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My Relationship Journal,

While it is a common saying that money is not everything; the lack of it however in a marriage would breed frustration and avoidable friction between couples.
Marriage will function better when both couples have a regular source of income.
Who doesn’t want money?

Both genders need money as it invariably solves a lot of problems; particularly in the context of marriage, love, though important, is not enough to sustain it.
Women are saddled with a lot of responsibilities; from childbirth and raising children to taking care of the home-front.

They however are averse to the ridicule that comes from lack of funds especially when bills (rent, school fees, groceries etc) are unpaid.
When there is financial lack, your wife’s emotional strength and love for you is tested, especially when the situation persists for too long.

A marriage with no financial resource for a long time will be greatly tested and love can cross the proverbial thin line to hatred.

This is one major reason why I counsel singles and intending couples to both have a source of INCOME before marriage, irrespective of its size.
Money is important to meet the needs of a home (bill payments, children upbringing and even service to God)


My goal is to help you achieve marital success & sexual fulfilment in marriage.
Blessings Always!

Lead Pastor
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