Natural Herbs for Rabbits

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Rabbits are pseudo- ruminant animals ( false ruminant), meaning they have a single stomach yet eat grass.

not like goat, sheep and cattle that are ruminant with four stomach.. meaning your rabbits needs grass, leaves to balance nutrition.

Do you know all this grass, leaves, has its own specific health benefits?

For example

(1). Combination of Garlic, Ginger and Tumeric: Antibiotics .

(2). Ginger: To boost fertility in Buck and Doe, and to make doe receptive.

(3). Bitter leaf and scent leat :anti coccidiosis.

(4). Ewedu leaf(Jute Mallow or Jew’s Mallow): To induce an over due pregnant doe(after 31days)

(5). Moringa leaf: to induce an over due pregnant Doe(after 31days), to boost milk secretion in nursing doe.

(6). Curry leaf: anti diarrhea

(7). Mango leaf: anti snuffles

(8). Paw paw leaf and seed : dewormer

(9). Garlic: warmer(anti cold)

(10). Plantain leaf: anti diarrhea

(11) Sandpaper leaf: anti inflammation..

We see almost all these remedies on a daily basis.

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