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🔑📖“`KEY VERSE:“` _”But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in bondage?” (GALATIANS 4:9)._

Robert Robinson was a wild young man who came to repentance after listening to George Whitefield’s sermon. He later became a pastor and composed a couple of hymns, particularly the famous, _”Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”,_ which was written in 1757.

Later in life, Robinson wandered from the Lord and apparently felt he could not return; but years later, he was riding in a stage-couch with a young woman who did not know who he was but quoted the hymn _”Come Thou Fount”_ to him.

He replied, “Madam, I am the poor unhappy man who wrote that hymn many years ago and I would give a thousand worlds, if I had them, to enjoy the feelings I had then”. It is said that she responded by telling him “Sir, the streams of mercy are still flowing”.

From the text, Paul the apostle warned the Galatian believers of the folly of turning back to the superstitions and sinful traditions and beliefs of their society.

He reminded them of the benefits of the new birth and the privileges it confers.

They stood the danger of loosing everything should they wilfully return to the observance of days, months, times and years of the heathen life.

The devil uses the tools of persecution and persuasion to bring back the unsuspecting believer into his old life; especially those who just came into the faith.

The traditionalists and the nominal Christians are the preferred tools used by the devil to pull down true believers.

They tell them to relax their Christian convictions and add some unnecessary and unbiblical traditions and superstitions to their faith.

Sooner or later, believers who fall victim to their whims and caprices return to worldly and pagan ceremonies, lust of the flesh and worldliness.

✍🏽“`THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:“` _Don’t go back to your own vomit again._



Close up all the leakages to your faith

1. The beginning of faith

a. The Jewish and Gentile Christians agreed that salvation is by faith in Christ only without observing the rudiments of the law of Moses, Galatians 2:21

b. All of them who experienced salvation from sin received it through the hearing of faith and not the works of the law or good works, Galatians 3:2.

c. This faith in Christ brought the assurance of sonship to their hearts which made them to call God, their Father in truth, 4:6.

Do you have this assurance given by the Holy Spirit?

d. This faith in Christ also manifest in form of freedom from spiritual servitude and bondage to all sins, 4:7.

f. Another implication of their adoption as sons is that they are joint heirs with Jesus. They had claim to all that God has, including heaven, authority over the devils etc, like Jesus, 4:7. Do you undertand and belief this fact?

2. The backsliding from faith

a. Some Jews who also accepted that salvation is by faith started confusing the Gentile believers that faith is necessary for salvation but not sufficient.

They argued that they needed to complement it with strict observance of the law of Moses.

b. Unfortunately their faith began to leak and of course all the assurance of sonship with the attendant benefits begin to fade off, vv10,11.

This case confirms that it is possible for a believer to backslide from the truth they once received.

c. Backsliding starts from the mind before it manifests. You must always saturate your mind with the pure word of God and not the opinions of man. Your faith must stand firm on the word of God alone.

d. Avoid any environment of unbelief or influential relationships with unbelievers.
e. Mere allowing unbelief can lead to many eternal losses. So hold firm to the faith of Christ and never allow it to leak.


What are other things to do to make sure that your faith is increasing rather than leaking?

Prayer points
Praise God for the gift of faith in Christ He has given you🙏 Remember many don’t have it.
Ask God to teach you how to be enjoying an ever increasing faith🙏
Pray to God to give you discernment to see all faith leakages in your life and teach you to block it🙏
Pray God will use the crusade to restore faith to all who have lost their faith and their blessings of faith 🙏


My faith has found a resting place.

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