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– Pastor E.A. Adeboye at WAFBEC 2022 Grand Finale.

I have been asked to speak on THE POWER OF GOD’S MERCY and my text will be Romans 9:15-16.

This passage is saying something extremely powerful. It is telling us that you cannot achieve anything, you cannot become anything except as it pleases God to show mercy to you.

The Bible makes it clear in Psalm 115:3 why God is sovereign. Also why God is powerful, extremely powerful in Psalm 62:11-12.

It adds that mercy also belongs to God. In other words, God is Almighty and also all merciful.

The Bible makes it clear that when God wants to boast about His wealth, He doesn’t talk about His power, He talks about His mercy. Ephesians 2:4 says God is rich in mercy.

He doesn’t boast about His wealth in terms of money. He doesn’t boast about all other mighty things, He would rather say I am rich in mercy.
– It is my prayer that out of this wealth of mercy, he will extend a little bit of everyone of us for the rest of our lives.

If we are to talk about the mercy of God, I am sure the brethren who have spoken before me must have dealt with the theology of mercy. But as I happen to be an applied mathematician, I will love to talk about the practical implication of God showing you mercy.

So I will just take a case study that will show you just a little bit of what the mercy of God can do in the life of an individual.

That case study will be from Mark 10:46-52, it tells of the story of a man who was blind, He heard Jesus was passing by and cried out for only one thing – Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me”. The Lord heard that prayer and decided to show him mercy. Several things followed because He decided to show him mercy:

We saw in this case study that the mercy of God can deliver you from darkness.
It opened his eyes. Darkness is a terrible thing as we all know.

We can imagine what a blind man goes through. A blind man for example does not know the beauty of the universe. He doesn’t know green, blue or white. The only colour he knows is black. He cannot see the food he eats. He doesn’t know whether he is eating cockroaches or flies because he cannot see. God in his mercy can deliver from darkness physically and darkness spiritually.

If you are thinking of how terrible darkness can be, the Bible tells us in Matthew 6:22 that the eyes are the light of the body. You want to know a little bit of the horrors of darkness? If you read Judges 16:18-30, the first thing the enemy did to Samson after they caught him was to pluck out his eyes.

The horrors he felt during the period that they plucked out his eyes and he pulled down the pillars of the building on his enemies. If you want to know how terrible the darkness was, he preferred to die than to live without his eyes. His request was “God just give me this last opportunity to avenge my eyes”.

He was not asking for anything else, He was only asking for vengeance against the people who plucked out his eyes. Blindness is a horrible thing, thank God for the case of Bartimaeus who we have used as example. He cried for mercy and mercy opened his eyes and delivered him from physical darkness.

Spiritual darkness is even worse. When we talk about spiritual darkness, we are talking about the operations of spiritual forces. Ephesians 6:12 tells us we are wrestling with forces of darkness. We might be able to see physically but what about the forces of darkness waging wars against us constantly. If you have been in the ministry for quite a while you will understand that on a daily basis, the devil is trying to get you to offend God so that your destiny can be tampered with and your destiny may dry up. He is waging this war in very subtle ways. You are quite aware of all manner of doctrines trying to convince you that you are born again now, you can continue to live in sin. It will still be okay, the grace will take care of it. I want you to know that the activities of darkness in many ways are much worse. So bad are these forces of darkness that in Mark 5:2-20, even pigs preferred to die than allow demons dwell in them.
– In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, if there are evil forces that for one reason or the other you have allowed to come into you through false doctrines, the almighty God will get rid of them so you can be able to reach your goal.

Now the mad man in Mark 5 we referred to earlier on couldn’t even pray. As he opened his mouth, the demons in him spoke out but the mercy of God spoke for the man.
– I pray the mercy of God will speak for you in Jesus name.
In the case of Bartimaeus, it was the mercy of God that gave him his sight back, when a man is blind. I am not talking about eye problems now. To cause him to see is actually a miracle that reverses the irreversible.

In Mark 1:40-45, you know the story of a leper who came to the Lord Jesus Christ and fell at His feet and said “I know you have the power to make me clean”. That leper was saying “I know you have the power to reverse the irreversible”. Because in those days, leprosy was incurable. Even today when you cure a leper, the scars remain. Leprosy cuts off fingers, cuts off toes, cuts off earlobes etc. If a leper is cured, the scars remain. But in 2 Kings 5:1-14 when God cured Namaan, the Bible said the irreversible was reversed. His skin returned to him like that of a brand new baby.

In the story in Mark 1 which I mentioned earlier, the Bible said “Jesus moved with compassion…”. Mercy reverses the irreversible. Mercy will jump over protocol because according to the Word of God, you are not even supposed to touch a leper. You touch a leper and you remain unclean for a period of time but Jesus broke all the rules, reached out of mercy. Mercy moved His mighty hand and touched the leper.
– I am praying that the mercy of God jumps over every protocol and brings you your miracle in Jesus name.

When we talk about reversing the irreversible in the spiritual realm. Consider the three major sins of Peter, Mathew 26:69-75 Peter in a single moment committed three terrible sins that should have kept him out of heaven permanently.
i. He denied Christ: “I don’t know him” and Jesus had said in Matthew 10:33 that anyone who denies me before men, I will deny him before men.
ii. He lied. The Bible makes it clear in Revelation 22:15 that outside of heaven are liars. I hope you will pay attention to that.

Revelation is the New Testament, he didn’t say if you lie the grace of God will get you in one way or the other. In Revelation 21:8, liars have their own portion in the lake of fire. It is not differentiating between the liar after salvation and the liar before salvation. As a matter of fact, if you lie after salvation that case is even more serious.
iii. He swore. Matthew 5:34 says don’t swear by anything. Don’t swear at all. The Lord makes it clear that anything that will make you swear is of the devil. If you are of the devil, you know where you should be.

But mercy spoke out for Peter, so that in Mark 16:6-7, when the angel was telling the disciples to go and meet the Lord Jesus Christ, he made it clear “tell Peter also”. I don’t know how many times you have stumbled, I am praying that the Almighty will extend His infinite hand of mercy to you so that He will forgive you today, restore you to fellowship with Him so that you will be able to finish well.

Mercy as we see in the case of Bartimaeus can cause God to stand still, the Bible says Jesus stood still and the implication of that is that mercy can stop the universe in order to attend to you. Acts 17:28. When He stood still, the whole universe stood still until Jesus Christ had attended to a blind man out of mercy. I believe very strongly that God has chosen this particular theme for us this year so that if the Almighty God has to stop the universe in order to attend to one of us, He may do so.

I am praying that if the Almighty God is going to tell time to stand still until out of His mercy He will bring to us that breakthrough we have been looking for, He will do so in Jesus name.

Mercy has a power to turn your enemies into your servants. As we see in this case, it is the very people who have been asking Bartimaeus to shut up that the Lord said to go and bring him. There is no doubt about it that if you are in the ministry you have enemies particularly if your ministry is beginning to succeed. You have no enemies if you are nothing, you have no enemies if you are unknown.

That doesn’t mean they won’t still hate you, after all they hated Bartimaeus for no reason at all. The moment you begin to prosper, enemies will begin to multiply.

Glory be to God that the mercy of God can turn even your enemies to your servants. After all He said in His word “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies. I am praying today that all those who are enemies of your ministry will become your servants in Jesus name.

The mercy of God can bring instant answer to your prayers because when they finally brought Bartimaeus to Jesus, He asked him “what do you want?”. He said “I want to see”. God spoke and said “Receive your sight” and instantly he received his sight. There are some prayers that can wait for answers, there are some prayers that must be answered immediately or it will be too late.

You know the story in Matthew 14:22-33, the disciples were in a boat and there was a storm and they saw Jesus walking on the sea to meet them and Peter said if it is you ask me to come and he jumped out of the boat. If by the time he was sinking he cried to God for help, and the Lord answered immediately. If the answer was delayed for just one minute we know what would have happened to Peter.

If there is nothing at all about the mercy of God, I am believing God for you. It is that God answers your prayers immediately, the moment you pray the answer will come.

I know there might be quite a few prayers you have prayed in the past and haven’t gotten an answer to yet but in the name that is above every other name because you are part of this conference, going forward by the mercy of God when you pray your answer will come immediately.

How do I begin to enjoy the power of the mercy of God from now on? Matthew 5:7 says if you yourself are merciful, you will obtain mercy. God said I am sovereign, I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy to. I will show compassion on whom I will show compassion on but He keeps open the door. If you are merciful, you will obtain mercy.

He says in Proverbs 28:13 that if you hide your sins you will not prosper but if you confess and forsake your sins, you will obtain mercy.

So my beloved brethren may I plead with you that even if it is in the secrecy of your room, please confess your sins to God and make up your mind to forsake them and you will obtain mercy.

I give you just a minute to talk to God yourself. Ask Him to be merciful to you, merciful to your family, merciful to your ministry.

Even as you are praying, may I encourage you to confess your sins.

Particularly those you committed after you got born again and promise Him to forsake them.

Particularly sins that have to do with sex, sins that have to do with lying and exaggeration and you leading someone else astray. Confess them to Him and ask for grace never again to do such.

Let us pray
My Father and my God, I want to bless Your holy name from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you for this Conference. I want to ask that you have mercy on all your children.

I am asking that as they leave this conference Lord, that your mercy will begin to speak for them. That you will deliver them from forces of darkness, that you will in any way possible that you will jump all protocols to answer their prayer.

I pray Lord God Almighty that you begin to answer their prayers by fire. I pray that if you delay your coming, long before next year’s conference, your children will have mighty testimonies so that the whole world will know that the Almighty God is rich in mercy and there is power mighty in His mercy. Thank you Father and my God. Glory be to your Holy name, bless your children forever. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.


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