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God is the source of all things, he is not a man that will lie, neither a son of man that will repent of his word, he is almighty and we must learn to put our trust in him always, people tend to believe God in many ways and for many things, but when it comes to divine supply, many people opt in for other alternatives because they don’t believe GOD can bless them, meet their financial needs, the way he heal the, protect them.

But this mindset will rob you of many things if you don’t learn to put your trust in God in the aspect of finances and meeting major needs of life.

Paul was the one speaking in Philippians 4:19, to the Philippians Church, and he was talking about the power of giving and receiving, because in vs 15, he mentioned that no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving but the Philippians church only, he also said in vs 17, not that I desire a gift, but I desire fruit that may abound to your account, he also talked about how that the gift that was sent to him, had  odour that is sweet smelling, a sacrifice acceptable and well pleasing to God, and finally in vs 19, he proclaim a blessing on them by saying; But my God shall supply all your need according to his richest in Glory by Christ Jesus.

What many people to today, is to cut every other verse and recite only verse 19, this is incorrect, the people that Paul blessed were those who ministered unto his needs, they practice the law of sowing and reaping, this simply means even as a Christian, if you want to reap, you must sow, this is very crucial.

Many people pray for financial breakthrough, they pray that God should meet their needs, but the wisdom requirement is not there and the principle they ought to obey, is not been followed, the word of God is powerful, but the promise of the scriptures is tied down to a condition, if you want to lay hold of the promise, look for the condition and observe it, that is how to get it.

God’s provision walks by principle of sowing and reaping, the bible says, in Psalm 20, vs 3, remember all thy offering and accept thy burnt sacrifice, one of the ways you prove to God that you love him is by serving him with your resources. So your giving and seed sowing to God and his kingdom, to servants of God, comes up as a memorial.

  Many people who are Christian, are prayer warriors, they can spend praying to God, seeking his face but cannot spend their money for God, when it comes to giving to God, they do it carefully, this is not supposed to be, one of the ways to show God that you love him, is to give to him, because where your treasure is, there your heart will be also, we saw that the blessing Apostle Paul released on the church in Philip was due to their giving, they gave to his ministry, to his necessity and he blessed them, this is also expected of us as Christian today, as an obligation, parents must observe this and teach their children to do the same; you must minister financially to the smooth running and upkeep of the house of God, the church and the priestly ministry God as placed over you.

This confer the blessings of God upon your life, this is the way to activate Philippians 4:19.

That is why offering and tithing is mandatory for every child of God, you must serve the lord and honor him with your substance, your tithe, your offering and other kingdom investment; this is how to provoke the blessings of God to come upon you and your endeavors.

To prove your love for the lord, serve the lord with your resources, God does not need your money, but your giving to the kingdom and the work of God is an act of obedience, the blessing is coming back to you in multiple folds, I have done this many times in my life and have seen the reward.

While is it great to declare Philippians 4:19 by Faith and also in prayer, you must understand that it is not just a declaration, it is a principle, you must observe the principle to activate the power therein, remember when God visited King Solomon in the dream, he asked him, Solomon; what do you want?

Solomon did not pray, he gave sacrifice unto the Lord, and the Lord visited him, the same thing Cornelius, the bible says, your alms giving has come unto the lord as a memorial, so your giving comes to God as a memorial and it opens you up to your destiny and activates the blessings of GOD in your direction.

I pray for you today, the Giving Grace is release upon your life today and as you engage it, the heavens shall be open upon you in a great way in Jesus name, Amen.

God bless you

Written by Pastor Matthew.

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