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The Igbo people are very special set of people. They occupy the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. This region is one of the most densely populated regions in Africa. They speak the igbo language and they also commonly speak the pidgin English.

Here are some facts and truth about the Igbo tribe.

  • Location
    The Igbo people live in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. The region they live is said to be one of the most densely populated region in Africa. Even though they occupy the south-eastern region, so many of them have relocated to other parts of the nation and even overseas.
  • Business
    The Igbo people are well known for their love business, in most of the popular cities in Nigeria places like Lagos, Abuja, etc, the Igbo people have taken over the business field.
    when you visit places like Abba, you will not only see Igbo people buying and selling, you will also see talented Igbo people making shoes that will take someone with an eagle eyes to know the difference between  the shoes made there and Italian shoes. They also make other things, just like the streets of china with so much technology; the Igbo people also make earpiece, phones and other things.
  • Population
    The Igbo people are the third largest ethnic group in Nigeria. It is said that their population is 18% of the total population of Nigeria that is approximately 30 million people of the over 160 million people in Nigeria. It has also been said that the ethnic group is so dispersed that the third place is been contested with the Ijaw people. 

  • Food
    The Igbo people among other things have different types of special delicacies like Apku, Afang, Edikaeko and even the ugu soup . They are also creative with food, they can mix so many eatable leaves to make a nice soup and they also put in different types of fish and bush meat and with all of that, just the aroma of the meal can make you ok but the best part is when you eat it. They also roast tuber crops to eat with palm oil.
  • Religion
    The main religion in the Igbo land is Christianity. It has been recorded that more than half of the Christians are Roman Catholic. There are little or no Muslims and then the traditional worshipers but basically the young generation are now putting away traditional things because most  of them really don’t like it and also the old ones that have held on to the traditions are no more so the younger ones are left with the no other choice than the western religion.
  • Economy
    There are several economic activities going on in the Igbo land, such as trading, crafts and agriculture. Agriculture is one of the most practices activities there. Some of the crops planted here include Yam Cassava, Taro, palm fruit, etc. They also celebrate festivals that marks the harvesting of yam and other crops. They plant the palm fruit mostly for palm oil, they plant the cassava for Garri and apku, etc.
  • Political system
    Though politics play an important role in the community,  political impact are not really felt in that region before but now the Igbo people have decided to take a new turn and we all can see in a little while where it has got them to; with the new international standard stadium in Akwa-ibom, the new airline of Imo state and it was also recorded that Imo state is the first state to own its own airline. I really salute the Igbo people.

You can see that the Igbo people are in their own way special.

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