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Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the senior pastor of Salvation Ministries spoke to his members at their anointing service. He revealed that it’s not the oil alone that produces results. Without the Word of God, the oil has no effect. It’s like carrying a gun without a bullet.

The Word of God is what makes the oil potent. People just think they have the oil alone. If you have the oil, the Bible says that you should “wait before I anoint you let me show you the Word”. He said that that is why two people in the same anointing service will have two different results, it is because of the level of their understanding.

He revealed that money failed in Egypt, the way Naira is failing now. It has failed before so it is not new. Genesis 47:15,27.

Egypt was the center of Civilization then, just like the USA is now. The situation was bad that people offered themselves for sale just so they find something to eat. Yet despite the failure in the world, God has done a lot in the church.

According to him, that you’re in a place where things are not working does not mean things will not work for you. In the midst of the hardest time that is when your testimony will begin to spring forth. He said that he went to a Church on Monday and things were happening and he advised his members to say amen when a word of prophecy comes out from the mouth of the servant of God.

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