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Interesting how in the last couple of days, no one has remembered that Nigeria is still the poverty capital of the universe with more than 100 million people living below one dollar a day, 10 million out of school children and one of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality in our galaxy.

But let a congregation raise an auditorium to accommodate their growing numbers tomorrow and see people graduate from University of Toronto with doctorates in statistics and data analysis.

Someone who has laboured over your life, spiritually, physically and many times, financially, for years; should be in the same class as your house girl according to the freezer man, but the man that sang banana fall on you deserves 100million naira in 24 hours.
Uju Okorie

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  1. One thing i’m so convinced about is this; The prosperity of the Church is God’s wisdom for the PROTECTION & DEFENCE of his people from intimidations, oppressions and killings….by her enemies!
    Just look at the rate at which the church is being harassed everywhere and threatened?
    If they are not aware of the wealth of the Church, even in Nigeria alone, Christianity would have gone into extinctions!
    We have Spiritual, Intellectual and Financial COMMAND at our on sphere…..thus keeping the enemies(the wicked ruling class) on check!
    Church as individuals and as a collective body “is” Super rich….because IT IS THE WISDOM OF GOD!
    There will always be poor. Even if you give some folks all the monies in a church, they won’t be able to turn it into personal wealth because of many serious factors.
    Ecclesiastes 7:12
    For wisdom is a defence, and MONEY IS A DEFENCE; but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that has it.

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