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At the John F. Kennedy Airport in the US, my wife and I and our children were coming and then, we were meant to join the queue, a white woman came and told us, “Pass here.” She was taking us through a route. This was the VIP line for First Class and so on. She took us passed all the white rich people there and one rich man looked at her and said;
“where are you taking them to, why are you taking them through that route?”
She said, because they are VIPs.
The man said, “we are VIPs too, that is why we are standing here” and she told him, “they are very important VIPs.”

We have never met her before. We don’t know her from anywhere. The man began to quarrel with her in our presence. She just waved the man and said, “please, let’s go.” She took us all the way in there and told us bye and returned to handle the man. I told my family and said; “this is not money that made the door to be opened.

This is not name; she doesn’t know us. This is divine presence. There is something she saw on us. There is something that cannot be defined.

– I prophesy to somebody here; the presence of God shall make the difference in your life!
– Where people are sitting, you will stand. Where they are standing, you will stand out. Where are they are standing out, you will be outstanding!

-Pastor Paul Enenche at Power Communion Service, Dunamis International Gospel Centre.



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