-Bishop David Oyedepo at Week of Spiritual Emphasis, Day 3.
How many need the Word from the Lord tonight? You need a word from the Lord tonight, lift up your hands everyone.

  • Lord I need a word from You, I want to hear directly from You. Let Your word come to me tonight. Send me Your word tonight, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Testimonies are not religious propaganda.

They are the raw interpretations of the validity of scripture; testimonies are direct interpretation of scripture.

They are not religious propaganda, they are sequence of harvest, of souls and of more testimonies. They are not to entertain us; they are to direct us to where our solution is waiting for us. Every testimony is a pointer to our heritage in Christ (Psalm 119:11).

There is nothing in doing nothing, you can wait forever and waste your entire life. Until you are ready to repent, you cannot be saved.

Please take note of testimonies from now. Those who despise testimonies, they remain in their trials. Believe in the validity of the acts of God.

You speak against the Holy Ghost, it’s the move of the Holy Ghost; they are not forgivable.

Somebody barren for seven years, if you come with a soul next week and you are not visited, I’m not sent. I’m too sure of the One who sent me.


I have problem with your faith. “You know why they are saying that?”

So that Church can increase. So that you can be out of your trouble, that’s why we are saying it. You can be out of your problem; God can add to you the things that others are dying to get.
I want to believe that something is going to strike in your life tonight. I just feel like closing the service now.
Isaiah 8:20-22
It is what you believe that you speak. You speak testimonies when you believe in them. God who did it for him will do it for me; God who did it for her will do it for me, otherwise we would have given in to darkness. “God where is the profit of serving You?” Because you are not obeying Him and He’s trying to interpret the Word to you by testimonies.

I’ve never seen anybody get angry with testimony and does not continue in his trials. I’ve never seen anybody react against testimony and experience them.

I used to have one of my co-labourers in Kaduna, he was always angry with testimony, in fact, he calls them behind in our little church; “why are you the only one giving testimony every day, what’s the matter?

And nothing changes in his life. He was just going down and down.

  • You will not carry on with your trouble.
    God has a solution for you, the solution is right here in His Word and tonight, you will locate direct solution from Heaven that will open up new chapters in your life in the name of Jesus.
    You can be in a church for 60 years without a change and you can be there for three months with massive unbelievable, undeniable changes, depending on your alignment.
  • Grace to remain aligned with the truth, receive it now.
    Thank You Jesus, blessed be Your name, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    Get seated. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.

Common say with me; “Lord, I believe in Your word and I believe in the testimonies”.
“Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus the Author and Perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). I was telling my team in the morning that I had a raw visitation of prosperity encounter in March 22, 1982.

We were still believing God for N3,000 in October 3, 1984. Now with that massive visitation, my salary was N1,386 December 1987. But we have done over 20 million naira in direct investment to soul winning this year.

…let us run with patience the race that is set before us… My team had 644 in church last Sunday from our last two weeks outreaches.


I covenanted with God for 140,000 converts this year. We have crossed 128,000. Why won’t God love me?

You don’t do what I do, you can’t see what I see. The things Jesus began both to do and to teach. If you cannot be impacted by what your leader does, then you can’t be impacted by anything. You can’t get to that point without first investing ten thousand and then twenty thousand and then thirty thousand and then forty thousand… You can’t jump there.

Without a heart for God Sir, you are not going far. “For eyes have not seen, not ears heard what God has in store for them that love Him”. You are not serving the Church, you are serving the Lord. Without a heart for God, you are limited.

But the signs and wonders of the Kingdom are for men with undaunted heart for God. Men panting after God selflessly, delightsomely, enjoyably with His works.

You said; “I thank God for giving my father, the mandate of Matthew 6:33 with uncheckered proofs; proofs that even the blind can see”. It’s up to you. I can only declare to you the Word of God; I cannot believe for you and I cannot obey for you.

Jesus could not believe for them, He could not do mighty work there, He marvelled at their unbelief (Mark 6:6). Jesus is our eternal Master, if He couldn’t do it, I mustn’t try it. The ball is in your court.
🎶🎶 I’m ready to obey the Lord.
I’m ready to obey Jesus.
I’m ready to obey the living Word of God.
I’m ready to obey the Lord🎶🎶
Until you are ready, you are not ready.
🎶🎶 I’ll live for Jesus, day after day.
I’ll live for Jesus, lest come what may.
The Holy Spirit, I will obey.
I’ll live for Jesus, day after day🎶🎶
It’s up to you, your choice is what defines your lot. Choose ye this day who you will live for and then watch out for the difference that is in it. Malachi 3:18 – God is not a cheat, He is not a joker. He means what he says and He says what He means. Again, it’s up to you.
Your obeying God adds nothing to God, it adds everything to you.

It’s up to your, these things work; there are many living testimonies in this church today worldwide that these things work.

Somebody moves to his village; nothing was working and he came back and became that addict for Jesus, printing handbills. Some are keeping the ones we gave them; they won’t give them out.

They’ve formed an album; they are not interested.

Please don’t take any flier here forever in your life if you are not going to give it out.

Don’t insult God. Somebody was printing and he was mocked; “it’s only church you know”. And God said, I know you and gave him a job; fantastic, mouth-watering job to held the office in Abuja. Between this midst of the year season, 2021.

My God! By October, God has translated him. It’s up to you.
Your season came and went, there’s nothing you can point to, but no more!

Something must turn dramatically because it’s our year of Supernatural Turnaround and you can see turnaround testimonies tumbling in every day.

Don’t be entertained by them; be equipped by them to generate your own testimony. By the testimony of Wigglesworth, I gained dominion over principalities and powers from his testimony.

From the testimony of John Wesley, I gained supernatural strength for the race. Testimonies are pointers to our heritage. From the testimony of Yonggi Cho, I gained entrance to a word of supernatural breakthroughs in church growth.

Testimonies are pointers to your heritage, so wake up.

  • No man, no woman called barren in this church, will appear at Shiloh without being confirmed pregnant!
    What do you do then?
    She brought a soul to church on a Sunday and God said, now you meant it. Your fruit bearing commits you to one per month by divine ordination. The trees by the river of water bring forth fruits, 12 manner of fruits and beareth its fruit every month. We are trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified (Isaiah 61:3). So every tree planted by God, every soul that is saved is a tree of life that must bring forth 12 manner of fruits every year, one per month. Maybe some of you have missed nine months, you are in the month of October, you better fulfill it.

Life is so interesting. Since the time I met Jesus, I made that commitment September 12, 1976; I have never begged and I’ve never gone hungry, never a burden on any mortal man.

I am not an entertainer, I am not a motivational speaker; I am a prophet. I’m speaking to you what will change your story if you are interested.

You can be a founder of a church and be a pauper. God is no respecter of persons or titles.

Commit to His instructions with delight; you will find things turning on their own accord.
Let’s look at some biblical characteristics of obedience.

  1. We have in our experience that we may not have prayed for some great happenings in our lives but we definitely must have obeyed our way into them. You may not have prayed for them but your obedience has provoked those happenings
    (Deuteronomy 28:1).
    There are many, many great things about our lives that we will never need to pray for, we just walk in delightsome obedience and then they begin to happen.
  2. Obedience of faith will always commit God’s integrity to perform. “Allow me to lead you and you shall not want. Let my word be your guide, you shall not want. I will make you to lie down in green pastures, I will refresh your soul if you let me guide you” and He validated that in Isaiah 48:21.
    “Allow me to lead you and you shall not know the meaning of want and lack. Follow my leadings, I will make you lie down in green pastures.

Let my word guide you, …thou you walk through the valley of the shadow of death…”
He leads you into abundance, He leads you into fulfillment, into empowerment. It may not be so at the beginning but keep doing, just keep obeying. At the end, it must speak. Thou it tarries, keep holding on.

John 2:7 – it was a pure transaction of obedience, simple and raw obedience.

There was this man born blind in John 9:1-8 and then Jesus plastered the eye and then said, go to the pool of Siloam and he went and washed and came back seeing. Pure transaction of obedience are major characteristics of biblical obedience.

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