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This is something everybody should start learning to do, no matter how small what you are earning maybe, you need to save some amount and keep them aside, this way, you will save more money than you can imagine, this is the story of a Nigerian man, who saves money and he was surprised at how much the money accumulated to become.

In January I bought the kolo box , I was motivated by stories I had read online after opening to find some HUGE savings cheesy

So I followed suite, can’t remember but Im guessing I bought the box ₦15,000 and I started .

When I close I put all my 1k change into the box, these days every one run cashless transactions, so there were weeks I would literarily have nothing to put inside sha.

Dec is here , could not wait till 31st make i see how much i don cover.

To count curled up money no easy o! Took over 1hr but finally counting could begin

Final count ₦257,000 actually ₦258,000 my baby was helping to count and Japan with 1k grin

This is how I opened it.

Money is now with madam, will reseal box in the office and continue till 2022 Dec in Jesus name, insha Allah.

Thanks for reading.

With this amount of money, he can either buy land in some part of Nigeria or have a super christmas celebration, he can even start a Business with it, inshort, it is a wise step to save some amount of money aside.

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