MY SERVICE AND CONNECTION TO DR ENENCHE IN THE LAST 24 YEARS – Pastor Paul Odu (Dunamis North-Central Regional Pastor)

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– Pastor Paul Odu (Dunamis North-Central Regional Pastor) at Kingdom Power and Glory World Conference 2021
Day Four, Morning Session.

Can we first and foremost celebrate the King of kings and the Lord of lords for the privilege of connection. Give Him a clap offering and a shout of praise.

Sir, Ma, I count it a great privilege to stand and to talk about what I have seen and experienced here in Dunamis Commission. I will like to start by saying that, one of the best things that can happen to anyone is to discover your place in life and in destiny.

My contact with Dunamis International Gospel Centre and my parents in the faith which date back to October, 1997 was a mystery. I was invited to a church in the Church village as was the name then in Area 1. Before then, I don’t honour invitations to Pentecostal Ministries and Churches but that day I decided to honour that particular invitation.

On my way to the Church, the moment I passed by Dunamis, I heard a small still voice that said, “Go in there”. I struggled within me for over 30 minutes, going to and fro.


At a point, I had to sit down. I sat down, troubled, I kept pondering, “Why should I enter there?” But finally, I was in the hall and when I entered, hearing the teaching and preaching of our father, like someone from another planet; The preaching and teachings were with passion and fire. My spirit was and remained connected to him. From that day, I decided to follow him without looking back.

I went through MTC 1, MTC 2 and Leadership Training courses at the frequency of fire. Before I knew it, fire was ignited in my spirit. Tireless passion was impacted. Hunger for God like never before was injected into my spirit. Before I could say, “Praise the Lord”, I was evangelizing everywhere and transporting people to church. On one particular occasion, after paying for their transport, I was left with the money to go back home but somebody else came and asked for transport.

I gave him the only money I had left and by virtue of what we have heard, I was ashamed to beg. I decided to trek from Area 1 to the Central Area around Bullet by the Total Fueling station side. While waiting there, a police van passed, went a distance and reversed back. “Where are you going?” I stepped in, surprisingly, he drove all the way to where I was going. I said, I’m okay here Sir”. God didn’t allow me to be stranded. It has been awesome.

By February 1998, the perennial affliction that I suffered from childhood died a natural death, Beloved, you can’t be planted here and remain the same. I remember a lawyer that was invited by a woman. He was owing the woman and couldn’t pay and the woman said, follow me to my church and let my pastor pray for you.

He followed the woman to Dunamis and after 30 days, he stood to testify. He said, “What 19 years of practicing as a lawyer could not do for me”, he said, 30 days of dedicated service delivered it into his hands.

One of the night vigils in Area 1, God’s servant, our father in the faith was ministering, he saw a woman wearing an orthopedic shoe and before then, he knew the case of the woman that the bone was broken. Daddy looked in her direction and said, “Woman, stand up and walk!” She looked at her husband, the husband looked at her. But surprisingly, she stood up, staggered a little and then began to walk from the back all the way to the front. A creative miracle took place.

On another occasion, our father in the faith walked from his office straight into the Healing and Deliverance Service and he said, if you are trusting God for healing, place your hand where the affliction is”. People were expecting him to pray but surprisingly, he said,” check yourself, you are healed”. No prayer, nothing. That day we recorded over 90 per cent healing to the glory of God the Father.

Belovethbeloved, we have seen strange and fearful things here. I can tell you categorically, that it pays to be connected and to stay connected. I remember when it was time for me to settle down maritally, God kept using the face of my father in the Faith. In the dream of the night, he said, call so and so to come and sit by your side for the journey ahead. Woke up from that sleep which was the confirmation I needed and we began the journey. As a caring father that he is, during our wedding, he traveled all the way from Abuja to Minna. We refuse to take it for granted. Thank you Sir.


When my wife was pregnant, she went on an official assignment and then days later, she called me that she was bleeding and when I heard that, I remembered my mother’s testimony and how my father reacted. On the spot, I said to her if you have excess blood in your system, it is permitted to flow but for the pregnancy, the baby is preserved.

Following day, I didn’t ask. Same on the third day until she called and said, you have not asked anything. I said, I don’t have to ask, it is settled. Today the product of that pregnancy today is in excess three.

In his light, we see light. Thank you for showing us the part of life. We came for Pastor’s Meeting and while sharing with us, he said, “To walk in the miraculous, if you should lay hands on the sick and God healed the sick, who will take the glory?” We said, “God”. He said, okay. If you won’t share in the glory, then why will you be afraid of the shame? I said wow! That injected faith into my system.

One of the locations I pastored, when it was time to send out maturity students on practical to the hospital, they were afraid. I remember what he told us and I call them, “if God should heal the sick, will you share in the glory? They said no. If you won’t share in the glory, then don’t be afraid. The stepped out and the first hospital they entered, the first ward, a woman was crying. What happened? The baby just died. What? Where is the baby? They went straight in the strength of that revelation, laid hands on the baby and the baby jerked back to life.

In another location, as a matter of fact, when I got there, it was as if I was on a punishment because everything was like null and void. But when I met him, he prayed for me. I went back because at that point, we needed to pay for a particular plot of land and mysteriously, God provided.

We dug the foundation: he came for the ground breaking and declared that project season is prosperity season of the Church. He prayed and left. After the prayer, people began to give in millions. Why? Because somebody stepped in with a higher mantle.

In Liberia, we saw God in another dimension. We were given a property but the moment we began to fix the place to our taste and standard, the same person walked, saw the ceiling and the next thing she said, “My property”. We tried to negotiate with her, all to no avail. At the end, she called that we should give her so and so amount of money, $22,000. We said no problem but that will be for long? Is it for one month, one year? She said no date.

There, someone said, Pastor if you don’t have the money here, you can call Headquarters, your father can pay for it. I said, “I know he can pay for it but, the right thing should be done. How much is it going for?” I said I will not be a party to such and the pastor said to me in front of the woman, if you lock these people out, the money will come”. I said in Dunamis, we don’t behave like that.

The next day, we were in for Healing and Deliverance Service, she arrived with her people, called on my wife and ready to lock up the place. I said, no problem. I announced the next meeting on the altar, not knowing where it will take place. Before then, we had gone everywhere but to no avail.

One of the days while looking for a venue, our father in the faith called and prayed for me. After the meeting, I stepped out to meet with her. All of a sudden, a mad woman crossed the road from the other side declaring, “God cannot be put to shame. Who can fight God and succeed? He did it before, He will do it again. He parted the Red sea for the children of Israel, He will do it again.” I said, what is this? I told her, people, this is God. I don’t know how but He will make a way.

We began to arrange things to move them from the place. Before I could say praise the Lord, under one hour, a call came in; Pastor, do you still need the place? If you are interested, you can meet me right now”. We drove to the place, arrived there and bill settled. The next meeting took place there to the glory of God the father. While we were trying to settle down, all of a sudden, Ebola arose: people dying left, right and centre. Our landlady, the son died.

Opposite our house, a young lady died. The following week, her boyfriend died.

The next week, the mother died. One day I was on my way to the office and I saw died bodies and all of a sudden, fear began to set in. At that point, my father put a call across and said, “Paul, hear this, not one hair shall be lost”. Immediately he made that declaration, fear died. I told my wife, we are preserved. I went to church the following day and I announced to the Church, this is the prophetic word from our father: “Not one hair shall be lost”.

I know of a particular church that the pastors were wiped off. But to the glory of God the father, not one hair was lost. Like the property I mentioned, we went on our knees and said, “Father, thank You. For we know the glory ahead has departed from here.”

We left for over five years, not one person offered a cent. She went back to the person that encouraged her to lock us out. She said, “these people have cursed me”.

So, beloveth, it pays to be connected and to be planted. Your father is your ladder. Your father is your feather. Your connection determines your future and your outcome. Sir, your impact on our lives is undeniable, it cannot be denied. Thank you answering the call. Thank you for stepping out 25 years ago in faith. Thank you for your visionary leadership. Thank you for your consistency.


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