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– Bishop David Oyedepo at Impartation Service, Faith Tabernacle

Day Five, Morning Session
Shiloh 2021: More Than A Conqueror.

To move to Canaanland from town, you must have that capacity given by the spirit of faith. Having the spirit of faith empowers men to believe all things. No pros and cons, believe all things. The just shall live by His faith. It opens destinies, believe all things. We can’t believe all things without that mystery at work in us. I don’t know the meaning of doubt. I may doubt you if your character is not straight but when it comes to God I am tired.

You know why some believers will never tithe? They don’t believe. The capacity to believe that when I remove one from this ten, it will now be more. No! In arithmetic if you remove one from ten it becomes nine. No, it’s of the old testament. I don’t believe it. Imagine if you believe all things you have ever heard, what an asset.

The spirit of faith speaks through the carrier. You don’t have to bother when you are confronted. It springs up like a fountain when challenged. Mathew 10:20. Faith is a speaking spirit. Those things Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego were speaking were not ordinary words. They were speaking by the spirit of faith. Whatever you believe when you are challenged, it jumps off.

The spirit of faith is a speaking spirit. Some fellows came to threaten us in our Church area in Kaduna those days, they said in ten days you must move from this place. I said send for the man to come. In ten days you are all dead men. He went small and came back and said “Excuse me, I was sent”.

I had a terrible fever many years ago, my very compassionate Uncle said since you have prayed and you are not well. Let’s go to the hospital. I pounced on him, “who told you I am sick, who told you I am not well”. As I was shouting that, I became well. The Spirit of faith is a fighting spirit, it fights anything unwanted. Faith is a speaking spirit that speaks the natural unspeakable. No mountain will move without you saying to it “move”.

Until you can declare to the mountain with your mouth, you are going no where. My wife said she had miscarriage, isn’t that something to be compassionate about. I said No! It can’t be, can I have my food please because of what I said miscarriage cancelled. Don’t just teach it, I was teaching prosperity before I found it oh. So one can be teaching what they don’t have and be doing as if they have it and when you are challenged it shows up. They called me one time that my wife was gasping and I said “she is healed in Jesus name” and I left.

Hebrews 11:33-35

You know what killed Goliath first? That a small boy was running towards him. The spirit of faith is a driving spirit. It doesn’t turn back from battle. It moves you to the point of conquest on any matter.

It speaks the unspeakable. It had never rained when God said to Noah go and build an Ark (Hebrews 11:7).
• It is ever at rest in the midst of a storm
• It dares the undareable.

How do I get it? God is the umpire, God is the One who determines who qualifies to get it. He didn’t give us riches to make us suffer, He gave us riches to enjoy but we must be mindful that we are to give, (1 Timothy 6:18-19).

Wealth can destroy one’s eternal life if he does not know what to do with it. He will just be worshiping it, he will bring out his bank account 🎶I worship you my bank account🎶.

Numbers 11:25
To access it, identify a carrier. Only those who have it can give it. (Matthew 25:9). Go to them that have it and tap from it. I saw Hagin carrying that heavy treasure, I went after him and God said to me my son David, the baton has been passed to you.

So God is the umpire. Proximity doesn’t connote connectivity. So watch out for your portion, it is coming down heavy on your life.

We were to minister to someone who ran mad and he said “I know who you are, you are David Oyedepo”. You have heard that before that one of my relations was struck with the spirit of insanity and as I entered I was the only one He knew, He didn’t know the father or the mother. This thing is real, don’t fake it, just connect with it. Identify a Carrier and plug into what He carries. Jesus will meet faith in us when He comes.


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  1. I like how Bishop didn’t give Esther Ajayi seat on his Altar as some would do.
    He’s avoiding Mixtures.
    Just that the woman played Bishop after the service by playing him to lay hands on him. Baba was reluctant in the video but he did it.
    I love Bishop and I pray God will give him strength to continue to avoid crazy Mixtures

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