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Pastor Biodun fatoyinbo on Loving God

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-Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo on COZA Sunday(Day 4)

*Once you take your love for God out of your Christianity, you are just a shadow of yourself.

*If you love God, you must care about what He cares about.

You were made for God, God was not made for you. That needs to be in your consciousness. When we come to church, people love things and use God, instead of loving God and using things. A lot of people don’t know the balance, they think when you drive a nice car, look good, that God I against it.

He gives us all things richly to enjoy. Those things were meant to be used, they are tools, but we are supposed to love God.

Some people love things but they use God, they only call God when they need God, God was not made for us. ‘Hey God, if you don’t do this, I’m not going to serve you’. No, ‘These people, I have formed for myself, they shall declare my praise. Praise is not just about singing, it involves your lifestyle, your choices, some stands you take.

Publicly, you say, ‘No, I can’t do that because everybody does that. I stand here because He is the one that saved me, He is the one that didn’t let me die, He is the one that helped me, that brought me from the back,from obscurity, gave me notoriety, so I’m not going to follow the crowd to be against God’. We have a lot of Christians in the 21st century who don’t love God.

That is the problem because everything kept in Christ Jesus was kept for those who love God. God loves everybody but the Bible says, ‘Eye hath not seen nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what God has prepared for those who love Him’. I love the version that says, ‘What God made ready for those who love Him’.

In Psalm 91:14, it says, because you set your heart to love me, I will deliver you, and then I will set you on high. You see, you don’t just love God because you are in a wicked world, you need to set your heart, you need to bring your heart back, there are lots of things bouncing you off.

The primary occupation of the Kingdom of hell is to impeach the credibility of God’s counsel. Its to make you think God is a liar. Look at the way he accessed Adam and Eve, he says, that God knows that when you eat this thing, you will be like Him. He didn’t realise that this God is so good, He was called God, He made them like Him from the inception.

Satan is someone that gives God a bad name, he wants to give you a wrong opinion about your Father.

Once the enemy can make you not love God publicly, with the whole of your heart, he got you already, because everything prepared in Christ Jesus is for those who love Him. You must display it, your passion must be on display publicly.

It’s not something you have to hide, you have nobody to apologise to. The other day, David was dancing and rejoicing before the Lord and his underpants showed, and his wife began to despise him and said ‘David, I’ve been telling you, you don’t have the decorum of the palace’.

He said ‘Well, with the decorum that I didn’t have, the Lord chose me in the stead of your father, and I will also be more undignified’.

This is one edge Muslims have over Christians, even in the plane, they have a place they must pray, they have a voice, they tell them, ‘Listen, I do business, I do everything but God is first in my life’. The Bible says, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you. Those things that people are running after will be running after you.

Once you take your love for God out of your Christianity, you are just a shadow of yourself.

You must set your heart, it is a deliberate intentional step you must take.

Make up your mind, in 2021, it is not enough coming to church, it is enough to say, ‘Oh, Yeah! have you been to my church, COZA?

Have you heard my Pastor?’ That is not what we are talking about, no matter who you are, even if you are not as churchy as other people, just make sure you are a God-lover.

The Bible says, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. When you love God, you want his kingdom to advance, when you love somebody, you care about what they care about.

I don’t believe you love me if you don’t care about what I care about, I don’t believe so. In fact, you watch people’s back, you care about what they care about, you carry what they are passionate about, you carry it on your head, that’s how you prove that you love somebody.

So, if you love God, you must care about what He cares about. It says, ‘Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may they prosper that love her’. You see the connection between Prosperity and those who love God. The things that you are prayfor, that you are struggling for, you see, why do we need health?

Why do we need finance? It’s for the advancement of the Kingdom. For you shall remember the Lord your God, it is He that gives you power, the anointing to produce wealth, Get this ASAP, to fabricate wealth that you may establish covenant on the face of the earth.

He gave it to you because He wanted to establish a covenant. The reason for every single thing in the covenant is so that the Kingdom can advance. So, the moment you position yourself as a conduit, then you have no limits in your life anymore.

Finally, let me tell you something, know this and never forget this, ‘God is invisible, God cannot catch someone’s attention, if He puts His hand in thus pulpit, His hand will go inside.

So, one of the things you can use to display you love God and that you are smart is to reach out to souls, you have cousins that are not saved, you have friends that are not saved, some of you take pride in the fact that I’m a Christian but I’m not a fanatic, and they hail you, ‘I like your Christian view, you are not a fanatics. They are clapping for you, that’s the only accolade you will receive.

Imagine Jesus on the cross, He could come down but He chose to stay there, to save you and I, but He saved us so that we can save others.

He has given us a ministry of reconciliation and He has given us a word of reconciliation and He has ordained us as ambassadors for Jesus on the face of the earth. We are here for a purpose so coming to church is not enough, it’s okay first 3 months when you give your life to Christ to need a nanny, they are changing your napkins for you, after 3 months, you should start taking responsibility.

There is something that the Kingdom of heaven,your home country can trace to you, there must be a responsibility. What do you do after 10 years of giving your life to Christ, you fight for seats, you fight for car park, ‘Hey, they didn’t put me here, I’m leaving thus church’s.

That’s not why God saved you, if you came alone to church today, I’m challenging you, God didn’t give you that car to drive alone to church, when you were an unbeliever, you didn’t go to parties alone, did you?

You didn’t, He is a jealous God. So, why is it that when you gave your life to Christ, all your zest and zeal suddenly died. Can you love something and not show it?

The cheapest way to advance is to love God. Church, I’m your Pastor, I submit this to you, its the secret you must embrace, and your life will not remain the same.


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