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– Pastor W.F Kumuyi at Divine Touch for Total Freedom, Enugu Global Crusade Day Four.

Praise the Lord!
I said praise the Lord. You know, when the Pastor’s voice is weak, the congregation too will be weak. I am strong!

Somebody there, I said I am strong.
Divine touch for total freedom. Your own freedom, total freedom, complete freedom, Supernatural freedom.
Tonight, it’s going to be more than one miracle, double miracles, triple miracles, multiple miracles in your life in Jesus Name.

If you allow the Lord to have His way, by the word that comes to you. By the Spirit that comes upon you, by the word that flows into your life. Every chains will be broken, all the shackles will be taken away.

The Lord will be magnified in your life. His power will be magnified in your life. And this day will mark a new beginning of the power of God in a multiple way in your life in Jesus Name.

If you are there and you expect and you know that God cannot fail and He is coming to your way right now, raise up that hand. Father, in Jesus Name, I pray Lord tonight You will have Your way in every life, there will be no hindrance to the flow of the multitude of multiplication of miracles in every life in Jesus Name.

And I pray that today, You will set everyone free. You will do a great mighty work in every life. We will never be the same again in Jesus Name.
Save souls tonight, restore souls tonight, bless souls tonight and heal every sickness that Your people are suffering from even tonight in Jesus Name.
We thank You because we know You have answered in Jesus Name we prayed. A thunderous Amen! An assuring Amen. A mountain moving Amen.
It is done!
You can seat down. The Lord bless you. I say, the Lord bless you!

Tonight, we are talking about:


Divine touch. You will feel it in your life. A touch manifested in your life, a touch that will row away every problem in Jesus Name.

Mark 6: 54-56, Mark 7:32-37, Mark 8:22-25.

You will touch Him tonight, your wife will touch Him tonight, your husband will touch Him tonight, your children will touch Him tonight.

I rejoice for you. The scriptures say ‘there were made whole/free’. What does that mean? All the sicknesses that oppressed them, all the yokes that tied them down. They were made whole, they were set free. Tonight, you are made whole, you are set free.

Freedom! You know when we talk about freedom, freedom is wide, freedom is deep.
The people that have eyes are not free to see, they are not free to look. The people that have food are not free to eat. The people that have a good house, they’re not free to live in them.

There are people that have good beds, costly, expensive. They are not free to sleep there. There are people that have education certificate, they are not free to use that certificate. There are people that have liberty, they are not free to use that liberty.

Freedom, total freedom. Whatever hinders your life, whatever limits your life, whatever stands in the way. You have the energy, you have the power, you have the strength, you have the will, you have the goal but something always stands in front. You are not free to move on. Tonight, everything that hinders your freedom, He will take away in Jesus Name.

Freedom, freedom from outward sins Sins in the plural. You see, sin is like a tree. It has roots, it has branches and when we say we are saved, what it means is all the branches of sin are cut down but the root is still there.

Number one, there is freedom from outward, external sin.

And then, there is freedom from inward, internal sin. Sin singular. The root of sin. Now, there is also sickness but tonight total freedom. Somebody shout freedom!

Freedom from sin, outward and inward.
Freedom from sickness. There is visible sickness and when somebody goes to the hospital and then they bring him before the x-ray . They said yes, this is what you have and that is what you have because it is visible.

There are other people that have sickness, invisible sickness. You go here, they say why did you come? You are alright. You say, no I am not alright. They say, we have checked up everything and we look that everything, you are alright. But you know that you are not alright. Invisible sickness.

Visible sickness, today the Lord will take away. Invisible sickness, today the Lord will take away. That’s what we call freedom.

You know, there are people who are free from sin, they are not free from sickness. The freedom is not complete, it is not total. And when you have freedom from sin, freedom from sickness, you are now about to move on to the destiny the Lord has ordained for you and the destiny will be fulfilled in Jesus Name.

There is freedom from slavery. You know, there are people who are slaves to self. What controls them, what spoils their marriage, what separates them from friend. Self!
They claim to be saved, that’s okay.

And they are not sick, that’s okay but there’s self. I must have my way. If it doesn’t go my way, it will not work. Self!
There are people who loose their families and the husband says, I can’t live with this woman. Self! And the wife says, the man is too bossy. Self!
Because of that self, they scatter their families.

There are people they have a good job and they are climbing, and climbing and climbing but they are full of themselves. They are not free from self and because of that, the good job is lost. Slavery to self, the Lord will deliver you today.

Other people, there are slaves to substance.

What we call substance, sometimes they put it in a tube and they have a needle and then they are slaves to those things.

The substance, it turns their brains, it destroys their health. They want to stop but cannot stop because of slavery to substance. Tonight, you are free.

We are talking about freedom, total freedom.

Other people are slaves to Satan. They don’t have any control of their own lives. Satan controls them.

Evil spirits controls them. Occultism controls them. And anyone here today, we came here today to celebrate your freedom. You will be free. Say, ‘ I will be free’.

Slavery to self, slavery to substance, slavery to Satan, Slavery to society.

You know, some people, their community oppresses them, captivates them, captures them.

They want to do this and that, and society says what are you trying to do? You want to get up? We tied you down around this tree and you cannot move beyond the length of the rope by with which they tied you. Tonight, that rope will be cut off.

If there is freedom from sin and freedom from sickness and freedom from slavery. The Lord will grant that total freedom tonight in Jesus Name.
Congratulations, your freedom is very near.

Mark 7:37
He has done all things well. You didn’t say Amen to that one?.
Impossibilities in your life are cancelled.

All those challenges that tied you down, you couldn’t move, you have eyes you can’t see, ears, you can’t hear, you have mouth, you cannot talk, you have a dream, a vision and yet you cannot move ahead because of whatever is hindering you. That vision that God Almighty has given will begin to be fulfilled in your life in Jesus Name.

Freedom, freedom, freedom. God grant you total, complete, Supernatural freedom in Jesus Name.

You know, I have been looking at other people, I mean other evangelist, other preachers. You know, if you are going to do something, you find out those who have done it before you. And as you find out, those who gone before you, you see the challenges they face and then as you come and you say, ‘ I am going to succeed’, you will succeed.

Now, the brothers and sisters in Abakaliki, very near here, Ebonyi State. They will be listening now.

We had a crusade in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital. And then, we waited a little, maybe we waited much.

We were waiting for the governor at that time to come, and because of the waiting, we stayed longer than we expected. And as I began to preach, rain began to fall and there was one young man there, in the morning of that day. The father died in the village, but he had heard about the crusade in Abakaliki. And then he said ‘I am going’.

They said what kind of son are you? Your father died, everybody is crying and you said you are going for crusade. He said, I told God before that I will go to that crusade and now father died in the morning. I will go.

And so, he was not a slave to society. The society couldn’t stop him. Nothing will stop you.
We were in the open and then I gave a message as if I didn’t know that rain was falling.

I just showed introduction, point one, point two, point three and even because it was in the open, rain was falling on my Bible but I didn’t mind. I then said now, if you want to give your life to the Lord, where are you?

Raise up your hand. And people raised up their hands. And then I told them, I say come out here. And then we did counseling and the rain was falling and then I said now, if you are sick, if you have any problem, we are going to pray now.

And the Lord will touch you. And then, they raised up their hands and I prayed and I told them when you hear the final Amen, the Miracle is there.

You know I see remember Abakaliki Amen was wonderful. Somebody shout Amen. Can I tell you that as we said the final Amen, the father in the village rose up.
Freedom, freedom, freedom. And if that happened in the neighbouring State at that time. Jesus Christ is still the same, yesterday, today and forever. Anything that is dead in your life will rise up today in Jesus Name.

Multiple miracles through the Divine touch. The three things we shall be looking at are:

1. The unfailing power of His Divine touch.

2. The unceasing power of His demanded touch. If you demand, touch me Lord, touch me Lord. You demand the touch. The power will come to your life tonight in Jesus Name.

3. The unlimited power of His double touch. Somebody say double. Double touch in your life today. The unlimited power of His double touch. When it comes upon you, nothing will stop the miracle power of God in your life. Church Gist.

Let’s look at number one:

The unfailing power of His Divine touch. Mark 6:54.
They knew Him, Jesus. They knew Him, Saviour. They knew Him, Deliverer. As you know Him tonight, He will save you. As you know Him tonight, He will heal you. As you know Him tonight, He will deliver you.

You know the problem of people is that they don’t know the difference between Mary the Virgin and Jesus. They don’t know the difference between Peter and Jesus. They don’t know the difference between the Servants of Christ and Christ.

When you know Him and you know the Christ who died on the Cross of Calvary. That in Him is your salvation, salvation will come to you. You know that in Him is your healing, healing will come to you. Then in verse 55.

When you know that you want to withdraw money from the bank, you look at your time, and the bank is about closing. If you really need that money and you want to get from the bank, you will not be walking so slowly and sluggishly and then you are not running. And you are not making efforts to get there in time.

Jesus is by your side. He wants to save, He wants to heal you and He wants to deliver you. And then when you hear the call that if you want Jesus into your life to be your savior right now, before the sentence finishes, you are up already.

Somebody from Zambia long ago had HIV, AIDS. And, the doctors that tested him, they told him that the syndrome is now at the final stage.

So, he got all his money together and he said he wanted to travel and come to Lagos, Nigeria so I can pray for him so he will not die.

You will not die. So, I told him on the phone, you don’t have to come, we are connected already and when I mentioned the Name of Jesus here in Nigeria, over there in Zambia the power of God will touch you. He said, is that so? I said yes. You can keep your money.

Don’t spend the money to buy ticket and then I prayed. You know, it is not the place where you prayed, it’s not the shouting when you pray, it is the Name of Jesus. When we mention that Name and that Name penetrates your ear, your healing will come. And so, we prayed and I said go and check up. He went back to the hospital and then lo and behold, no HIV there again.

Everything vanished away. That’s the way it will happen to you tonight.

We were in Namibia. Namibia is southern part of Africa and those brethren in Namibia will be hearing me now because we are connected also to Namibia tonight.

There was this child that had a problem. The tongue was out. And she could not pull back the tongue and eventually the mother appealed to the government. I need money, I don’t have enough money to do operation for this child and the government of Namibia, the country.

They offered to pay for the operation and so, they put a doctor in South Africa. And they took the child to South Africa and as they got there. The doctors examined and they said, we cannot do anything. What do we do? Do we need to cut the tongue? How can we pull the tongue back?

They said, please go back home and so the both governments wanted to help, wanted to supply the money, wanted to do the operation but there was nothing they could do. And then we had a crusade at the capital in Namibia. The mother contacted our State Overseer over there and said can you please help me with this problem.

Help me to see the G.S coming from Nigeria. And that one said, I cannot promise and then the mother was in the congregation and the child in her hands and the tongue out. The tongue was barely out. And I didn’t even mention the name and I said in the Name of Jesus. Somebody help me shout Jesus!

And I said, whatever problem you have. Total healing, total deliverance, total freedom in Jesus Name. The opened her eyes and looked at the child. The first time in her life, the tongue was inside.

Everything was alright. Freedom, I say freedom. All those problems that people could not solve, even when the money is there .

The Lord is bringing freedom to you tonight in Jesus Name. They brought the sick in bed where He was and here you are today. Christ is here. And there you are over there, Christ is there.
Look at verse 50.

Either a village, or city, or country, that’s Christ everywhere. They laid the sick in the street, and they sought Him and that He they might touch if it were but they border of His garment. And as many as touch Him , who is going to touch Him tonight?

As many as touch Him. If they were sinners, the sins are taken away. If they were sick, the sickness is taken away. If it is demonic attack, demonic affliction, the affliction is cut off. As many as touched Him were made whole.
Did you hear?

Jesus Christ yesterday, today and forever. He is still there today. I said, He is there today. His Name is as powerful as Himself. And then today, as we touch Him, I will touch Him, I will touch Him. There will be the unfailing power of that Divine touch in your tonight in Jesus Name.

Mark 16:15.
And He said unto them go ye into all the world. You know we cannot Walk down all the world but as we are here now, people are connected all the world. The power of that Divine touch will come upon your life in Jesus Name.

And preach the gospel, the good news, glad tidings that your Savior is going to save you tonight. That your healer is going to heal you tonight. The good news, your deliverer is going to deliver you tonight. You will go out of this place free.

Preach the gospel to every creature. Look at verse 16. After you believe and you are saved. And he that believeth not shall be damned.

That’s why I plead passionately that you should receive the Lord into your heart, into your life because if you believe not, you will be damned. I pray you will not be damned.

And then verse 17.
The devil that held you captive, you are free tonight in Jesus Name. You shall speak with new tongues.

All that tongue of cursing your wife, cursing your children. Abusing them , insulting them.

All that tongue of you are driving and then somebody tried to cut in front of you and then began to curse and you began to use the Name of God to curse.

All that bad tongue, old tongue will vanish away.

All the tongue you got from daddy and mommy.

Daddy always told you that you are a dog, you will never do well, you are like your mother. And now, you are grown up and you have your own children, the same tongue that ruined you. You are using the same tongue on your children.

That old tongue will pass away from you. A new tongue, a fresh tongue, a profitable tongue.
A tongue that brings blessing upon other people, you will now speak with new tongues.

‘And they shall take up serpent’. What that means is that any serpent that is trying to come around you like it did for Paul. You will take it and throw it into the fire.

All those things walking about in your body.

They will be thrown into the fire tonight in Jesus Name. I am looking at somebody there, I am just happy for you because tonight you are free.

‘ If they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them’. Nobody will kill you before Your time.

You are going to live long life. I am talking to somebody there, you are going to live long life and all the things that should have cut your life, everything is taken away in Jesus Name.

‘ and they shall lay their hands, and they shall recover’.


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