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What is anxiety: Anxiety is an unpleasant state of mental uneasiness, obsession or concern about something.

There are things you need to understand that will make you do away with some mentality you have.

For women this is a very wonderful time; especially when it’s their first time. The period of pregnancy is always a great time for expecting mothers but sometimes it seems to look too long or boring for some but it is worth it.

This is the time to stay in fellowship with your baby and your husband; this period is of great value to the new life coming forth.

For first time Mums, curiosity and anxiety tends to occupy their heart because of the new life growing in them and will begin to kick at a particular time.
The time of pregnancy for some is long time and may seem boring for them. Worries and some certain changes occur in their bodies and even in their minds and for some they will have thought of things which they never had in mind before and if not well controlled they may allow things that are not too good to set into their minds.

Good thoughts towards your baby will surly help your baby just as the Lord hath good thoughts for us.

For I know the thoughts I think towards you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of eavil, to give you an expected end.(Jeremiah 29:11)

So you should make your thoughts to be a sound thought at this time even as you await your baby within. You can chose not to think bad, you can be intentional on your thoughts like thinking good thoughts and even when bad thoughts try to purge your heart you put it aside and focus on good thoughts.

“Have this understanding in you that because you have God’s life what you can only give birth to is a child that will love the life of God”

Learn to spend time with your baby just as you spend time relaxing. For as the child is growing and being formed within you can also form her life with good words and much more of prophecy such that you speak and the baby will not move away from it by ordering their lives with God’s word. For the words we speak has power to create and the words you speak to your baby can create a great life for the baby. , speak with faith and go beyond the temporary weakness of your body to speak life into your baby.

Wrong thoughts will come but learn to submit those imaginations to the obedience of Christ and choose to follow God’s word.

Expecting moms you can stay in that constant atmosphere that fills you with joy, not just the joy that you’re pregnant but the joy of the Lord itself that keep you glowing.

 Learn to create a rejoicing heart within through God’s Word by this you keep all anxiety at hold. Understand this that whatever happens to you especially in your heart at this time can affect your baby to a degree because at this time you are in an intimate season with your baby.

Learn to stay in fellowship with other women of like minds that you can share God’s word together, talk together, and pray together so that you can gain more strength within and this also will help your baby.

Always be joyful because it will help your baby and can make her a unique baby and will reflect in them as they grow.

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