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My Experience in the North as a Christian Convert -Sam Abdulazeez

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-Sam Abdulazeez

I have encountered Islam enough to know that they delight in shedding blood.

My first experience was when I chose to become a Christian. My dad drew a cutlass to remove my head. I escaped only by God’s divine making. He later rejected me as a son and vowed never to pay my fees or cater for me. I was just twelve then. My immediate younger brother toed my path and also left him. As Christians, we never held this against him. When God took us up and lifted us, we never forgot our parents. Till today, we still perform our role to them as children.

My second experience was when I got to the University. I shared my conversion experience on campus through a Christian newsletter. This was in the Southwest. I was soon declared wanted by the muslims on campus. Thankfully, it was not in the North and they never had the backing of the school authority to set me ablaze.

On the third occasion, I went to Katsina state for my NYSC. After our orientation, UBA absorbed me to serve in the bank. The Katsina branch of the bank was dominated by muslims. Upon resumption, I was invited for their muslim prayers because they felt someone bearing my name must be a muslim.

I declined and told them I was a muslim who got converted into Christianity at a young age. This didn’t go down well with them. One fateful afternoon, my bank manager invited me to his office and persuaded me to abandon Christianity and come back to Islam. I told him it was impossible. He promised me heaven and earth if I could change my mind. I stood my ground. Next thing, I was ousted out of the bank. I told someone what happened and he wrote to the bank’s Head Office to complain about my persecution. The bank wrote back with a directive that I be reinstated immediately. I resumed back like a corn inside a sealed bottle that no hen could harm or hurt.

My last experience was in Maiduguri. I was transferred by my office to work as a banking executive. Where I lived, I had neighbours who were predominantly muslims. One of them liked me so much until he knew that I was a Christian. He did everything he could to persuade me to return to Islam. Again, I refused. He gathered some mob one day to threaten my life. I changed accommodation immediately and decided to leave the bank for another bank that took me to Abuja.

In all my encounters with the religion, I saw murderers. I saw people who tried to force their beliefs on me. I saw people who were not happy because I chose a different faith.

So, whenever they kill people of different faith and we attribute it to their extremists, I laugh. Have you seen anyone killed in the North for killing a Christian? Have you seen any government bringing any of such murderers to book?

We have had many cases, some underground. The case of Deborah Yakubu is just another one. I bet you, nothing will happen to her killers. It will soon be shoved aside because their religion condones it, albeit silently.

Sam Abdulazeez.

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