Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at Common Wealth of Zion Assembly, Guzape || Sunday Service

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  • Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at Common Wealth of Zion Assembly, Guzape || Sunday Service
    Father we ask that your Word brings revelation to our heart, let the believers be edified, let the devil be terrified and let Jesus alone be glorified.
    Mark 9:14-24
    You know the story of how that the disciples were amazed because what they couldn’t do, Jesus only did it in seconds. They asked Him and He said “This type only goes out by fasting and prayer”.
    As you claim that you are born again and that you go to COZA, a day is coming that people will challenge your going to Church.

They will dispute it and they will bring cases to you and when you can’t handle it, they will ask “what have you been doing there?”.
People who don’t believe in Jesus like the Scribes believe that there are certain things you can step into by grace. Even the scribes believe that with proximity, if you keep coming close and if you keep listening, after a while the spirit should flow to you.
This morning the Lord gave me a WORD that I should tell you that He is opening strange doors this season.
Revelation 3:7-8
An entire Church can carry a grace.

  • I prophesy to you as a Church, from this minute enter into new doors.
  • Every where you have operated and it looked like you were hitting an impediment, let there be an opening in the name of Jesus.
  • This week you step out and step into new opportunities.
    The key is very simple. I want to quickly put three keys in your hands.
  1. He says “you have little strength”.
    The reason why I am opening doors for you is because you have little strength. I would have thought that the person God would want to do great things for is the person that has great strength.
    I have been in ministry for a while but full-time twenty two years now. I have worked with people in fulfilling their vision, I used to be in a Church that we had more than 500 young Pastors under training, some of them you know their names today, some of them you don’t know their names.

Most of the people that you would know if I called their names today were people that really didn’t matter when we were in Church. Most of them didn’t have the positions that some others had.
But there was something I noticed that put me off and I didn’t want to be a Pastor. Once God starts to do little things through them, there is this kind of pride that comes on them.

Some brag in the fact that they can fast, some brag in the fact that they can pray, anytime you see people who pray a lot but don’t see results, this first point may be what is keeping them on one spot. Some need to drill down in the spirit before they bear fruit upwards.
If the devil stops you, even the prayers of the saints can lift you up, your name can be raised in the atmosphere for intercessors to pick it up but if God stops you who will help you? He resists the proud. Could it be that God is resisting you?

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Don’t misconstrue Jesus, He is not against those who have strength. He is against those who don’t present themselves before the Lord as weak.

You don’t give someone who is not weak, empowerment and energy.

When you say to the Lord, “I can’t do this, can You please help me”. God says “yes! You are qualified for this”.
I don’t know whether it still exists, but in those days when JAMB and GCE were very hard to pass, I had cousins that came from the village that had several F9s.

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There was something my mum used to help people to do, it was called remedial. If you have five credits, you are not qualified for remedial. Remedial is for those who have two or three credits or one credit and two passes so they can put you in, and then you have like a nine months course and if you did well, you could find yourself in 100 Level.

That was a grace kind of way with which people enter the university after failing JAMB and GCE. Once you have seven credits or eight A1, they look at your result and say “No! You are overqualified for this”. A lot of people are overqualified for grace.

I am talking about when you present yourself no matter your achievements, you drop it aside and say “Lord, thank you for what you are doing”. If you are going to enter into open doors, you are going to learn to relinquish ownership of every move of God in your life, whether it is your career that is succeeding, your marriage is in place or your kids are doing well.

Don’t be found bragging about it. When someone is married to a good woman, he brags that he knows all the basics of marriage but If you marry a devil, all the basics will fly away from your head. If you are married to a man of God, it doesn’t mean that he is ordained as a Pastor, I mean someone who has the fear or God, you will be bragging that you know how to look after a man.

A man and his wife went to see a Pastor, the woman said “Pastor, ask him I wake up early in the morning and I ask him how he wants his bath water, what he wants to eat, I give him almost everything he wants and he is still not pleased with me”. The Pastor asked the man “Does she do that?” the man said “Yes! But that is what I hate”. When you meet difficult human beings all you have been raised with, will leave your head. When things are working for you, tendencies are that you think you have arrived but you should be hungry for more because there is more.

This is why many people start well and their love for God just waxes cold. They don’t know how to press into new things, They don’t know that they have not started scratching the surface of what God has budgeted for them in destiny.
The first thing you do is that every time when you are with God, you must present yourself as weak before God.

There was a man who was in this Church and is still in this Church, he had a position with the Federal Government. He controlled the National Security, I used to see him privately. When we were looking for some documents concerning this building and it wasn’t coming easy, I went to him and asked if he would please step in. When he got to the place, everybody including the directors took off.

When we went there they said “Ah ah! Why will you go that far, you would have told us who you know”. But if you see this man in Church, I have never seen any man like that in my life. He drives himself, if you say line up, he will line up.

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He will just come and sit at one corner. One day, I got home and told my wife “this is another level”. Till today, if you see his wife they are still in Church, you will not even know anything. But some people, they will call an usher and tell them “do you know who you are talking to? In fact go and call Pastor”.
Some people have left Church because ushers did not recognize them. Somebody told me during Jonathan’s period “Pastor Biodun, if you want us to come to your Church, you must create special seats for us. We have been everywhere and that is how it is done” and I said “Sir, we will not do that here”. Some one else left Church because the protocol people said “you can come in but your security men can’t come in with guns” and the person is related to me so he called my Mum. My Mum said “Biodun go there and apologize, go now and apologize” and I said “Haba, Mummy apologize for what? But because you are my Mum, I am going to go there”.
I got there and he reiterated everything and I said “We are sorry Sir but do you think it is okay to come into the Church with a rifle? Sir you know how I grew up, this thing doesn’t last forever”. I can tell how somebody can end , as a Pastor if you want to continue to be relevant, you must guard yourself from time to time against pride. It is not lack of money that will stop what God is doing for you, it is not what enemies are plotting, it is this taking the glory that will self destruct what God is doing for you. If you are a music minister, a preacher, whatever you are doing and God is blessing it, if you don’t learn how to humble yourself, bow your head and throw your crown before Him and you won’t see open doors. Helpless dependence on God will always open new strength for you.


If you can’t move as a person maybe you have spinal cord issues. If somebody tells you wait for one hour and he goes for three hours, you don’t have a choice because you can’t move. But when you are strong, if the person says one hour, once the person goes for one minute past the time that they budgeted you are off because you can walk.

Gifted people need to learn to manage their self. If you have money to buy land in any part of town, it is very rare to go and ask God what part of town should you buy land. You just look at Guzape and say it is fresh and buy.

We are looking for a land to buy in Lugbe and we saw one, I went to my Father and he asked how much and I told him, he said it doesn’t matter the amount. He didn’t pray that we should get the land, he prayed that God should give us the land he has planned for COZA from the foundations of the earth. I have not stopped thinking about that prayer. We need to anchor here because this is the reason why it seems like God uses people and dumps them.
Do you know that prayer is the greatest display of little strength. Even if you have preached a message hundred times before and you know it so well, still pray. Then you go there and talk like a lion. That is someone that has little strength.
If you keep a child who just started walking in one spot before you go and come back, they will move. Be very careful when God gives you little ability. A man who knows how to do something, the challenge would be to wait on God for a go ahead. It is what God partners with you, that will continue to fly high.

A mentor of mine went to serve somewhere, and God asked him to start a prayer network there. He was there for some time and his colleagues sent him a letter saying you are so gifted, we were thinking you would come back to start doing something for God here but you are just there wasting.

That letter bounced him off and he went to God and said “what are you going to do with my life? Is it just this prayer network that you will do with my life?”. God said “you call what I am doing ‘just’?” Go home and study what Moses said that God said “Moses you are not entering the promise Land”. Be very careful, God is that sensitive.
Isaiah 40:29-31 (AMPC)

This is not what most motivational speakers will teach you because most of them are not predicated on God’s Word. If you check most motivational speakers that are Christians they don’t have Kingdom results because of this mindset.

God wrote a Bible so that you and I will not operate in ambiguity.
You must learn to hand over your life to God on a daily basis, any life handed over to God will not go to waste.

  • I pray you will not be a retired, irrelevant soldier while you are living.
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The reason why you don’t spend time praying is because you don’t rely on God. You think you know how to do it. I was talking to you about my mentor who they wrote a letter to that bounced him off, you know what God told him, God said “How many people come here, He said about a hundred and God said I will ensure that no one comes here any more. He could teach because he was anointed and in the zone where God sent him to, he was like hot cake. The next day, service starts by 5 and by 5:30 nobody came and he said “God you really mean this?” God said “Yes! To show you, by ten minutes to six, ten people will come and that will be all that will come today” and that was how that fellowship died.
God told him “Go back and sit with me”. After three months he told him to start again. If I mention the name of the Church, it’s one of the biggest in Nigeria.

This is a true story, many of us mess things up and this is because many of us listen to all sorts of teachings, you hear anything, you watch anything, you read anything. Whether you live in Guzape or Lugbe, if you want good food you know where to go but many of us allow any form of junk into our spirit and our mind and this is what bounces us off.

There is no way you can pray an hour every day in tongues and remain the same. Many of us are still under 40 yet we can’t fast. This is the reason why the enemy has robbed us.
Isaiah 45:1-3
If God doesn’t hold your hand, I tell you the truth, you are not subduing nothing. The difference between open doors and breakthrough is that while one person is breaking through another person just walks through because God has gone before them. Some people don’t believe that God can make you rich, not that you find money under your pillow but as you begin to walk with Him, he puts value on your life. Your mistakes will be minimized if not obliterated.

  • Let there be a new beginning for you.
    Genesis 5:22-24
    Enoch was 65 years old when he gave birth to Methuselah, which means that the first 65 years of his life, he messed up, he was not walking with God. God will write people’s stories and show you their mistakes, not because he wants to expose them but to tell you that the fact you have made a mistake doesn’t write you off. Enoch was wasting his life for 65 years but everything changed and he walked with God for 300 years. God can make the rest of your life, the best of your life.
    How about after this message this morning, you go back home, shut the door and pray in tongues. Prayer is the greatest display of humility. You can’t pray and become a prey. Enoch didn’t die, God took him. If you decide to be a man of prayer and consecration, the experience will be the same.
    Proverbs 4:18 (MSG)
  • I prophesy to you, that the longer you live, the brighter you will shine. You will not have a better yesterday.
  • You are moving into another dimension, you will glow. Expect to shine brighter.
  • You will enter into new doors because your strength is little.
    Jesus expects us to keep His Word. How do you keep a Word, you don’t read? Read all versions and write notes. Put yourself together and say “Lord, I want to live a serious life”.

This small thing you have that is sharking you might be what is preventing you from coming into open doors.
Public identification with Christ is a criteria for open doors. Many people are in Church but they deny His name. When will a soul come to Church through you? When will you become valuable for God?

-I pray for you that you will walk into new doors. It will be evident that Jesus is with you.

  • Those who have attacked you will be put to shame.
  • I pray that grace will not be squandered in your life.


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