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I don’t know what is happening in this October month, seems it’s a season of downtime for major tech companies, on October 4th, it was Facebook, WhatsApp and instagram that shutdown for more than 4hours.

But today, we experience the shutdown of MTN network, both for calls and for internet access, I wonder what is happening to the network, my own main line for communication and Business is MTN.

I called my sweetheart, while the network seems to be available in Ilorin, she was in ilesha, but it was not going through, I knew it’s a network issue, eventually after a while, all the network bar on my phone was gone, I had to call her glo line with my airtel line, and she confirmed for me that MTN network is down.

This little downtime of MTN would have cost major Businesses big losses, especially those who doesn’t seems to make provision for alternative network access, I wonder what’s happening to MTN….

Well, the lesson for many people living in Nigeria is, do not have one network sim card, have 2 or 3, especially if you run an online business that needs internet access to strive, you can be disappointed and frustrated if you don’t make room for alternative internet access… Till now in Ilorin, the MTN network is not yet feasible, however I have seen my baby’s message on whatsapp, telling me it’s now reachable at ilesha, hopefully, the whole thing gets rectified on time, so we can have a smooth communication and Business running.

What’s your own experience 1irj the MTN downtime today?

Drop a comment below, let’s hear from you.

Eventually MTN later dropped a message for we the subscribers that the network is restored and they apologize for the network failure in the first place.

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