Tragedy awaits any territory, family and people or group that ignores the ministry of prophetic intercession.

I tell you why darkness seems to prevail over territories unhindered; because there are Christians, prayer warriors but there are very few intercessors. The selfishness of believers that has come as a result of immaturity and lack of spiritual growth has also translated to their prayer lives. Just because you are praying does not mean you are walking in spiritual accuracy.

– Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on ‘COMMANDING SALVATION OVER TERRITORIES’ (PART 2A).

Let’s lift our hands to Heaven and bless the Lord from the depth of our hearts; give Him praise, give Him thanks. We bless You in the name of Jesus.

Prayer: Ask Him for a visitation tonight. Lord, give me an encounter by Your Spirit. Let me access superior wisdom; wisdom that comes from the Spirit, wisdom that translates to mighty works.


Daniel 2:44
We belong to a Kingdom in which the One who died for us is not only a Saviour; He is King, the Monarch, not only of this universe, He sits alone without any threat whatsoever. There are kings that need people to watch their back, just in case there is a conspiracy.

Lucifer tried it and there was war in Heaven and the Bible says, Michael the archangel, that he judged him and there was no place found for him, satan, that old serpent. He sits over the circumference of time and manipulates everything according to his will.

Hebrews 11:6
The protocol is that he that cometh unto God, you must come believing that He exists. You are not coming before a politician, you are not coming before a consular of an embassy to give you a visa; you are coming before not only your Saviour, but the Monarch of the Universe. When He say done, believe me, it is done. Kings are not talkative; it is a system to validate their authority.

When you find a king that is a talkative, it means there is a threat to his understanding of power. When they speak, it is by the decrees of the king and the Bible says, when the word of the king is, there is power.

I believe in the name of Jesus that in this service tonight, the King will speak over someone’s life and destiny. It was the King that gave the rivers their borders and said, thus far have you come, do not cross this boundary and for thousands of years and millions, they have kept in obedience, regardless the rebellion of satan. When the earth was immersed in water, it was at the decree of the King that the rivers returned back to their place of habitation and gave room for land. This King that we serve is a mighty King; He is God but He is King. Our confidence is based on the fact that He stands behind us like a mighty terrible One.

Prayer: I have come to You tonight oh King of Zion, give me an encounter.
They go from strength to strength as many as appear before the Lord in Zion. When we come week in, week out, we come to encounter strength and the wisdom of the Spirit. I welcome everyone, this is Koinonia. Thank you so much for the sacrifices of your time.


We are looking at a two part series that speaks to us on understanding how to command salvation over territories. The week before last, when we considered part one, the sub theme was the witness of mighty works. I did teach us that results are evangelists; they also preach.


That it is not just men that preach, mighty works are also witnesses across a territory and that, personal results are a mighty tool as far as evangelism and the enthroning of Christ is concerned. That when believers contend to see results in their lives, it is not just for the sake of gratifying the flesh and a sense of progress. God is interested in you producing result because the evidence that comes from and through your life is able to preach to a territory. There is a dimension of the Gospel that should not be preached by men; it should be preached by results.

Result have a voice and a language that the territory can understand and that if the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and if believers are barren of results, there is a dimension of Kingdom advancement that cannot happen at a territorial level. I told us that, it matters that a territory gets saved. A territory can be born again, not just individuals. What happens when to the human spirit can happen to a territory. Every territory has a soul and it can be saved too. But that altar call will not be made just by the speakings of men; it is your result that makes that altar call and that, the dexterity of your result can call a territory to its knees, to acknowledge Jesus.

Individuals can be saved and yet, not be safe because the safety of the individual depends on the salvation of the territory. For a long time, the context of our evangelism has been limited to personal salvations and that is important but if we stop there, it is possible for an individual to be saved and a territory is in decadence and saved individual becomes a victim of the decadence of the territory.

An example was Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot has honour to the God of the Bible but because he was dwelling amongst a people who were perverse, it took the intervention of the angels to help him and his family.

When Isaiah saw the Lord in chapter 6, he made two confessions:
a). He said I am a man of unclean lips.
b). I dwell amidst the people of unclean lips.
So, if you are the only one who is saved in your territory, you may be saved as far as your personal salvation is concerned but the territory, you can be a victim of that territory.

Sadly, it is purported that many nations in Africa and the world are corrupt. My question is; are you corrupt as an individual? But you have to answer a corporate name because you are in a territory that has not been saved. So, territorial salvation matters to God as much as personal salvation. When we do not pay attention to the salvation of a territory, all it takes is one generation of godly men to pass away and decadence will return and become the order of the day.

We have seen this in scripture and through church history. That it is possible for satan to be patient and allow a whole generation of those who call upon the name of the Lord to be dead. When Moses was advocating the exodus of God’s people from Egypt, Pharaoh began to make negotiation and he said, we will allow you but we’ll keep your children. Moses said, no! We are all going. The command is for all of us.

So, just because you are saved does not mean everything is alright. If your territory does not answer to God, you will have to find out what is happening to the schools where your children go to, what happens to you in the hospital what happens to the police and all the institution within that territory. A territory can and should be born again. The power and the witness of mighty works. It is on account of this that we sincerely desire to produce results; result all-wise. We are motivated by the understanding that our results are preachers. So, it is not just a manifesto of the flesh, a desire to have and to become; it is a desire that in and through our results, that message of the Gospel be preached to the territory.

We also looked at a few reasons why individuals do not command the kind of results that can preach to a territory. Let me do a quick recap and we’ll get into tonight’s teaching:
1). Over dependence on the strength of the flesh; technology, individuals, philosophies and the formulas of men.
2). Ignorance and disobedience to God’s principles. God is a God of systems and ignorance and disobedience to His principles and systems will always leave the believer defeated (Hosea 4:6).
3). Demonic oppression. The Bible is very clear as to the fact that the whole world lies in wickedness (1 Thessalonians 2:18). Satan does not just hinder men; satan can hinder things, doors from opening and helpers from reaching you.
4). They trivialize and ignore the place of spiritual empowerment. In this Kingdom, it takes empowerment to rise and to reign (Ephesians 6:10). Our strength is derived from the power of His might. Your oneness with Christ has a spiritual implication. You should be strong in that consciousness.

The Bible clearly tells us that it is through the greatness of His power (Psalm 66:3) that the enemies submit themselves. There are wicked spirits across territories and it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to dislodge them and enthrone Christ.

I want to teach you a very deep mystery tonight. Please open your spirit and mind; if you understand what I want to teach you tonight, you will command dominion over territories and I trust God that God will use us in no small ways to bring, not just individuals but territories to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

We are going to be looking at;
Jeremiah 27:18
The Bible is very clear as to the fact that there is the ministry of the intercessors. That intercession is a ministry and that all believers without reservation are called into that ministry.

The ministry of intercession like the work of the evangelists is a ministry given to all who are called by the name of Christ.

1 Timothy 2:1-4
The quietness and the peace of a territory does not just depend on what happens in the Government House or technologically; the saints have an assignment in maintaining peace over their territories. We intercede for all men; for kings, for nobles and for those in authority.

Hebrews 7:25
What Is Intercession?
Intercession is not just mere prayer. The word intercede means to mid-wife; to become a bridge and stand in the gap. So, intercession gives an idea of mediating over a person or people so that the counsel of darkness does not prevail over their lives and so that the purposes of God find expression over their lives.

To intercede means to stand in the gap in prayer over individuals, families, cities, territories and nations to the intent that; the purposes and the counsel of darkness be thwarted over those individuals and then, the purposes of Christ be enthroned. The assignment of intercession seeks to do two things:
1). To prohibit the hand of satan and the plot of darkness over individuals.
2). To releases the purposes of God to find expression.

The intercessory ministry has to do with stopping the hand of darkness. The Church being the light of the world, is the principal limitation to the reign of darkness. The presence of the Church is the reason why evil cannot prevail.

Many believers do not understand the place of prophetic intercession in birthing the purposes of God over the lives of individuals and territories.
Ezekiel 22:23-31
Tragedy awaits any territory, family and people or group that ignores the ministry of prophetic intercession.

I tell you why darkness seems to prevail over territories unhindered, because there are Christians, prayer warriors but there are very few intercessors. The selfishness of believers that has come as a result of immaturity and lack of spiritual growth has also translated to their prayer lives. Just because you are praying does not mean you are walking in spiritual accuracy.

There are many examples of intercession in scripture. I’ll pick three to help us understand that intercession is a powerful ministry:
1). Abraham (Genesis 18:16-32)

2). Jesus the Intercessor (Luke 22:31-32, John 17:1-12, Romans 8:34)

3). The Early Church (Acts 12:1-7)
The condition for anything to be a doctrine, theologically speaking now, anything is a doctrine if and when it is adumbrated in the old Testament, it was captured in the life and experience of Jesus and it was practiced in the early church. Any truth and any mystery that does not satisfy that threefold condition cannot be called a doctrine.

Evil will always proceed further, when there are no intercessors. Satan will come to a family and test something and watch the reaction. If all that he sees is just discussion and carnal analysis, he will proceed further. Satan has the ability to proceed further if unhindered.

I assure you, whatever satan touches in your life and around your environment is not the only thing he want; he wants everything but he will touch something first and watch the reaction. If he finds out you are lukewarm and cold and careless and it does not matter; everybody in the family just became sick overnight and you say it is just the weather; he is coming again, he will proceed further.

  • This night, a grace is coming on someone!

The reason why Job became a victim of what he saw was because there was no intercessor to stand for Job. If there was an intercessor, satan will be wasting his time. Hear me, the catastrophe did not just touch Job’s children because he was an intercessor for them but no one was an intercessor for him, so when the devil got their intercessor, he got them too.

Acts 12:5
“…but prayer was made without ceasing of the Church unto God for Peter.” That means, could it be that it was not the plan of God for James to die? Could it be that their intercessory ministry came late, so that lateness made one person to pay the price?

Could it be that John the Baptist was beheaded easily and cheaply because there was no intercessor? We know that Jesus was preserved because there were two strange intercessors; Simeon the prophet and Anna the prophetess. Otherwise, they would have killed Jesus.

If we do not understand the principles or the mystery of prophetic intercession, our territories will remain godless, helpless, our family will remain bankrupt of the power and the salvation of Jesus Christ.

The intercessory ministry is based on two principal foundations:
1). The Law of love; love for God and love for people (1 Timothy 2:4). So, the intercessory ministry is founded on the law of love. You cannot become an intercessor when there is self alive in you. Love is the absence of self.

You are walking in love to the degree that there is the absence of self. Why go through the labour of prayer, fasting, stretching and discomforting yourself over an issue that is not your business? Can I tell you this; as you will be learning, everything you make happen for someone, you are delivering yourself too from that trouble. That was the mistake of Esther.

When Esther had the chance to advocate, she was in the palace, the wife of the king and Mordecai sent a warning to her; if you leave us, God will raise another help for us but when they are done with us, when they find out you are a Jew too, you will see that will happen to you in the palace and Esther said no! She put on her sackcloth and ashes, she said I am going to the king but let us fast and pray. Pray for me so that I can intercede for you too. They were all intercessors for one another.

They prayed for her and she went before the king, violated the ordinance of approaching his presence and yet, he lifted the golden sceptre because prayer had gone ahead. If she just stepped in carelessly and casually in that inner chamber, that would have been the last time.

Most of what we do as believers that we think is spirituality is just a marketing of flesh. You know you are growing spiritual to the degree to which you and your interest decreases; where you are burdened with the purposes of the Kingdom, greater than your personal desires. Many of us, as prayerful as we are, everything centers around us; not even your family members, wife or husband. Respectfully speaking and with all due respect and honour to the Body of Christ, even we men of God, we have this spirit and we have mentored and taught members to work like that. Do not make the mistake of Esther.

You know you’re matured spiritually when you can receive the pain that is in the heart of Jesus so that you find yourself fasting for three days over an issue that is entirely not your business. God can trust you with the salvation of many and say, listen; “in this family, for seven days, all of them are about to die. This is what satan has programmed and the Spirit that brings salvation over round the family, there is no intercessor” and He comes to you; “can I trust you for the redemption of this family and you can wake up in the night; “I can be trusted.”

Listen; don’t fear negative prophecies when there is an intercessor. There are only few prophecies in the Bible that are called written judgements, they can’t be changed. A bulk of the things that happen in our lives, it is within the power of the believer to change if you know and understand God’s system.

The intercessory ministry is not based on the desire to pray or the desire to be powerful. Love is the genuine biblical foundation for the intercessory ministry.

2). The principle of shared dominion (Psalms 115:16)
The Church is an advantage; it is not a disadvantage to civilization. The house of God is where the mysteries of the Kingdom are dispensed. It is where high-level, spiritual understanding is given to believers. The house of God is not an interruption to your time; it is an advantage to your destiny.

The Church and the believer had been given dominion but our dominion is not absolute dominion; our dominion is derived. We depend on what we were given. God’s dominion is absolute dominion but the dominion of the believer is shared dominion.

That means, God gave man dominion (Genesis 1:26-28) over the earth and its entirety. That means, if God wants to do anything on earth and if satan wants to do anything on earth, both God and satan must add men to the equation of dominion for anything to happen in the earth.

Do you know why satan is powerful? Satan is powerful for as long as there is one unsaved person and one ignorant person. This is where satan derives his strength. The confidence of satan is based on the fact that that he thinks it will be impossible for everybody on earth to be saved and to come into the fullness of the stature. So he knows, provided there is one available vessel; a legion was in one person. This is Satan’s confidence. He is not moved by the fact that many things are happening. He is threatened but not moved because there is still one person he can deceive, kill, steal and destroy.

There is a law called the law of territories; that means you are not allowed to be a legitimate functionary within a territory until you are build with the materials of that territory. You cannot go to heaven or even enter the realm of the spirit with this body, it has to change that is why when you are having a visionary experience, it is your spirit that access that realm. The physical body remains here. The reason why demons, spirits cannot function legitimately on earth is because they did not descend to the earth with a body. A body was only made for Adam and his generation. When it has to do with happenings in the earth, it is not all up to God and man. There is a participatory role that we have to play.

Question: what power does satan use to destroy man?
It is not just because he was once a cherub that covereth or he deceived one third of the angels. One thing with light is that once you have received light; light is like DNA, the memory and the imprint of that light remains with you. Let’s assume that as a young boy, I was introduced into traditional practice and they opened my eyes using divination, if I get born again, that opening will not close again.

What happens is just that; the agency that sponsors that activity will change but that advantage remains with you completely. Satan was once the light bearer, the imprint of that light, even though he is fallen right now, it cannot be undone again.

There are three levels of accessing power. The highest is power through intimacy (relationship). The second level comes by accessing the mysteries of the Kingdom. There is a dimension of the power of God invested in mysteries. You don’t need a relationship for that to work. All you need is understanding and the faith to engage it. This is the kind of power that is used by herbalists and spiritualists.

If you do not understand the principle of shared dominion, the devil will take advantage of your life and you will sit down and believe everything that is happening to you is the will of God because you do not understand that the Heaven of heavens belong to the Lord but the earth has age given to the sons of men.








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