Bunion Pictures: Causes & treatments


Bunion is a bump or bulge on the first joint of the big toe caused by the swelling of sac of fluid under the skin. This condition is brought about when the body weight falls evenly on the tendons and joint in the feet. This condition applies to both men and woman, but women tend to experience this more because they are used to what usually caused this particular condition. According to experts tight, too narrow or high heeled shoes can lead to the development these bunions, factors that can also contribute to the cause of bunions are foot deformities, foot injuries and inherited foot type.  Also some types of arthritis can bring about the cause of bunions.

Bunions causes reduce the flexibility of the big toe and causes painful walking. Also causes joint pain and redness, irritated skin around the bunions, blisters, calluses and corn. This condition would have been easily avoided, if getting the comfortable size for footwear is an easy thing, but I tell you to get comfortable footwear size are one of the challenges many face, and many find it proper buying the one that is a bit tight rather than getting oversize, which also add up to the cause of this condition.

Alas! It is so unfortunate that bunions get worse over time. Although there are some natural remedies that address the deformity, which we will be talking about on this article. They can’t correct the actual deformity but tends to reduce the pain of this condition, because in some severe cases, surgery will be needed to correct the actual deformity.

Bunion Pictures: Causes & treatments

Here are remedies that ease the symptoms of bunion

  1. MASSAGE. Massaging, the affected part on regular basis will help prevent the onset of this deformity. It will also allow free flow of blood and gives you relief from the discomfort, by regular massage you will reduce the size of the deformity and prevent the formation of calluses and corn.
  • Rub some olive oil, castor or coconut oil on the bunions
    • With your finger or if anyone can help you, do some deep friction massage for about 10 minutes. And make sure you practice this massage 2-3 times a day.
  1. ICE. Using ice is another remedy you can use, especially when exposed to long time standing bunions become inflamed and sore. Ice is a very good method that will ease the pain and inflammation since cold numbs the nerves and provide relief.
  • Wrap some crushed ice in a small towel.
  • Put the towel on the bunions and let it stays for few minutes.
  • After a 10 minutes break reply the same process for like 2-3 times
  • Only do this when necessary
  1. FOOD EXERCISE. You can also improve the flexibility of your toes and reduce the pain with some regular exercise, in this way you will reduce the progression of the bunions and avoid the risk of having to do any surgery. This exercise will not only work for your bunions it will even help your legs and muscles.
  • Exercise1. Start in a sitting position and place a golf or tennis ball beneath the painful foot. Roll the ball until you feel tightness. Do it for like 5-10 minutes every day.
  • Exercise2. Again, start in a sitting position but cup the sole of your foot in your palm. Interface the fingers of your free hand with the toes of your foot. Then bend your toes up and down, back and forth for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Stand up and keep your toes straight ahead for 10 seconds then curl them for another 10 seconds. Do the exercise regularly.
  1. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FOOD. When it comes to bunions the food you consume plays an important role, there are some set of food that will contribute to inflammation and there are some that will fight and prevent inflammation.
  • Pro-inflammatory foods include processed meat, red meat, whey protein, refined sugar, coin oil, eggs, refined grains, and refined salt.
  • Anti-inflammatory foods include salmon, olive, ginger, garlic, strawberry, blues berries, walnuts, and sweet potatoes.

In addition to anti-inflammatory foods, also enrich your food with more protein, as well as food rich in vitamin A, C, E and B complex.

  1. PROPER FOOT WEAR. This is one major causes of this particular condition, so it will be very important that when choosing your foot wear you pay a lot more attention to choose that which proper fits you.
  • Always choose the footwear with brand toes, wide front, and soft soles.
    • Use some padded shoe inserts to distribute pressure evenly.
    • When having a bunions, sandals are always best choices.
    • Avoid very high heeled shoes.
    • Do not force shoes that don’t fit you properly.
    • Remove your shoes sometimes during the day.
    • Avoid tight stocking and socks.
    • Opt for foot wear that suit the shape of your foot and toes.

Having talked about some exercise you can do to avoid and reduce the risk of having this condition, there are also some other things such as drugs, herbal drinks and other things you can use, to also prevent it. Such as Turmeric, Calendula, Epsom Salt, Aspirin Foot Soak, Chamomile Etc. using them properly according to the prescription on their labels. Note proper according to prescription don’t prescribe for yourself.


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