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The Patriarch – Rev. David Paul Yonggi Cho; Pastor of the World’s Largest Pentecostal Church; Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC) in Seoul, South Korea, we would greatly miss you !

You’ve impacted and even imparted Generations by the 53 years of your Explosive Ministry before your Departure to the Eternal Home this morning by 7:13 am (Seoul – South Koreal Local Time) at the Seoul Hospital on this Day Tuesday 14th September, 2021.

To us, you have fought the good fight as a General in the Kingdom, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith.

We therefore salute your Courage, Tenacity, Input and Immense Contributions to the Faith.

As a Father and Mentor to many of us in the Faith including spiritually parenting our Fathers in the Faith; on Righteousness, Hope, Faith-based lives and Church Growth; you have successfully bare that Message of Hope that God gave you for more than 5 Decades (50 years plus) and with undeniable Testimonies. Your Teachings and Materials on these areas and the mystery you brought into light on Successful Home Cell Groups are forever inspiring.

We love you sir; but Christ loves more.

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