faith, which came along with the mandate.
2. The word of prosperity (go back home and make my people rich.
3. The word of signs and wonders.

Those are the three core messages of the mandate and we put the core components under each one that will help to drive it. Even our Covenant Hour of Prayer has exhortation lines that hold across the nations of the earth. No surprises. The exhortation line for this week is ‘EVERY ONE IS ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OUTCOME OF HIS LIFE’. So you wake up and take responsibility and not look for who to blame for your life. It’s all about defining the traditions of the Church and pushing across the same to the entire network of the Church so you can have a healthy growing Church.

So sit down and work, what you don’t tell them, they won’t know. I made a statement recently that what you don’t know, you don’t know. What you won’t learn, you won’t know and what you don’t know, you pay for it. Ignorance is not an excuse in the law.

Spiritual structure is vital to creating a future for the coming generations. There are many ministries without a structure or tradition. Activities are not structure. Sit down and draft a structure for your ministry. You can’t run five thousand churches carelessly, not fifty. Don’t expose people to danger. Some people claim to be helpers but they are hurters of the ministry.

My son, people only lack what they keep, they don’t lack what they give. I am giving this to you freely because He gave it to me freely. I did some reading, a little here and there. Please use it. It is not about telling you what to do, it’s just about telling you what has been done. Great ministries just crash because no structure. At the rate which Churches are closing now, we need structure. Even if you are not planting Churches the one you are in now needs structure. In case storms rise, the ground is solid to resist it. If you want to be pressure-free, just draw a structure.


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