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2 weeks ago I stepped into a city called Canaanland after 20 years. I think I was there last for Shiloh 2002 and it was just Faith Tabernacle there. In fact we camped in tents because facilities were still under construction.
I was in shock- completely speechless to see a city with all sorts of infrastructure. You can live in Canaanland and not need to go anywhere for months.

Asides the church, there is a primary and secondary school, covenant university with world class facilities.. there is a filling station, medical center, banks, publishing house, camp house, hotel, restaurants and of course an estate.
This is not to mention the new building project “The ARK” going on. I couldn’t even see half of the facilities physically.
I shed tears, I wondered how he coped. I mean, I know what it means to manage 5 people in a company. This man manages hundreds and thousands of people at different leadership levels globally. I felt angry at those who came to Facebook to insult him at the slightest opportunity. I concluded like he says that it was out of sheer ignorance.
I mean, who handles that manner of work both human and infrastructure with such ease if not a man helped my God.

I remembered how he always prays for us to receive double portion of the Grace He carries and I decided I will be careful of what to covet. Can you sleep if you have such an assignment?

It’s a whole lot of work, you don’t want to imagine.
I remembered how he was criticized for owning a private jet and I said he even deserves a jet to move him inside his house, from room to parlour. I mean he deserves all the best of life.

I am hoping as we celebrate papa today we will realise that he also deserves every good thing available here on earth. He deserves our prayers, good will, and well wishes today and forever.
We love you papa David Oyedepo Ministries International , thank you for your impact in our lives. Because of you generational giants like us are rising.
Happy birthday sir.

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