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All Npower batch c volunteers that have successfully completed their npower physical verification will be paid, payment will commence very soon latest before mid November worst scenario by November on the dot.

Npower really have a lot of issues on their table ranging from deployment issues, posting issues of npower batch c applicants, deployment letter uploading issues, BVN issues, names mismatch and account validation issues, ecsetera.

But despite all these not withstanding npower batch c volunteers that have commenced work will be paid, I am talking about the Npower graduate category, for the Npower non graduate category your training have commenced, all expenses will be catered for by Npower, and your monthly stipend starts as soon as training is being concluded, all Npower non graduate applicants are advised to adhere to camp instructions during training and every form of unruly attitude will not be tolerated by Npower training officers.

For the Npower graduate category the criteria for payment is to upload your endorsed Npower deployment letter to NASIMS and the Npower batch C volunteer must have begun work, please if you have not uploaded your signed deployment letter you will not be paid when payment commences.

In addition to the above, if an Npower batch c applicant have any form of issues with his or her NASIMS profile, you will not be paid, issues could be error in your names, invalid thumbprinting, pending issues on NASIMS profile ecsetera, so please if you have any issue try ironing them out as this is the basis for payment of your stipend.

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