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– Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG September Special Thanksgiving Service.
‘Flood Of Abundance’

– Appreciate Him, let Him hear your voice,
Thank Him for His goodness, mercy, faithfulness, thank Him for keeping you alive.

– From now on Father, everything I touch let it prosper.

Psalms 58:19

The first time I read this passage I thought I wasn’t seeing correctly, our God is a God of abundance
I decree in the name that is above every other name, you will never lack again.

There is nothing glorious in scarcity, poverty, lack, begging to eat, wearing rags, let’s face the truth, it is difficult to shout Hallelujah if you don’t know where the rent will come from. Whether the devil likes it or not you will prosper

Somebody once said in 1975, the cars in Lagos are too many, one fellow answered and said you haven’t seen anything yet because I’m yet to buy my own.
You will not end a tenant. Let me be bold to say that before the end of this year miraculously, God will provide your house.

Somebody said if everyone was to be a landlord who will be a tenant, well, if you want to be a tenant I am not going to die a tenant.

Genesis 17:1, when God was introducing Himself for the first time to Abraham He said Jehovah El-Shaddai. Bible scholars tell us that El-Shaddai means mother’s breast, in a mummy’s breast there is enough milk even though there are four children to be fed, the milk will never run dry.

After God has prospered everyone, He will prosper you too, it can’t be your turn and God will say no more milk. The milk in the breast of mama is there until the child says I don’t want anymore. Our God is a God of abundance.

In 2 Kings 4:1-7, there was a widow who was in debt that the creditors wanted to sell her children, she came to God and all she wanted was to be able to pay back, by the time God finished with her, she paid the debt and never had to borrow again.

I decree in the name of the one who called me, you won’t borrow again.

In John 6:5-13, the Bible tells us that there was a crowd to be fed and there was a young boy who had five loaves and two fishes, the lunch of a boy, you know how small it must be, the Lord took the small meal, fed everybody and there were twelve basket leftovers.

There is a prayer I normally prayer for my household after every Convention and Congress.

I am going to pray for every one of you today, the twelve extra baskets of blessings, may God send them to your house.

The issue in this topic is not the issue of abundance, our God is the God of abundance and when it comes to abundance He is always willing, that is why the Yorubas call Him Olodumare, when God wants to bless you He uses a big pot to dish it out.

What shook me a little bit about this topic is the word flood, which means overflowing water, flood of abundance, abundance is already serious not to talk about flood.

Maybe they are trying to tell me to take a closer look at my God then suddenly I saw that what they are talking about is extraordinary abundance, an abundance that is beyond ordinary.

1 Peter 1:8, talks of Joy unspeakable, joy so much that it is difficult to talk about.
Philippians 4:7, He talks about the peace that passes all understanding.

There is no way you can understand it.
Acts 19:11-12, talks about God performing special miracles by the hand of Paul.

A miracle is already a special intervention of God in the affairs of men, now talking about a special miracle it is a special divine intervention, in mathematics, we will call that miracle squared.

In Acts 5:14-16, the Almighty God has spoken about miracle performed by the Disciples and then He went on to talk about Peter’s anointing in the shadow, his anointing was so mighty that his shadow was healing the sick.

When you talk about the flood of abundance, 1 Kings 10:27, talks about King Solomon who had so much money that silver was regarded as stone as a matter of fact during the reign of Solomon he didn’t want to see anything less than gold.

I made a prophecy several years ago, I said a time is coming when those who are working for you will bring your income for the day you will tell them, anything that is a thousand naira brings to my account, anything less you go and share it. I know some people thought I was joking then, I prophecied then that when you take your money to the bank, the bank will close for three days counting your money.

I know you will say that is ridiculous, many of my prophecies have been ridiculous but they come to pass

I remember when I became General Overseer in 1981, there was this young tailor, he came to me and said daddy I don’t have money, you buy the clothes and I will sew your clothes. I said is that so?

Okay, a day is coming my son when you take your money to the bank the manager will call you and say what do you say you are doing?

You are a tailor, where do you get this kind of money?

He said Amen, it is easier for those of us who are poor to believe God for big things, for someone here today, God will prosper you.

Those of us who don’t have much will surprise them.
Those of you who have much, you will have much more.

Flood of abundance, abundance extraordinary, I have given you instances in the past because some of us think we are rich we don’t even know the meaning of rich until we see those who are truly rich.

I told you the story of a man who went for a walk in the morning with some of the guards, he saw a factory at the outskirt of the town, dirty, he asked what factory is this? They said that is where they make Rolls-Royce, he said what? That is where they make the car I drive looking so dirty?

He said let us branch, he got there and said I want to see the owner of this place, he said I want to buy this place, the man said do I look like someone who wants to sell?

He said I will make you an offer you can’t refuse, tell me what is likely to be your profit for the next ten years, add it and I will pay.

He went on a walk and bought a factory, that is what we call rich.

I was reading in the newspapers of an Emir who has five hundred Rolls-Royce, each one custom billed, I am sure if you have only one you won’t let us walk on the streets.

This Emir’s wife went to Harris, the biggest market in the world, people like me will go there to sightsee, the only thing we can buy there is tea.

She went there, shopped for three days, after three days she called the followers, move this thing home, the follower said I will go and get a cargo plane, she said you want to move my goods in a dirty cargo plane? Go and buy a 747, remove the seats and move the ting home.

It filled the 747, they put it in a store at home and they didn’t open any of them for three years. I am telling you a day is coming when God will have so prospered you and you will say this is a flood.

If you believe that it is going to come to pass, it is not a joke, it will come to pass. You need to know that a flood can create a problem.

Luke 5:1-7, Peter caught so much fish, it filled two boats, the two boats were sinking, a flood of abundance can sink boats.

Deuteronomy 8:11-18, God gave a warning, when you are leaving in a house you have not built, when you have eaten and you are full, don’t forget God. Why will God give such a warning?

Because He knows that flood of abundance can cause a man to forget God
1 Kings 11:1-4, tells us the story of Solomon, the man who was treating silver as gold married seven hundred wives, I have always wondered, how was he able to cope as if that was not enough, he got three hundred concubines to join, there was money but what is the result?

His heart turned away from God. A flood can be dangerous.

They say daddy why are you always talking stories?

I am talking from experience, experience is the best teacher, we have seen the poor who became very rich, got to the top and forgot God.

When we read 1 Samuel 2:7-8, usually we quote verse 8, He can take up a beggar from the dunghill and cause him to seat with kings. Read verse 7, He brings up and he can bring low.

That is why Jesus Christ said seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added.

Half a word is enough for the wise. You want God to prosper you, you want the flood of abundance?

The first thing first is that you will make up your mind, Lord I will serve you to the best of my ability all the days of my life. God is even more eager to prosper you than you are eager to be prospered because He is looking for treasurers, He is looking for channels through which He can bring in the flood of abundance.

If you are here and you are listening to me but you have not surrendered to Jesus Christ, come and do so now, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added. He is more than able.

If you want to give your life to Jesus Christ, come, the choice is yours, cry to Jesus Christ, please save my soul, I will serve you, I am surrendering my life to you. The rest of us let us intercede for them that the One who saved our souls will save theirs also.

Be careful before you pray this prayer.
– Father, I am ready, send the flood of abundance.


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