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My rabbit Farm story in Nigeria

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It’s been a while..how una dey?

Let me drop the gists in bits😃😃😃.

First gist, I don’t have space and I don’t have the strength not time to make cages, neither do I have the money to buy those expensive cages. So I will be slaughtering more of those plenty makes, if you are in Abuja, this will be another weekend of rabbit meat. It’s gonna be ‘extravaganza’. Make I see space put all these young babes wey I put together; they are 5months old already fah! And ready to be put in the family way.

So another gist, you see that mother with wet head there, na me wet him head with water like that😠😠😠. It splashed water on me while feeding it, so I punished it by splashing water all over its head and face too. #Do me I do you things. No be hin fault anyways, it should have been calm with pregnancy now, if I had weaned the kits: the kits will be exactly two months with it by 10th. But I no get space to keep them.

So I still saw some recent videos and pictures of some rabbits with nervous disorders and headtilt. We should have outlived this by now guys. You see coccidia, mange parasites and E.cuniculi are all lovers of dirty environment, especially when your rabbit poo does not drop off. Make sure the base nets are used rather than boards, except when a rabbit has sorehock.

Okay, I also discovered that Oxytetracycline is effective against Torticolitis/nervous disorder. I tried it like a month ago. I just saw this guy’s head bent one side and I just it Oxytet and the following day it was fine. I also recommended this to someone last week and gradually and the rabbits heal. The right drug is albendazoke anyways, so don’t quote me ooo. The oxytet may not work for you. I am only saying as oxytet is more readily available and most people have it on their farm.

So Tunde and Nkechi are still holding their rabbits to the kits? Na wa ooo. For how long will you keep doing that? These animals are mammals and there are hormonal changes that happen in them and guide them to do the right thing. You just take good care of them please. Abundant water and feed. Mornings and herbal leaves after birth, also.

Hen hen, when space issues hook may, I had to drop those makes you see, let them right, they will eventually get used to one another and that was what happened eventually. Dem fight so tey, wound one back. I just carry give an antibiotic make wound dry and I dey look them. Each one dey him lane now and when there is food, they cooperate.

Ah, less I forget, the goal is meat rabbit ooo. Breed them well and they will grow big. U see those weaners/growers, some of them are already close to 3kg mehn.

If you are just starting, just start and then you can be ‘forming’ fast growing breeds later. In fact, once you are able to get to 2k, Dem say the rabbit is matured to chop ooo, na Boss Johnny talk am.

Though I will prefer to slaughter a rabbit from 5months, make I no eat kogbokogbo.

You see that one there forming dead…na lie ooo. Na pregnancy dey worry am. When him dey collect, him no know that time😃.

Lets keep up the good work, and continue breeding, if e too plenty chop am, if e over plenty, make it in sticks and get someone to hawk it or go introduce it to them at a joint. I already shared some tips in the past. Market must come. We must make people chop am. Kudos to all the big players who keeps creating awareness.

Finally it’s a Friday, rabbit meat is so enjoyable with beer, especially Heineken and Budweiser😃😃😃.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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