MORNING PRAYER SESSION: Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

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Monday 24th – 29th January 2022


  • Every plan and purpose of God for His people always attracts oppositions from hell, which must be crushed – Deu. 2:24/ 1 Cor. 16:9
  • Prayer and fasting is a covenant requirement for clearing all satanic barriers off our path                                  – Mat. 17:20-21
  • God is only committed to deliver what we expect, but expectation is fundamental to commanding divine intervention – Pro. 23:18/ Ps. 62:5

Our exhortation line this week is: ‘Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer’.


Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

  • David engaged the altar of prayer with expectation and got his answered; his expectation was not cut off – 2 Sam. 5:18-25/ 2 Sam. 30:6-9/ Pro. 23:18
  • Intercession without expectation can never deliver on the prayer altar – Mak. 11:24/ Hab. 11:1
  • We must keep seeing the reality of what we have prayed for – Gen. 13:14-15/ Rom. 4:17-21



Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

  • Elijah prayed answer expectant prayer and the heaven gave rain – 1 Kgs 18:41-46 13/                                   Jam. 5:17-18
  • When our expectation is out of place, answer to our prayers is not in view – Jam. 1:6-7
  • We must keep thinking the reality of our expectations – Pro. 23:7/Pro. 4:23/ Dan. 3:10-28


Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

  • Ezra and God’s people prayed answer expectant prayer and God granted their request                               – Ezra 8:21-23
  • Whatsoever thing we ask in prayer believing (expecting), we shall receive – Mat. 21:22
  • We must keep speaking the reality of our expectations – Mar. 11:23/ 1 Sam. 17:26/32-37/45-47


Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

  • Abraham’s servant prayed and expected divine speed on his mission and God granted him                      –    Gen. 24:7-11/12-26
  • Whatever we desire when we pray believing (expecting), we shall receive – Mk. 11:24
  • We must remain confident in the reality of our expectations – Heb. 4:9-11/ Dan. 6:10/22-23


Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

  • Nehemiah prayed answer expectant prayer and God granted him supernatural favour before the king – Neh. 1:4-11/2:1-9
  • When we call on God expecting, we shall receive answers to the bugging questions of our lives – Jer. 33:3
  • We must keep acting in line with the reality of our expectations – 1 Sam. 2:3/ Jam. 2:18



Praying Answer–Expectant Prayer

  • We must be focused in Prayer
  • Christ was praying the same statement for one hour per session, which suggests three hours in all, saying the same words – Mat. 26:40/44/ Mat. 6:7
  • We must be specific like Bartimaeus and others – Mak. 10:46-52/1 Chr. 4:9-11/ 1 Sam. 1:13-19

Jesus is Lord!

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