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-Bishop David Oyedepo at Encounter Night, Faith Tabernacle
Day Four, Evening Session
Shiloh 2021: More Than A Conqueror
-In the name of Jesus, your fear is destroyed tonight.
-The last evil you saw in your life and in your family is the last you will know.
-We have entered the era where death shall continue to be openly humiliated in the Body of Christ.

Death will suffer the worst humiliation in this generation.
-Your case is different. What kills others can’t kill you.
-I decree release of new kidneys; release of new wombs; release of new fallopian tubes; release of new liver; release of new hearts in the name of Jesus.
-From tonight, God shall put a division between you and the people of the world. It may not look so now but that is it.
-Nothing decays in your hand. Your health shall not rot.
-Nothing rots around your life. Your children shall not rot. No seed of yours shall be mistaken for a vagabond.
-Your children will be more on fire for you.

You will be grateful to God that He sent those children through you. They will do you honour in the name of Jesus.
-Hear the good news, that career may seem to have lost a place in the economy, but because of you, a new place shall be created for it.
-From this mountain of Shiloh, you are leaving here as ‘More Than Conqueror’ in your endeavours.
-Your businesses, your vocations shall not just survive but triumph!
-You can’t stop the sun, you can’t stop the moon, you can’t stop me. From today, the fear of ‘nothing is working’, I cast it out of your life.
-God will make a difference with your business. You will never have to cry behind closed doors again.
-You shall not need to beg any devil to triumph at this time.

-No matter what the devil does, Nigeria will not go down. Why? Too many children of God. Light all over the places.

How can darkness prevail? If you know the army of the Lord, of the Redeemed in this country, even the devil is afraid. Ask him, in case you meet anywhere. Nothing threatens the devil like number, when Israel multiplied, he got angry – Exodus 1:7.

-satan shall not prevail in Nigeria. In any nation where they are going through stress or strain, the force behind it is satan. No people have authority over the devil but the Church.
-In the name of Jesus, I cast out the spirit of that tormentor from every nation.

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