My Cross Over Experience In A Popular Nigerian Church (Story of a Non-church Goer)


Let me use this opportunity to wish my fellow Nigerians a happy new year. May God bless us all.

So, this post may be a little bit lengthy. There’s no sugar coating, neither is it fiction.

In 2021, yesterday was the first day I went to Church for a full service. In as much as I as I don’t go to Church regularly, I have a personal relationship with God. As the last day of the month, I promised myself that I must go to the Altar of the Almighty and Glorify his Name.

I am a Catholic, but I wanted to attend another Church for reasons best known to me. So I choose one of the popular Churches in Naija. I freshened up, prepared myself and went to the Church 1 hour before time (I have a phobia for late coming). As one of the first persons in the Church, I had the liberty to choose a spot I like. Since it’s cross over, and for the sake of crashing, I chose a spot that’ll meet my many demands.

People started trooping in and wetin my eyes see ehn, hmm. Na young, classy, rich and foreigners de come this Church oh! I immediately noticed that, what you wear to the Church doesn’t really matter.

I was still admiring the people coming in, especially the ladies when two girls came in. One of them wore a really tight dress and oh, she wasn’t wearing bra and you know bruv, her nip**les were showing. Haa! My Mr Niger D immediately caught signal from in between my laps were it was resting peacefully. I had to calm it down and reassure myself that I came to Church, to rededicate my life to God.

Also, by wearing my senator attire which I invested 15k to sew. I thought that my fashion game would be top notch. But 15 minutes after people started coming in, I realized that I fvcked up! Because, e be like say na only me wear that kind cloth.

At this point, the Church was still welcoming people and also projecting beautiful Gospel renditions on the screens. One woman with her family came and sat close to me. More people came in. Another woman, immediately she met the entrance of the Church busted some amazing dance moves. Omo! “Today na today” I concluded in my mind.

I was still trying to grasp the atmospheric condition when some dude who won Big Brother; I think the African edition came in. He sat two rows in front of me. And this begs me to ask this very important question, what’sup with Nigeria celebrities wearing heavy sunshades even in places wear the really need their bear eyes to see? Even for darkness person go still carry heavy eyeglass chook for eye.


Church service started properly and I must confess that I had one of the best time in the presence of the Lord. The praise and worship was wonderful. I noticed that all the big boys, Celebrities, slay mamas etcetera were all overwhelmed in the spirit of the Lord.

The woman that sat beside me, even after having four children gave me a serious dancing assignment because, I couldn’t match her dancing skills.

Lastly, I also realized that mehn, God loves all of us. Regardless of what you do, what you wear, how you choose to worship him. The main thing be say, make you hold and know him.

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