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Bishop Oyedepo speaks on ‘FAINTING AND FIGHTING’ in furtherance of the gospel.

We came back from a mission trip one of those days and I felt pressed that it was a Saturday and that we still must go out that day.

So we ended up at Atan (Ota) area and I was dozing, tired. 7 hours flight and we worked till we entered the plane. We left the service, we entered the plane. So, I told my fellows in the Car that this is what we call fainting and fighting, we are going.

So, I met some little boys (young fellows) playing football on a field, so I knew it will be time for them to close, so we waited. They saw me and they closed.

They came near and I gave them the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Nine of them were in Church the following Sunday. Nine out of eleven.

Fainting and fighting by reason of inner strength.

Therefore, I curse the root of weakness in anyone’s life under the sound of my voice today.

Not that you are yawning and stretching at 9 o’ clock in the morning and you just arrived there at 8 o’ clock. And you left your house to go to work and now that you are there, you can’t work. The system is down.

Now, he is not sick oo but he is not strong.
There are many who go through the day, the whole day but can’t put their finger on what they did. And yet they own the whole business.
They are not working for any company but they can’t put their finger on what they did. No more!

I said no more, I said no more.
Every of your day will be full of strength.
It shall be the strength of the Lord working in you. If you believe that, let me hear your Amen.


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