-Apostle Joshua Selman

I remember there was a year that I had an audience with a particular politician somewhere and I don’t know what they told him about me; we had a nice time and he sat down and I looked at this man and he wanted to contest for something and honestly, it is not pride but in my mind, I said, “oh dear, if this man…” To me, it was like Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman.
I said, oh dear, the hymn writer said, “oh what needless pain we bear.”

At the end of it, he was just speaking English, you know some times these our wonderful politicians can be proud people; they think every man of God is looking for money and all of that.

I was looking, he never requested for prayer or for anything; he was just making noise and I looked at him and when he finished talking, I told him and said, “I’m sorry Sir, but I want to speak to you and he was just making a jest and sarcasm and I said, “go and write; you will win your primaries but you will never win the election.” He was laughing because it was impossible based on what he wrote.

I said, “I know you have met men of God who prophesied and spoke because of money that you gave them, but you will know that there are certain people who are remnants indeed.”

When this guy won the primaries; he was happy, very sarcastic statement and all of that and when he lost the election, it was a shock.

I remember I went to preach somewhere and they said the man heard that I was around, he said he wanted to see me. I said, please don’t bring that person here. I don’t hate him; I don’t fight with anybody.


But can I tell you, please don’t generalize people.

There are people God has honoured. I am saying this for a reason. There is human worship, it is wrong.

There are men of God who made themselves alpha and omega, the Bible says to minister according to the measure of grace.

If you have not been anointed to enthrone government and people and you are just making noise, the disappointment will make the people arrest you one day and lock you because the grace is not on you.

But can I tell you; God’s system of king, priest and prophet has not failed. There are still men that God has anointed.

There are graces that can enthrone. This is not just for politicians, a man overnight, you can send one word. Was it not Elijah who said, “by this time?” You’ve heard the testimonies; there is nothing in this Ministry that is stage managed. I want you to pray that one prayer;
What dimension do you see God lifting you? Pray that the grace and the auction that will make it happen should come upon you.

– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘ENGAGING THE ANOINTING’ (PART 1).



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