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My Journey to 7 Figure on Kindle Publishing (True Story)

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Hi. My name is Josiah . I had about Amazon KDP long ago courtesy of @⁨Gilob Tech. Solutions Ltd⁩ , but I was ignorantly hoping a *casual job* I was doing at a Polytechnic would eventually lead to getting my confirmation letter.

It all turns out that I was being used by my then BOSSES for their personal gains. While I was like a “brainbox” for their academic research and publications, they never wanted me to grow. Because I will be too busy to have time for their jobs.


I kept serving them until my health deteriorated. It was at this time the so called ” Core i9 JOE “, the Computer Guru, the one who can produce quality books for them (lecturers to sell and build mansions) became ” DISPENSABLE “.

I must say GOD allowed things to happen for me to have a rethink . Because I was even too busy to have time for the things of GOD. I wanted to please the BOSSES

After the neglect and eventual resignation from a casual job, I started to look towards KDP.

I disciplined myself, focused on my health and kept writing as much as I could (but wasn’t able to complete a single book throughout 2021). As GOD may have it my KDP mentor @⁨Gilob Tech. Solutions Ltd⁩ didn’t forsake me.

After my Church ( Salvation Ministries) appointed me to head the Technical unit of my local branch, I accepted and begged God to heal me. And indeed I got my healing and fully got back to KDP with the help of @⁨Gilob Tech. Solutions Ltd⁩ .

KDP is something to be taken as a business if you want to succeed.
As a business you must give it all the time necessary to take it to another level.

*Serving God* is also key. It helps to stay healthy; *Mentally, Spiritually and Physically* . Because your mind is clear from stupid stuffs; that way ideas flow in smoothly.

KDP hates when you share your attention with something else (JOB, family wahala, Relationship etc). You must find a way to balance things and give KDP a bigger share of your time.

Having a *MENTOR* is good and necessary in this business. However, the best way to manage your *MENTOR* is never to expect *TOO MUCH*, else anxiety will crip in and make you *Desperate* and eventually *Frustrated* . Allow your Mentor *to flow* at his pace. If justifiably your Mentor is not creating any positive impact get another.

Complement your Mentor with *YouTube* . Don’t always be a *Push and Start* learner.

This business requires lots of research work, be willing to spend money on data without complaining.

When writing, try to add *pictures* (ensure you modify to avoid copyright issues). Pictures engages your readers. Whites like graphic illustration. That is why this business requires graphic skill (CorelDraw is manageable) and a fast Laptop or Desktop.

KDP is quite *Sedative* so avoid eating excess carbohydrates, especially if you are fat. Drink water always and avoid sitting for too long to enable good circulation of blood. When you see others making 6 figures, don’t feel bad or look down on yourself. They were once at your spot.

Finally, pray to GOD to direct your path and be grateful for every royalty you make and keep working harder for the Passive income to keep flowing in.
I wish you guys all the Best and thanks for your Prayers.

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