– Apostle Joshua Selman at WAFBEC 2022.


We are looking at the theme: THE POWER OF GOD’S MERCY.

There are two aspects that I want to discuss throughout my sessions, we will start today and wrap up tomorrow. I believe that it’s a construction that must happen to our understanding of God’s mercy if we must benefit from that whole idea of His mercy.

Most believers know that the mercy of God is available but they do not understand the nature of God’s mercy nor how to take advantage of it. I believe that for you to understand the subject of mercy there are two concepts that you have to study and understand:
1. The nature of God
You have to study the nature of God otherwise you can never truly understand mercy.
2. You have to study the nature of man.

From a doctrinal standpoint, I am convinced that there are three fields of doctrine that capture the whole idea of the mercy of God.

1. Theology- this is the study of the nature of God, that it is impossible to really truly understand the mercy of God until you understand the nature of God.

2. Anthropology – this is the study of man. Whether it is from an archeological standpoint, a sociological standpoint, when you understand man, you will now know why man perpetually needs to live in the reality of God’s mercy.

3. Soteriology – this is the entire discourse of the plan of salvation. Because the salvation of man is the zenith of God’s mercy.

For the time I have I just want to touch on the nature of God and the nature of man and we will tie it up to God’s mercy. I just want to introduce for my session the concept of mercy. So we understand the foundation and the basis for mercy.


Psalm 51:1, Nehemiah 9:30-31

This is the reason why they obtained mercy: “more than their desire to obtain mercy, there is something about your nature that you are a merciful and gracious God”. Psalm 13:5. Let’s examine the nature of God in an attempt to understand the basis for this mysterious subject of mercy. Not necessarily mysterious as it was hidden but it takes spiritual intelligence and illumination to understand mercy. As simple as the concept sounds, we can be around it and never truly appreciate it or know how to partake of its experience. Let’s examine the nature of God.

The Bible tells us very clearly according to 1 John 4:8, biblically speaking it is about the most striking character of God, it says ” God is love”. We are examining the nature of God. The Bible lets us know that God is love, it’s not what He does. It is who He is. God is love. Psalm 145:8-9. These are descriptions, he is helping you understand the nature of this God.

The extent of God’s benevolence in communicating mercy and compassion, He does not spare anyone . He is good to all. Exodus 34:5-6, this was Moses up Mount Sinai when he was having a conversation with God over the issue of the commandments. These are all scriptures that attempt to describe the nature of God. We see that God is love, God is full of compassion, He is slow to anger, He is rich in love and His mercy is over all His works.

Let’s study very quickly the nature of man now that we have some characteristics of the nature of God. Psalm 51:5. This is an attempt to describe man. Iniquity is not sin as you can see here. Iniquity means an inherent flaw. There is already a default in character inherently, this is the state of the fallen man. Jeremiah 17:9 Here is what the Bible says about the heart of man.

The Bible says the heart is deceitful above others, for you to understand this scripture you have to understand what else is deceitful. It is not the only thing that deceives but compared to everything else the heart is deceitful above others and desperately wicked. Who can know it? The heart of man by default outside of the influence of God’s mercy is deceitful even to the owner of the heart.

Genesis 6:5-6, this was a painful assessment of man. This is God assessing man from His standpoint that the wickedness of man was great on the earth and the imaginations of his heart are only evil continually.

So we see that man outside of the influence of God’s grace and mercy has absolutely nothing that is commendable. Every Scripture that describes man is a story of pain, the foolishness and the deceptiveness of the heart of man. When we understand the nature of God and we can contrast it with the nature of man then we can now begin to appreciate the concept of His mercy.

According to scripture, any action you take that is motivated by compassion is generally called mercy. The Bible tells us that the Lord is gracious, He is full of compassion. May I define mercy therefore.

1. Mercy is compassionate treatment of those who are in distress.

Mercy is not just from God towards man, mercy also sends from man to man. If our idea of mercy just stops from God to man, then it is not complete because the Bible said “blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy”. When you communicate compassion to those who are in any form of distress, it is called mercy.

2. Mercy is refraining from harm or punishing offenders.

That means when you refrain from administering punishment or harm to one who is guilty, you have shown mercy.

3. Mercy is the disposition to be forgiving, to pity or to be kind.

4. Mercy is showing care and providing relief.

The healing ministry is administered under the mercy of God. The entire scope of not salvation, the healing.

Anything that is administered to a man that provides relief is sponsored by the mercy of God. You can now understand why Blind Bartimaeus did not say ” son of man, heal me”. He said, “Thou son of David, have mercy”.

We see from all these definitions that there are two expressions of mercy.
1. The first expression deals with forgiveness or withholding punishment from the guilty.
2. The second is alleviating pain, distress and providing relief from suffering.

We are building now, that every time we are discussing the subject of mercy from a kingdom perspective these are the two broad angles to it. In the kingdom when we talk about mercy, your mind must be able to see it from the lenses of these two perspectives. Every time God administers mercy, He is doing one of the two things. Why do you need to know this?

1. So you will appreciate the concept of mercy. You will know how to receive the administration of that mercy in your life and then to communicate mercy.

Mercy is two dimensional, that means the healing ministry is the ministry of mercy, the evangelistic ministry is the ministry of mercy.

Mercy goes beyond pardon from sin, pardon from sin is wonderful. Mercy is not just for sinners, it is the basis of doing business with God in this kingdom. The foundation and the basis for mercy is compassion. It is impossible to administer mercy, without compassion. Mercy is the fruit of compassion. What is compassion? Sympathy, pity, concern for the misfortune of others. It is impossible to administer mercy until you have compassion.

Compassion has to do with feelings, mercy has to do with actions. When compassion is in motion, it is no longer called compassion, it is called mercy. When it has to do with mercy, the Bible says ” show mercy” or “have mercy”, it doesn’t say “think mercy”. It does not say feel mercy, mercy is always action.

It is impossible to administer mercy unless you have love. The reason why God is merciful is because God is love. The reason why man can be merciful is because man is also a recipient of that love nature of God. If allowed to be activated through faith, you can also be an administrator of mercy.

Why are we bankrupt of mercy in our world today from a standpoint of men to men? The simple reason is that we do not walk in love. Love is the absence of self. You can literally gauge love to the degree of which self is not there and you can gauge lack of love also by self.

You can use the index of self as the ultimate test of love. Love is the absence of self, more than a feeling, more than the emotional construct of your heart. You can know whether love is present in a place by checking whether self is there. Love and self is like light and darkness.

The moment there is self, there cannot be God’s love. The nature of love mandates that you cannot find fulfillment until you communicate that love to an object outside of you.

You cannot derive satisfaction in just loving yourself, you must communicate that love to an object outside you to be satisfied. That is why naturally speaking, the character of love is that it gives.

For God so loved the world that He gave, forget about what He gave. Just know that He gave. So anything you so love, you must give it. If you so love a vision, you must give it your time, your intelligence. If you so love God you must give to Him. If you so love your spouse, you must give to them.

When giving is absent, there is no love. God so loved us that He gave us so many things- His son, His spirit, access to every spiritual blessing that resides in the heavenly places.

The real prayer is not “make me merciful”. The real prayer is that the love of Jesus and His compassion will grow in you. When you grow in love, truthfully it will become natural to communicate mercy. In most of Jesus’ meetings He was moved with compassion, not moved with power. Jesus wept twice in the Bible, one at the tomb of Lazarus and when He looked at Jerusalem and he wept over them.

The foundation for Biblical mercy is compassion. Compassion is the ability to be touched with the feelings of people’s infirmity. The reason why even when the work of salvation was done, Jesus still went to heaven as a man and he sat down there and continued a ministry of intercession not for himself but for the Saints.

The character of love is that it finds fulfillment bringing joy to an object outside of itself. His intercession is sponsored by His compassion more than His power.

The basis of His intercession is because He has been there. His intercessory ministry is based on the fact that there is a connection.

One of the ways God makes great people is to allow them to go through several things that connect them to the people they will be helping in the future. So that when you stand before people, He may not necessarily cause the tragedies but in His wisdom, He will work out a way. Part of the reason you are great is because your life is full of story, there is something in your experience that connects with the angle of people’s pain.

Many times when people are shouting, you say leave them. You know people who have gone through several experiences and they understand the nature of man, nothing surprises them again. Jesus is in heaven making intercessions and even though He is the son of God. He was subject to like passions, he was hungry, he was thirsty, he was angry, he tasted lack. He was weary so when He sees weariness on earth, He can connect to it.

The preacher is not a bad man, He is just weary and that becomes the basis of Jesus’ intercession. There is a way you become too innocent, you cannot administer mercy because you have been shielded from many things in life so it is difficult for you to connect with people’s pain and tears. “Why are you shouting, is it not just persecution? Why are you crying like a baby is it not just a little money you lost in the business”. When you see great people keep quiet, it’s proof of growth.

If you study the dynamics of the anointing, you will find out that your pain is a gift. Jesus in heaven still has the scars on him because those scars that were a symbol of shame, today are the basis of His honour. Every time He looks at those hands, they remind him of the frailty of men so he deals with us from the lenses of his compassion.

🎶 For thou oh Lord, are a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head🎶.

When I pray for the sick and I minister, I don’t just minister because the Bible says to do it. I have been sick before. Really, really sick. I have been diagnosed with conditions that were not good and the Lord preserved the pain of that experience and that became the sponsor and the trigger to that anointing.

When I see someone going through pain today, I have in the archives of my life the gift of pain that was stored and today it sponsors patience, it sponsors forbearance. When you see people who do not show mercy in our world today, there are only two explanations.

1. There are children
2. They have not really faced the reality of life.

The older people are, even those who were temperous when they were young as they grow older something happens to them. They become like children again because 50 years of living in this wicked world teaches you so many things. So when they brought the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery, it’s interesting that they didn’t bring the man. You don’t commit adultery with yourself. Yet they spared the man and dragged the woman to Jesus.

The Bible said Jesus was writing on the ground. He didn’t say I am Jesus, he didn’t say leave me alone. He said among all of you who are standing here based on the nature of man, he who does not have sin, let him stone her first. The Bible said they were convicted from the oldest to the youngest.

They were convicted by their own conscience one by one beginning from the oldest. He had lived longer on earth so he had more stories. That one statement was a message reminding all of them of their desperate need for the mercy of God. They left, one revelation drove them away.

One of the ways to drive accusers is to remind them that every time you point accusing fingers at people, it lets you know that based on the standpoint of man unaided by God nobody has the moral credence to point an accusing finger against any. The woman left justified.

Man at his best is still flawed based on God’s standard. Before acting out anything, the justice system of God already declares that you are not qualified. You do not meet that standard. The condition to carry the Holy Spirit is that you must have righteousness equal (not like) to that of Jesus. Every attempt by man to match that standard, the Bible says our righteousness corporately is as a filthy rag.

The basis and the foundation for mercy is compassion. When you see what Jesus has done in your own life, when you see the depth of His love and the whole process that led to you becoming the son of God, when you remember it. He is telling you that the guys who brought the woman who committed adultery there was something they forgot that gave them the energy to drag that woman.

If you remember you will be very slow to anger. One of the ways the spirit of anger works is that it takes away your ability to think so that you just act without thinking.

The moment you can be thoughtful, you will remember that from January last year to December how long did I experience the mercy and the kindness of God? Your answer will be every month, every day, every week, every second. Based on that, when you pass a road and see a prayer warrior’s car inside a ditch and you who didn’t open your Bible for a week, you pass that same road safely.

He reminds you that it is of the Lord’s mercy that we are not consumed. God kept you, you will not credit that to your righteousness. Very quickly you will know how to admit. The key to understanding mercy is to contrast God’s love and man’s inability to help himself.

While I was sitting at the rotunda there, I heard you sing that song ” I am the one you have shown mercy”. It really touched my heart because I was praying Lord may they listen to what they are singing. 🎶You looked beyond me oh🎶 That’s what I want you to think about, leave the other part of the song. If you looked beyond me, what was beyond me that became the basis of the mercy.

If you look at me all that you will see is that which is deserving of condemnation and destruction. Very wise, scripture based song. Beyond me, to who? Who did He look at that suddenly made me not to become an object of His wrath? What did He see?

I am interested in what He saw. What did He see that made someone who is a criminal no longer a criminal? What did He see that made someone who would have walked in a curse all the days of his life, free. 🎶You looked beyond me oh🎶 if I am paying attention to this dear man of God seated in front here and I am looking at you and all of a sudden I don’t focus on you again, you see me looking beyond that means something else has stolen my attention.

Assuming I want to punish you and I turn around and start laughing. That means there is a conversation behind you that you are not even aware of. 🎶You looked beyond me oh. I am the one you have shown mercy. You have shown me mercy.🎶. When you understand the mercy of God, sometimes you will even be embarrassed to share your testimonies because somewhere in that equation, you don’t understand how the answer fully came. There is a gap in that equation, yes I prayed, yes I fasted, but… there is a but.

At that point you don’t need your skill again, you need the one who can administer mercy. There was something about the administration of mercy that brought conviction.

Cast your net to the right side, let me show you that I can look beyond you. When people see what God is doing in and through my life, people ask me what is the secret and it is a very difficult question to answer because (1.) I don’t tell lies and (2.) I want to tell the whole truth but the truth is that there are gaps in this thing.

Ours is to keep working in the things that scriptures provide but there is a gap in the equation of a man’s destiny that only the size of God can fill. 1 plus 1 according Mathematics is equal to 2. If your 1+1=0 the thief is there somewhere in that equation. If 1+1 suddenly becomes 1 million, that means you need to check it’s not only one plus one that is there.

One plus one plus Jesus equals whatever answer He puts there. We live in an arrogant world that prides in beating your chest, it is a health divide between confidence and arrogance. We make our boast only in the Lord. When the spotlight is on you, chances are there you don’t want to go out of that spotlight and allow Jesus to be glorified. So you say I did this, I did that but there are those who know.

🎶You looked past my sin, my guilt, my shame and poured your love. You looked beyond me oh.🎶

The real prayer is not to be merciful, it is to be full of compassion. When you hear that someone’s house is on fire, you run there to help. You don’t start asking who was careless here because you know that except the Lord watches a city they may have watchmen but they watch in vain. It is only God that gives His beloved sleep. Have you seen families that took care of their children, prayed and fasted, trained their children well, yet the children eventually became drug barons and armed robbers.

You can’t say they didn’t give their best.

Yet you see another rough family somewhere where they only see at the end of the day. Once it is morning nobody knows where whoever is. In the midst of it, a scattered, visionless young boy while he is moving around meanders into a church revival programme somewhere and fire falls on him and ten years later he becomes a great man who is going to help the family that seemed well cultured and trained.

How about a sincere lady who keeps herself loving Jesus and is raped by some criminals and then a bad girl who keeps moving around, left, right and centre and at the end, it looks as if she had never done anything wrong.

The mercy of God is not a license for licentiousness, but I can tell you this when you look at your life and you are thoughtful. At the end of it, there is only one sentence that will come out of your mouth “thank you Jesus. I am a product of your mercy”.

There are people here you have lost your job, two three four years ago and yet you have never had to beg. You are even giving out money to others who are working and you can not really tell how, quarter to shame that mercy comes again. The mercy of God is a fruit of His love. The mercy of God is sponsored by His compassion and you also the mercy you extend to others is from compassion.

When God instructs you to open a charity organization for instance to help the poor and the needy, ambition will not really take you far, you will be tired one day. But if it comes from compassion, you will remember that it could have been me. You will master how to put yourself in the situation of other people and you will find out that you will leave a profoundly compassionate life administering the mercy of God. Where then is our boasting? Where then is our pride? Where then is our self glorification. We are absolute recipients of His mercy, His grace and His compassion.

This is the revelation that I live with, honestly speaking it is the construct of my understanding. By His mercy, He has treated you beyond what you deserve, by His mercy He has relieved us of pain and distress. As free as God’s mercy is, not everyone will be a recipient of the mercy of God. There is a system of administration of mercy. Romans 4:16. Obtain means receive and anything that is given to you there is a skill to receiving it. If you do not know how to receive, you do not have. The law is that you only have what you receive (Mark 11:23-24). Receiving is spiritual, having is the manifestation physically.

It takes thoughtfulness to appreciate the mercy of God. The hymn writer said ” count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”. It will surprise you. That means if you are not surprised, continue counting. If you are counting and you are not surprised, that means you are doing it wrongly. Keep counting.

Can you lift your hands and just tell Him thank you. Think of 2021 and tell Him thank you for His mercy. Remember His faithfulness, Remember His display of love. Remember His mercy, above and beyond my efforts. Tell Him thank you.

Can you thank Him for salvation. Redeemed and justified by the one who is rich in mercy. Look what He has done with our lives.

Now, you are going to ask the Lord to burn into your spirit the revelation of His mercy so you can walk in that consciousness. If your mind is full of this revelation of mercy, it will flow out into your life.

For some of you who are quick to point accusing fingers and laugh at people, pray that the Lord will change your heart and give you the grace to be merciful. That you will be able to cry with those who are weeping and tell them Jesus is a Comforter.

• In the name of Jesus, the son of the living of God. I decree and declare over your lives and destinies. This will be a year that you will see God’s mercy in a way that will surprise you in the name of Jesus
• Every legal access , the devil has to plague you, to buffet your family. We come by the ministry of the blood and we declare that legal hold is broken now. That legal hold recycling tragedies in your life, you are set free now in the name of Jesus.
• Everything the blood purchased for us in redemption, by the spirit of faith I administer it to your destiny.
• The Lord bless you, the Lord honour you in Jesus name.


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