Married People should use Wisdom while Fasting and Praying!

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Listen to me married people;

Do not let January fasting destroy your marriage!!!

Do not permit the enemy to use something as sacred as fasting to set commotion and stir irreconcilable grudges in your marriage. God will never be pleased with your hunger offering.

Do not deprive your spouse of sexual intimacy if they are not in agreement with your timing. Do not try it! The Holy Spirit cannot cooperate with you to destroy your marriage.

If one person wants to abstain and the other person wants sex during the season of fasting then you must give in to the demands of the partner asking for sex. You Must! if you deprive your spouse of sex when he or she wants it, then you’ll be commiting a sin against the Holy Spirit despite the fact that you are offering a fasting sacrifice.

For married couples, abstinence from sexual expoits during the period of fasting is solidified by an agreement between both partners involved. An agreement that also depends on time!

My heart is burdened this morning, too many Christian marriages hitting the rock because of too many spiritual excesses.

I don’t even want to talk about you aunties who are doing fasting and 60days of glory in the house of a man who is not your husband. Wearing his boxers and big tshirt to do fasting. You fast from 6am to 3pm then at night you lay with him on the same bed and he will be using his joystick to rub against your bombom because you don’t want to give him sex due to your fasting. Aunty please just make hot eba and eat, don’t just deceive yourself, you cannot be doing chalie chalie with God. There are principles that provoke open doors during a fast.

Couples who are doing fasting and at the same time keeping malice with their spouse I don’t understand you.

Couples who are participating in 60days of Glory and at the same time sleeping in different rooms because of staunch unforgiveness in your heart please how do you cope with the pressure from the Holy Spirit?

You have joined all the 6am NSPPD fire prayers this year but you are the one stirring the fire in your marriage because you don’t want to agree with your inlaws.

Oh Lord help me carry these burdens!!!😭

In 1 corinthians 7:5 Uncle Paul says; “Do not deprive each other except perhaps by mutual consent and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer. Then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”

It’s alright if you want to take the month and devote yourself to fasting, but you must have to make that decision together with your spouse. He or she has to agree for you to do it alone or do it together with you. And it must be for a time, this is what the Bible says.

The principle that allows for sexual isolation in marriage is AGREEMENT + TIME!

Don’t force your way to fast when the other person doesn’t agree, God will not be pleased with your sacrifice. He will not rejoice in the fact that you are using Him to provoke problems in your marriage. Obedience to your spouse is obedience is God.

This is why it is ultimately important that we marry someone who shares similar spiritual values with us. I can’t teach this enough. Spiritual compatibility saves us from all these unnecessary disgreements over spiritual excesses. Someone who understands how important fasting is to you and is willing to apply self control for the period where the other person is fasting. Someone who will also be willing to join your fasting because they share the same values too.

I hope you are hearing me dear married. Go and work out an agreement with your spouse if you’re fasting and they don’t support starving them of sex. You can fast during the day and perfom your marital rights to your spouse at night, this does not in any way affect the efficiency of your fast offering, just make sure you eat very well before you go and faint for nothing.😀😀

Go and fix your marriage right now, you’ve heard me?

And dear singles, let this open your eyes. Know the right questions to ask and the right criterion to check during dating and courtship.

What is your best colour and what is your favourite song is not a characteristic question an intentional dater should ask.

Who has best actor and best movie helped?

Ask intentional value questions!

What are your values about fasting?
What are your dispositions to prayer?
Do you believe in tithing?
What is your favourite reference of worship?
Who is your role model in the Scriptures when it comes to marriage? Finance? Leadership? Intimacy with God? etc.

These are questions that avoids drama in marriage.

Knowing their Best actor and favourite hobbies are good, but its difficult for these things to cause serious drama in marriage. Why? Because these favourite things are subject to change. My favourite movie last year is not my favourite movie this year and we are only a few weeks into the new year. But, my deposition to tithing and giving has not changed. When you have conflicting views on first fruit in your marriage you will fight each other tire, it only takes the Holy Spirit to pilot a change of heart.

I hope I have blessed you this week already??

Promise you are going to help me reduce my burdens by marrying purposefully?


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