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-Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo at COZA 12 Days of Glory 2022, Day 7 Evening Session

Jesus, we give You all the glory, all the honour, all the adoration. We make great Your name in this place, for from the rising of the sun to the going down of it, Your name shall always be great. None like You. We bless Your name today; You are the King of all kings. You are the Ubagaji, Alagbada ina, Alawo te oorun. We give You all the praise tonight. You are worthy to be lifted, to be exalted, to be magnified and as we make great Your name in this place, let people be healed in the name of Jesus. Let challenges leave our lives. Let Your name be glorified in Jesus’ name.

You already know the purpose of clapping, so put your hands together and give the Lord a mighty big clap. Give Him the praise.

It’s such a great honour and such a great privilege to be here to be asked to come and minister the Word of God. I want to celebrate Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele and I thank God for the grace of God upon their life, for the gift of God on their life. I want to bless the Lord for the call of God. I want to bless the Lord for the path of a just man will shine unto a bright day.

Common celebrate them and thank God for them. Give God the praise. I want you to know, no weapon formed against them will prosper. Every mouth that rises against them in judgement shall be condemned!
– I declare and decree that everything thrown at them will become a stepping stone to greater things, greater favour and I want you to know, COZA, you haven’t seen anything yet.

The nations will open for you. The doors will open in places you never imagine. Yes, kings are coming in procession to come and see the glory of the Lord in this place!

Sometimes the reaction you get is not always because you did anything but just shared jealously. Some people will celebrate you but some will want to denigrate but one thing is; your eyes must be on the Lord. Every of my friend whom I have had to facilitate their coming here to minister, they go back to charge their congregation and say; “You need to go to COZA” and I’m not talking of small friends. I’m talking of people who have empires in their hearts and they go back to make boast of what God is doing in this place. So you are in a great house and you should be proud of it.

This evening, I just want to teach and I’ll just try to be Uncle Matthew, not Pastor. Just teach, like talking like an uncle who want to see you achieve and give you twenty secrets of Solomon’s achievement. That’s all I want to do tonight. I will be talking like an uncle, although I cannot guarantee a preacher’s anointing might not come at some point.

Before I share with you those twenty principles or secrets of Solomon’s achievement, I want to first lay a foundation by letting you know that sometimes, the biggest challenge of Christianity is the level of mediocrity we allow in this day. The level of levity we see in places like Africa, Nigeria, countries that have unbelievable deposit wealth and yet things lie latent instead of them becoming potent. We have not converted the opportunities God have given to us. In fact, even preachers are looking for ways to just check out and move to another country.

I don’t look like the person who should talk about it because I live in England myself and I’ve lived there, next month will be 38 years but you see, it is great if you want to go live in Canada, USA but I want you to know, take it from me as a man who is going to celebrate his 70th in March.

In the few years that I have lived on earth, I’ve written a book that you could buy it online, I don’t tend to want to reprint. It was a book that took me 7-8 years to write, titled; “What’s wrong with being black?” It was my most difficult book to write because I had to make seven thousand references.

The day I called a professor to review it, he said; “why didn’t you prepare it for a PhD?” I wasn’t interested. I’m not a great title person. I’m sure you know by now. I have three dashed doctorates but I don’t even know where I put the papers because I am not a great title person. I love pastor Matthew. It just sounds cool.

So, if you want to travel abroad, it is great but I want you to know that the next happening place is going to be here. Africa is a sleeping giant. As of today, just Apple is 3 trillion dollars and Africa’s GDP from South Africa to Morocco is 2.5 trillion. The whole of the GDP of the continent is 2.5 trillion but just Apple is 3 trillion. Meanwhile they cannot exist without us. All the phones in your pocket work because of a sound in Congo and yet Congo pays policeman 10 dollars. So, we live a life of mediocrity.

In John 5:1-6, we see the story of a man there. This man was in a place where people had all kinds of challenges in their lives. Many of them are living below their potentials, selling themselves short and holding themselves down by the handicaps in their life. Some of us also have handicaps, some of us grew without money, some of us grew without education. Some of us have lived life of empty glasses because of the environment in which we were born. So, you find many people in our country; all they are doing is waiting for the Government. They lack a vision for themselves to realize that what the Bible says will speak is your vision, “For the vision is for an appointed time, it shall speak. It shall not stay silent.”

John 5:3
The lame there stands for people who have immobility. Immobility in dreams, vision, life and they are waiting for somebody to move them and do you know, you have cousins, once you have some money, they think they should hang on to you. They’ll say, “You know you don make it. God bless you so you can bless us.” Hehe, really? And they end up draining you.

John 5:3
The paralyzed – this means people who are stock as if not going anywhere. The Bible also says they were wither. Wither means no movement; no movement to their dream, life, some of them are 30, 40, many Africans, Nigerians. I remember going to preach in Zaria and I was just worried seeing these young men by 10:00am running after birds. So I said to them in hausa, “what are you doing?”

Response: we are looking for birds to kill.
I felt like taking some canes and flogging them. But you know, they represent the typical Nigerian. Abuja is not a true representation of Nigeria. You want to see Nigeria, you need to get out. Tuesday, I flew to Asaba, drove to Nnewi for a burial and sometimes you see the poverty, the lack, the challenge, the pain in people’s face and many of them is because they don’t know the secret for breaking through in life.

You are in a good house. Don’t let the information you receive here work against you.
– I pray for you today that every insight God has given you in this house, the Holy Spirit will provoke it to your greatness and provoke it to your lifting. God will use it to lift you up!
– You will not remain in the ground. You will not remain poor!

Look at what that statement says, the last statement in verse 3, “…they are waiting for the moving of the water.” Too many Nigerians are waiting for the Government, for the election. Many are waiting for 2023. They are waiting for the moving of the water, uncle, the President, help, handouts. They are waiting, lying on the street, everywhere you go in Nigeria, when they greet you two times, they are not greeting you. They are saying, “Your boys are here.” You want to enter a place, “Welcome Sir.” The first welcome was the original one. The second one is, “We said welcome Sir. If you acted like you didn’t hear, welcome ooh.”

I was coming here yesterday, I got to the airport, I got a call and this woman was carrying a box, she is a soldier and she said, “Remembrance Day Sir.” Remembrance Day is November 11. This is January. Which Remembrance Day money are you still collecting? – Waiting for the moving of the water. And the woman kept following. “Your soldiers are here.” I no send.

Naturally, I usually just give, I just love to give if I go to anywhere or a place to preach and they put policemen around me, even though they may have taken care of them, I love to bless them because you never know who you will meet one day. You just want to bless but some of them, you also know that this one is gone too far – they are waiting for the moving of the water. They are limited on their dreams and many also are very religious.

Nigeria is full of religion. Almajiri in Nigeria is 17 million. That is a serious problem, 17 million unemployed able body young men begging. So, Christianity is not a religion in case you don’t know. In religion, man is trying to reach God. In the words of Karl Marx, religion is the opium of the people, to handle their pain, to suspend their future. So, you have many people in our nation, in fact you have people in our nation who have no business opening a church but because they have no option, they opened one. Religion has become an opium so everyone says what they like until one say you have an Apple phone, you an agent of satan.

Too many people in Nigeria are waiting for miracles, they don’t want the principles that lead to wealth creation. You think a church like this happen by accident because the man of God just kept praying for a miracle? He knew the principles that lead step by step, precept by precept, line for line, action for action that leads to growth and increase.

It takes a certain skill to keep thousands of people together. Not every body have the anointing for gathering. Some people have the anointing for scattering. Let’s celebrate Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele again.

Religious, waiting for angels, waiting for miracles and the place also was limited. How many people made it when the angel came? – one. That’s why in Africa, that how it is. We create systems that block everyone from prospering. Only a handful. Limited; limited dream, space, system, laws that don’t make sense. Nigeria’s tenancy law; any landlord wey do this and that, we go do this and this.

Which house government build? You went, you borrowed money at 25 per cent to build the house. Won’t you pay the bank from whom you borrowed? So, I live in a country where the government will build houses, poor man get where he go rent, rich man get where he go buy. Everyone feels okay. In fact, they create parliament for poor man. They called it house of commons, for commoners. So that the poor man can be happy and the rich man, happy. That’s why Britain has not had a civil war in a thousand years. Last time there was war in United Kingdom was 1066. But when you create systems and when you also absorb that system, you justify where you are.

So, when Jesus came to the man, the Bible says a certain man. He has even lost his identity.
– You will not lose your identity in problems, challenges, troubles. The issues of your family will not kill your identity. Your dignity will rise. Your testimony will rise. Your glory will rise in the name of Jesus!

The man lost his identity. He was identified by issue. We have many like them in the Bible; the man who was born blind, the woman with the issue of blood. Doesn’t she have a name? That’s one of the things the world wants to do; it wants to use issue to describe you.
– I cancel it by the blood of Jesus!
– Issues will not refer to you. Your achievements will be the signal of who you are. Those who want to put you down, they will have no choice but to celebrate your God!
– When your enemies begin to carry your testimony, that’s another level and you will reach there!

Then, the man was always changing his mind. He didn’t know what he wanted. He didn’t have a direction, clarity of vision and dreams. So, tonight as I teach, my aim is to challenge you for you to see another man, a man called Solomon. Born out of due season and challenges. His mother was a black woman in case you didn’t know. In fact, the Song of Solomon was written in honour of Solomon’s mother. He also fell in love with a black woman, the Shunammite woman.

So, Solomon became an achiever and tonight, I want to challenge you; it’s going to be very simple truth but they are going to be like the lines that take you to the place of success because when the excitement of 12DG is gone and you are alone in your house and you are walking the walk, you need to be able to take everything Pastor Modele taught and all the other speakers and then begin to apply them as light on your way to succeeding.
– You will succeed. You will achieve. You will make impact!

Please from the story I just told you and now going to Solomon, I want you to know that it is not where you started, it is where you end in life. So listen, you’ve got to understand, you may have started bad, it doesn’t mean that’s how your life will end.
– Somebody at this point, there’s going to be such testimony in your life that you will be the reference point in your family!

Solomon (the son of peace) shows us how to succeed. David was about to die, Adonijah announces himself as king and then, mummy Bathsheba just took the vow that David gave her and sent to him. When David saw it, he remembered that he made a vow that it is Solomon that will be king. David who wanted to die before woke up and went and put the house in order.
– Someone is trying to steal what belongs to you, announcing themselves when God did not. God will fight for you!
– The covenant between you and your destiny shall manifest!

Bathsheba the mother of Solomon had to stand for him. There are times you walk through valleys; you need people to walk with you.
– May God give you helpers. May he give you value workers, people who will stand by you in the name of Jesus!

Solomon became the king and we see the step he took that made him such a success that a woman, the queen of Sheba travelled 3,000 miles just to see this man of whom she heard his fame.

2 Chronicles 2.

1). He established a clear-cut goal. You need to establish a clear-cut goal with your life, future and what you want to achieve. You need to be able to put it in a few statements; “I Matthew Ashimolowo, want to win a million souls before I see Jesus. Leave a legacy of wealth for my children, grandchildren and everyone that bears my name.” That’s my goal right now. I want to win a million souls and so, I’m changing my Ministry this year, I want to begin to hold outreaches.

I’m glad for KICC but I want to now begin massive crusades and then I want to leave a legacy because the Bible says (Proverbs 13:22), a righteous man leaves an inheritance, not for his children but for his children’s children. That’s what I’m doing now. I pay my grandchildren school fees from when they were a year old, the oldest is now six and half. I’ve been paying 1,600 pounds a month for each year old. Wetin they dey learn? And I’m paying for all four until they finish their masters.

That’s the way of education. Then I’m creating a company and buying properties and dropping them in the company so that from when they were kindergartens, they own houses they did not know. But it will not be in their names, it will will be in the name of a trust so they don’t sell it when they grow. They will enjoy the benefits and leave it for their own children. Their children will enjoy the benefits and leave it for their own children…

That’s my goal. What’s your goal? Did you see that my goal is not small? You need to dream big dreams which when your enemies hear, they will get headache. Some of them go get diarrhea, they go go toilet. They say wetin they worry you? Na you dey worry them.

2). He received God’s stamp of approval for his project (2 Chronicles 2:4). Your vision gets approval from God when you require God to make it happen. God needs you to dream dreams which only Him can make happen.
– I pray for you today, you are coming out of the circle of smallness, tiny thinking, stinking thinking!
You need to come out of stinking thinking because stinking thinking stinks.

3. He announced his goal and explained its value and purpose (2 Chronicles 2:3-4).

You need to know your goal, vision and dream so that everyone around you knows where you are going and look at me, there will be people who are not going where you are going, they will try to talk you down; “You are dreaming too much. What do you think you are? Your dream is too big. Because every dream, you will meet some restrictions and some people will say, why don’t you just slow down? You don’t listen because your dream is bigger than those voices.

You need to select the 5 people whom you hear and the 5 people who hear you because the 5-closet people to you are shaping your life and dreams. Of what value is it to me that my children, my grandchildren and everyone who bears my name knows the blessings of the Lord because I come from a family of intense poverty and lack and the poverty limited us. I was the most gifted in the school I went to but the lack of money stopped my education. I had to do self-study to be able to get to where I reached in life.

So, you need to remove the hurdles from the front of those who are going to follow you so that in the future, there is a testimony. There is a destiny and there is a glory. It interesting, you’ll find people, they will be telling you; “I’m a raw scholar that went to Oxford University.” Many of our people, they have no dream. Let your dream be bigger than the house you are living in now and the car you are driving. Those things are limited in their time. Make such impact that cannot be denied.

4). He valued the greatness of his goal and he was proud of it (2 Chronicles 2:5). I value my grandchildren, my children, family, what God has given me. He brought me out of nothing and gave me beautiful children and awesome grandchildren, awesome daughter in-law; I value my wife. I value what God has given me. I wouldn’t know that the boy who grew in Angwa Fulani, Zaria will become whom I have become.

You must put value to your dream. Celebrate your dream, rejoice with your dream. Let it be so big in your mind (Nehemiah 6:3). There are people who will invite you to things you have no time for, places you shouldn’t go. One time they invited Nehemiah to the valley of Ono and he said, oh No. There are people you should say “Oh no” to. There are part and seasons in your life when it comes to your dream that you should say no to some people and when they persist, you ask them what part of no don’t you understand, the N or the O?

Know where you are going with your life. Be an achiever. Don’t wait on the Government like that man was waiting for angels and waiting for someone to stir the waters. Change your own life. Rejuvenate, re-educate and re-new your mind. Stop asking what the government is doing for us. John Kennedy, President of USA before he was assassinated 1968, said, “Ask not what your nation can do for you. Ask what you can do for your nation.” Be committed to your dreams and goals. Let goals be such that you love what you want to achieve.
– God will help you. You will succeed!
– God will assist you. He will make your vision a reality. God will give uncommon testimony!

After your breakthroughs, you need to dream another dream. Listen, COZA Guzape, this place is good but this is not the only place. This is not the final! This is the launch part. What I see is much more bigger
– You will laugh last; you will laugh with celebration!

5). He developed a detailed plan. A dream without a detailed plan is a nightmare. Don’t just dream, have a goal. Turn your dreams into goals, turn it into a vision, (2 Chronicles 3:3-5). Take your life and look at this year 2022, what do I want to achieve?

Have goals in different areas; mental, financial, spiritual, emotional, relational and every area. Don’t let people hang around you, every time they come, you are sad. If it is your own mother, schedule when she comes. It is not a dishonour. Some parents don’t know limit.

I was a young man living in Nigeria, even before I got married, I made my siblings to know that before you can show up in my house, you have to give me notice and in those days, there was no cell phone. So, you have to find somebody coming to Lagos and I must send message back saying you should come.

Some people come to your life, eat your food, belch in your face and then go and spread lies about your children, wife, sons; they want to use you to where they are going. They will be pretending that they are dying, they have no money and they are saving.
– From today, your story is changing!
– Every vision and dream God gave you will become reality!
– Your spiritual vision, emotional vision, mental vision, financial vision will become reality!

You need to have financial vision and clearly detailed; I want a million dollars by the end of 2022. Write it down and this is the amount I want. Not just be singing; “I want to be a billionaire; Dangote did not have two heads.” You can sing what you like. Nigeria rappers are very interesting. The only thing they do is Dangote, Otedola, Adeleke. The only thing you hear on our radio is Dangote, Otedola… Go and work like they did. I’ve never seen anyone who works like Aliko Dangote, I flew with him in a first-class in one time, from Lagos to London. The flight took off 11:00pm.

Before then all the guys in the first class cabin slept off, ladies and gentlemen, Dangote was the last to sleep. I have to preach by 8:00am, so I have to sleep ooo but when I woke by 1:00 am to go to the bathroom, he was still going through the note he will use for the meeting he was going to in London. I was thinking to myself, what is he even doing in a commercial flight? At that time, he was worth 3-4 million dollars, not now that he’s worth over 15 million dollars and then they will be singing Dangote does not have two heads.

Many believers, they don’t copy what the man did and it is in the scripture; the Bible says four rivers go out of the garden of Eden. Four rivers stand for wealth. Dangote has 53 rivers, you have one – Salary.
– I see a generation rising in this house. They will change the narrative. They will tear the clothes of poverty. They will be achievers. Their testimony will manifest!
– God will connect you with men and women who will make your dream happen!

6). He acknowledged his limitations (2 Chronicles 2:6). You must admit your limitations, you don’t know everything. That’s the challenge with many of us, we want to run everything instead of looking for experts who can help to do the things.

You stand on other people’s shoulders to see farther. You dream but you let others help you.

When people don’t know their limitations, they dabble into an area they don’t understand. Even in ministry, you can begin to speak as if you are the only who sees God. You can receive a revelation that is personal to you, not to everyone. Kenneth Hagin went to hell, me I have no plan to go there.

He said he went to hell and saw how hell was. You see, in Christianity there are three circles; absolute (which all of us must believe), interpretation and then personal experience.

Oral Roberts saw a ninety-foot Jesus, I’ve never seen a ninety-foot Jesus before.

A pastor in CAC, the old man is gone now. He said God spoke to him not to be wearing caps. That’s personal experience.

Some people don’t speak in tongues, it’s like a man who owes an orchard.

His children chose not to eat the fruit, they are buying fruits. It is their problem and then there are matters of personal experience and so many people don’t understand.

7). He established a reputation of integrity (2 Chronicles 2:10). Be a man of integrity. Keep your word. You brought things from people, pay them. You want to succeed, don’t succeed by cheating people. Succeed in such a way that they don’t look back to come and catch you. Do your work with excellence.

When I built one house in Lagos for us to be able to stay, they told me “this guy is a Christian. He is very deep.” So he was the plumber to come and work in my house. He did the work but where the problem was; if you flush in this room and then go to another room, you’ll see what you just flushed and you are wondering, I’m the only in the house. Do angels go to bathroom? He never look back to correct it and I never look back to call him again and very soon, we’ll be building a whole estate.

He will not be on the list.
– You will prosper!
– Heaven will lift you!
– May your integrity open doors for you!
– May your faithfulness take you places beyond your imagination in Jesus’ name!

😎. He consulted other achievers related to his projects (2 Chronicles 2:3). You need to talk to other achievers because likes talk to like, dreams talk to dream. Let others provoke your dream and vision even if it’s something no one had ever built. At least see what some people are doing, let it excite you.

9). He acknowledged past favours and asked for assistance. Some people you bless them, it’s like what have you done that no one has ever done before? And they don’t know the pain, the extra mile you went, the sacrifice before you made it happen for them. I once read the story of a woman, that a man who one day became very prosperous and decided he wants to bless those who made his life to change for good then he remembered his teacher in Primary Two and he sent a message to her and said in all of my success, I remember that you are the one who was pivotal to my turnaround when I was going wrong and of course she wrote him back like he was still in Primary Two; dear Charlie, of all the kids I’ve ever taught, you are the only one who said “thank you.”

That was what led me to the woman who taught me in Primary Five, she put me on TV and radio as if she knew I will have an anointing for media. So I look for her and when she was 70, I bought her a car. Can you believe she is still alive, I still send her money on a regular basis. Her children are always grateful that no one ever acknowledge their mother like I do. She was the person who saw what no one saw. She saw what I didn’t even see.

Somebody is in your journey. Some of them may have been there 20 years ago, go look for them. Bless them, you can’t believe some crazy things I’ve done. When I drove to Jos- Kaduna road. I went to look for the house where I grew to consciousness. It wasn’t a great house, in fact the roof collapsed on us when we were kids. When I went to look for the house and I saw the house, the owner had died and his son who was my brother’s age had died but I met his wife and since then I adopted her.

Since 2003, I send her nothing less than N500, 000 a year, just for the privilege of living in their house. She called me on Christmas Day, she calls me on Christian festivities even though she’s an Alhaja; “How are you doing and the kids?” She blesses me.

Some of you came to Abuja with your load inside nylon bag, the person who accommodated you, you fought them and walked out. You’ve not gone to say thank You. You’ve not shown gratitude or you came to a church like this one, one day they Blessed you and some belch in the face of the pastor and moved on. I remember an occasion when this family couldn’t eat and the husband is a professor, still in Nigeria, the wife is there with her kids and I said, “follow me.” Took the son to the ATM and drew money and then I stepped out of my denomination to start KICC, she was the chief antagonist to be spreading all manner of things about my family.
– They are waiting to hear bad News about you, next time the news they will hear is that you are going for glory to glory, favour to favour

10). He set a first-class level of quality (2 Chronicles 3:7). That’s all I’ve done in the United Kingdom and because the first building God gave us, we approved our ministry first class level of quality – Everything we did, within a year, we went into four services.

We had to leave our building to rent and put children in our own building. Everywhere God gave us, we took it to another level. Whenever you run anything of quality, people can’t handle your success. They get headache but you will never go down!
– You will increase on every side!
-There are people in this house, as the Lord lives before the end of five years, they will be hearing of Mega billionaire from this house in the name of Jesus!

You know, they don’t know why COZA grows. They think it is compromise, they don’t know it’s quality. Quality brings quantity. The crowd showed up in KICC. We bought the nine acres in our fifth year, for four million pounds cash. Fifth year old church, started in 1992, bought the place in 1977. I went to preach in Scotland, a pastor saw me and said; “Pastor Matthew, I heard a rumour that you bought your church cash”. He was speaking Scottish English. So, I answered him in Scottish, it’s not a rumour. It’s true
– You will excel!

Most of the attacks you will experience are just jealously but you see the path of the just man will continue to shine, they can’t stop you! My mother used to say, anger does not make a river stop. You go carry cutlass you dey cut the water of the river. The river will still be flowing, na you dey waste your time.
– There are young men and women in this house. In the world of fashion, they will hear of you!
– In status, they will hear of you. In the World of Gospel music, men and women will rise from this house!
– People who will tap into mineral resources, you will rise from this house and there are some businesses that will rise from this house, they will traverse Africa, they will bless Europe. They will enter various nations!

11). He involved as many people as possible in his project (2 Chronicles 2:17). Involve other people in your dream, vision. Make them part of where you are going and God will help you!
– I pray for you that the right men and women will connect with your vision and dream!

If you are one of those people, you come to church, you disappear after service every time, stop it. Connect with the brethren. This is your house. Be part of the fellowship. You never know maybe there will be somebody there who will believe in your dream. Somebody was sitting beside me in the plane, he introduced himself. As we were talking, he told me his business and he said, a man had blessed me so much, oh your need to meet him.

He gave me his number. I came to Abuja to preach, we became friends. He sees me as his mentor. It was through him that I found the land where I now built my house in Lekki. It’s been a great blessing. He’s the one who gave me the contact of the SAN who fought my case in court.

12). He organized and delegated responsibilities. Organize your ministry, life and vision. Don’t do things that are scattered. Have goals, vision, dreams, look for men and women; pastors who are here during this conference, pour yourself more in building your members as a leader, raise a people not a church and they will build the church. Pour yourself into them and train them.

Some people just think ministry is about shaking your hand on people’s head or receiving word of knowledge alone. Word of knowledge flows anytime you just ask the Lord to speak through you but that is not how to build. Ministry is building people. When you build people, they’ll stay with you for long.

They carry the weight; things don’t shake them. There are people who have been with me for 36 years in ministry – a good number of my key leaders because one of my things is that, if you are around me, you must prosper or else I fight you. You must own property. I have 55 staff. I don’t know one staff who doesn’t not own his own house.
– I pray for you today that from this day, God will make you a champion who is raising champions who is developing people and who is making impact!

13). He used the expertise of specialists (2 Chronicles 2:14). Look for men, people who are specialists, who have the expertise, everything I’ve done in this life, I’ve tried to look for experts so that if anything went wrong, I know I tried my best. When I was going to have cassava farm in my land in Mowe, we had 500 acres of cassava, it was the largest in Nigeria. I brought a professor of cassava. When I planted my 130 acres of ofada rice, I brought a professor of ofada rice. He was a specialist in ofada rice, Professor Sowemimo, fantastic man, a pastor and very solid man.

Look for specialist, you will not fail. Go and train yourself, excel and be better than others. Sometimes it’s just about the right word spoken, the right presentation and you excel above others.
– There is a generation in this house, they world will hear from them and you are one of them!

14). He made the description and details of all contracts very clear. Never agree by mouth, even if you agree by mouth, send a text and say as per our discussion… Please respond to my text and this is exactly what we agreed.

15). He compensated and rewarded those who assisted him in achieving his goals. There are security guards who have guarded my lands in the village of Mowe for years, they are on salary but next week, we’ll be surprising them because we got somewhere and bought land and I’m giving them an acre each.

These boys stood against encroaches and people who threatened them with charms. Whatever salary we gave them was just sustaining them.

16). He kept alive the enthusiasm and the greatness of his project. As you are running great vision, you will meet ill wind, challenges; keep your vision alive, don’t let anything discourage you.

17). He established a projection schedule and began. Don’t say I’m gathering information. How long will you gather? Stop gathering, starting doing.

18). He established order and flow to everything he did (2 Chronicles 9:3-4). Bring order to your life. One of the greatest reasons nations like Nigeria struggle is that some people are benefiting from the disorder. They will not let computer work. So when you start your business, create order, create system and anyone who is helping your order work, reward them.

19). He made himself a life-time student and ended up becoming a life-time coach (1 King 4:29). Never stop reading, studying, eating the Word and growing. I tell you; Pastor Biodun is a Bible teacher, you are in a good house. When you come to this house, come with your notebook, every statement he makes, absorb it.

You can hear there is a person who has diligently searched, he looks for the meaning of things why it is this way? He connects them in a way that you can see the wisdom in it. Be a life-time students that’s what you see in your pastor. You be that way and your light will not go down.
– May Wisdom come into your life, may understanding come into you. May you grow in the Wisdom of God, in the grace of God, in the knowledge of God in Jesus’ name!

I love reading. One time my goal was one book a week, now is four. I’m on a system whereby I get notification of 10 books every day so I just inform my staff and they just pay and it appears on my iPad and at this speed reading, I spent 250 pounds or so to study how to do speed reading so I can read a book of 200 pages in one and a half hours and I remember 90 per cent of them.

1 Kings 4:29-31
His dad David was a warrior, he can fight, shoot arrow and can sing but Solomon excelled in about 8 things: He was ship builder, an agriculturist, a horticulturist, a drama artist, a musical art person, he wrote a thousand proverbs, he wrote 3,000 songs. Glory to God. Do you know you are so loaded? Don’t die with the gifts in you.
– I provoke your gifting and calling to manifest!
– Every gift, every idea inside you, you will give birth to them!

20). He was the richest man who ever lived. Solomon had an amazing wealth; the queen of Sheba saw the amount of gold. The one she brought to give him was lesser than what he gave her to take home. He had such wealth. Whenever I look at people in the scripture, I try to put them into compartments; is he a sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.

I put Solomon in a melancholic-Phlegmatic person. The two quiet ones because melancholic people are artistic. They are very particular. He is not a fighter and guess what, not one arrow was shot in the days of Solomon but his father, war everywhere.

Tonight, I want to pray for you but before I pray, I know that what I have done tonight, in my opinion is intended to set your heart on fire to become an achiever.

Do you know in spite of the challenges in Africa and Nigeria, this is one nation where if you get any business area right, you will excel and exceed the people in America, Canada and UK?

You buy property in the UK, I teach the Wealth Master Class, people pay 200 pounds to hear me every month. I have a good number of students every month and we’ve just set one called the President Class; they pay 7,500 pounds to join that one.

I teach them differently and push them but the opportunities in Africa are blinding. Nigeria is having 20 million housing shortage. The whole of the UK has less than a million-housing shortage. Nigeria has 20 million, even the 20 million they no count many people ooo.

The opportunities in Nigeria, you read mathematics, you are saying “I have no Job”. Instead of you to create an app and a teaching system whereby you record some minutes and tell people about it. You want to learn mathematics and pass this WAEC with A+, come to my system; N2,000 for 30 minutes.

Don’t look at it, it looks small but you have 10, 000 students multiply by N2,000 and once their N2,000 expires the thing shut down. You want to see the class again? You do it for physics, chemistry, all the courses young men are challenged with, because that’s the reason all our polytechnics and universities are full of people reading things they cannot use.

We need people to create robotic engineering, hovercrafts, we need people to get into metaverse because that’s the next dimension that’s going to bring trillions of dollars.

Me, I’m already buying shares in companies that have metaverse, if I can’t create it, at least I should get the money.
– A new season is coming!

– This house, in the next five years, some men in this church and women, every time pastor announces a vision, they’ll just say “here is the check for it.’
– God will make you such a man and woman
– Heaven will bless you!

I travel a lot. I’ve been to several Africa nations, all of south, east, central, west Africa; I’ve been there. They respect Nigerians, they are expecting you. You can build a big real estate company in Congo, there is so much wealth there. The Chinese are taking over.
– It is time for somebody to rise!


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