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  • Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Sunday
    Welcome to Church, your life won’t remain the same in Jesus Precious Name.
    This is the first service in the month of October, God has been faithful this year.

Indeed, we have experienced heaven on earth. We want to thank Him, can we celebrate the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
Isaiah 25:1-12.
I want to announce to somebody, this is the day of the fulfilment of this prophecy. Can I hear a receiving Amen?
I am rushing but let me quickly tell you in Acts 2, the Apostles were in the upper room, about 120 of them and they had locked up for days praying, and suddenly on the day of Pentecost there was a rushing mighty wind.

The reason why people gathered that day was, there were no newspapers, no websites, no radio, no tv. If you have heard that kind of earthquake sound, the safest place to run to was the Church. Church was where the clock for the city was, Church was where you got the best information, Church was the center of commerce and the center of all activities. So, they ran there and it wasn’t time for Church, can you imagine they ran there without having their bath because it was not something they pre-planned, it was not yet time for Church and suddenly when they heard the news of everybody who gathered, they just came down from one of the rooms of the Church where they have been waiting and all of them couldn’t control themselves and they began to pray in tongues.
And some of the people that were there, because people came for the festival from all over the world.

They could hear their languages because God opened their ears, not because every time you speak in tongues , you should speak someone’s language.
God opened their ears so that they could bear witness. And people concluded instantly that they were drunk.
How could someone be behaving like this? They are drunk!
When God starts to do things in your life, the conclusions of men are always wrong.
It’s an uncovering/revelation to understand what God is doing.

I need to quickly let you know that Peter stood up with the twelve, those guys were drunk in the Spirit, those guys encountered what they have never seen before, those guys looked something “stupid” but they understood exactly what was going on.
Peter said, this is that, that has been prophesied by Prophet Joel.

He was not confused , he didn’t speak with ambiguity. Do you know what shocked me when I was studying this thing? All the things that Prophet Joel prophesied did not come to pass , they just saw a small finger and Peter said, this is it.

The moment they saw cloven tongues of fire dropped on them and they began to pray in tongues.

If it was 21st century they will say calm down, do you know what Prophet Joel prophesied?

You are just speaking language you don’t understand.
Calm down let’s wait, they would have lost it.
How many people lose their healings?

How many lose their breakthrough?
Because they are waiting for the mundane, they are waiting for the flesh, they are waiting for the sight, but Peter stood as a witness. Acts 1:8.

He said, behold I will do a new thing, shall you not know it?
Because if you don’t know it, you will miss it.

You can bypass a Believer who God is doing something in their lives if God did not describe to you His doings in their lives.
Did you know that the people who lived in the days of Peter did not know that those days were the last days.

The last days started in Acts Chapter 2. A new dispensation started from Acts 2 , from that day they called it last days.

They were in the same place but they were two sets of people. In the same way, there can be two sets of people in the Church. There are “what does this mean”, and there are the ” this is that which was spoken by Prophet Joel” people.
I want to ask you a question today, are you part of ” what does this mean? .
You need to be on this stage sometimes, you will pity some people. The power of God is moving and they are looking.
I saw a brother, while the move of God was heavy in the service, he put his hand in his nose. I stood on this stage and concluded that there are different human beings on this earth. You left your house, you paid transport fare, you carried yourself here, you sat down, demons asked for your name and you said I am “Lookman”- just looking.
You just blame Pastors, so many people are the reason for their problems.
I prophesy to you, you will see the next level.
God for nine months was dealing with Pharaoh every day.
Do you know who Pharaoh was? Pharaoh was buried with his entire war men.
When the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea to the other side, they started singing to God for His mighty deliverance but after a while they started complaining, looking for water.
You know why? They left Egypt with mixed multitudes.

There is no Church without mixed multitudes.
I have heard statements like, ” I met him in Church so I just thought he was a brother”,you don’t read your Bible.
Any Church that is 1000 people, there is nothing you are looking for that you won’t find there.

You want to join witchcraft? Somebody is there who can introduce you. Fraudulent people are there, you know people who like to connect, connect, connect?

They came out for Thanksgiving one day, one girl thought she was sharp, she saw one woman that was well dressed, she quickly took her number. She didn’t know that the government was looking for that woman, she is like a national issue.

I don’t know who she is, I am not judging her, but I am just telling you a real story that happened in this Church.
The Department of State Services(DSS) was looking for her and then this lady called her like 3 times that Sunday. The next day they picked this young sister up.

So the Church decided to step in and use a gadget to trace her phone to where she was because the police didn’t switch off her phone.

We were able to trace this young sister and we found out that she was at the police station. It was a national security issue and the girl said, I just came to Thanksgiving in Church.

So, some professionals we have in Church helped us. They told the Security officials that the woman could be found, so they used a gadget and discovered where she was and she was apprehended and they released our daughter to us.
Imagine if it was something else.
Exodus 12:38.
Do you know what the mixed multitude brought to them? A dangerous level of unbelief.
If you must see anything that is called God, you must fight unbelief.
If you want to do voodoo, go there as a matter of fact, you can’t operate in both worlds without believing something.
Don’t just take your children to school where they speak phonetics. They may speak that phonetics until they put you in trouble. Put something in them. A good man leaves inheritance for his children’s children, not only money.
These guys, the moment they came out of Egypt and got into the promised land, wherever the suggestion came from that they should go and spy the land. Twelve of them representing each tribe. These guys were leaders, they were supposed to be more Spiritual. They got to the promised land and spent 40 days. Unbelief will delay you. They spent 40 days. What were they doing for 40 days? What on earth were they doing for 40 days?
When they came back, you know what they said? They said we are not able.

This God just wants to do mass burial for us. He is not able to take us to where we are supposed to go. He wants to do mass burial for us that is why He is telling us to go. We were there, we saw giants.

They were devouring the inhabitants of the land. Unbelief will exaggerate the situation. Unbelief will belittle God.
One day, I put an head-tie on my son and he now looked like his mother, he was like 5 years old then.
And I looked to him and I said to him, you are a girl and he said no, I am not a girl. No matter what I said, he kept at it saying I am not a girl. No matter what I said, he was sure of who he was.
Unbelief is the reason why you are falling flat and beginning to believe your situation more than your revelation.
Unbelief will cripple you, that is why you must be very careful.

Run from unbelief like you run away from fornication. Friends feeding your unbelief must be out of your life after this service.
Hebrews 3:7-17.
There is a generation that anger God.

You are looking at Africans today like they love God. Who told you Africans love God?
Let them be comfortable like this in America, you will not see a single person in Church.
Some of us don’t have choices, can we just say Lord don’t make us so comfortable.
Your problem is not that God is not faithful, your problem is that unbelief is raging in your heart.
Every Word of God you read that you did not do, it is because of unbelief.
Hebrews 4:1-2.
Every Word from God should profit you.
1 Timothy 1:18.
Every Church has an assignment.
If God is with you, who can be against you? If God is with you, you become a majority.
And when we give you word for the month, it is not only for that month. What He says to one, He says to all.

Listen to me, my preoccupation is not to have a Church full of people who dress well. That is not our preoccupation here. We want to raise a people filled with faith.
85 per cent of Christians worldwide don’t even understand faith. Even me I don’t understand it myself, but I understand it a little.

That in the middle of trouble you know what to do, you know what to say, you know how to act.
If He sends you to do that thing then He would sponsor it.
What you settle, first of all, is God sending me to go to that house? Is He sending me to do this? If He sends you, no matter the amount, He will bring it to pass.
Never give your Bible as a gift.
I want to challenge today, read your Bible in the morning and the evening.
Do you feel symptoms? Just open the book of Acts. The book of Acts is not
the Acts of the Apostles but the Acts of the Holy Ghost.
When God wants to do something in the whole earth, He talks to a man.
Unbelief hardens the heart, unbelief sets as opposition with God, unbelief makes you an enemy of God, and that’s what the enemy wants you to do.
When people are hurt, they can say anything.
Well, ladies and gentlemen God is doing a new thing.

Unbelief is not your friend. I prophesy in the month of October you are doing well.
Don’t temper with the sovereignty of God. You must learn how to conquer your fears:
First of all, hang around those who have done what you are about to do.
Choose your friends deliberately.

You must hang around people who inspires you.
That is why when I come to the stage, I come to push you. By the time you start seeing results, you will say listen to that man.

Some of you after this service, somethings will start happening to you and you will begin to ask yourself, what have I been doing with my life? You will hate your past even though you are a Christian.
Get the word in your mouth: your mouth is your dominion.
Speaking to yourself is not exclusive to Pastors but for all Believers.
When a known sin is in your life, you don’t have boldness.
It’s your tongue that writes faith in your heart.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, COza.

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