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Genesis 27: 25-29

  1. From today, that name you are bearing will carry blessing in the name of Jesus.
  2. In the name of Jesus, that name is blessed.
  3. The name you have called is blessed in the name of Jesus
  4. Every name that came out of your mouth is blessed in the name of Jesus.
  5. Whatever represents good things in life that will make life comfortable, I command all to be released to you in the name of Jesus.
  6. From this day, by the virtue of what you have done to this man standing here whom God called and anointed by grace, men and women will stand up to serve you.
  7. Nations will bow to you.
  8. After these prophetic words, some individuals here will be bigger than nations.
  9. Isaac was bigger than the entire Philistines that they went to consult him. From today, your resources will be bigger than that of a whole nation in Jesus’ name.
  10. Nations will come looking for you and your help in the name of Jesus.
  11. Before I turn sixty (60), I decree and I declare, nations will seek your assistance.
  12. Anywhere you go from today, you will never be reckoned as second. You will always stand as the first and first and first in the name of Jesus.
  13. Everyone from your lineage, you will be the head among them. I declare it and as you say Amen, it is confirmed.
  14. Whoever wants to curse you will suffer curses.
  15. Whoever says you are blessed is getting the blessings in the name of Jesus.
  16. Say to yourself, “By the blessings of the father, I am ‘uncursable’ “
  17. I stand as your spiritual father and I declare you blessed. By the virtue of the things you have done to make my heart glad, I declare you blessed in the name of Jesus.
  18. From today, charms will not work against you. Evil will not work against you.
  19. As you are rising with the blessing, you are indestructible. Whatever wants to destroy or kill you is destroyed.
  20. Whoever wants to afflict your life with sickness is destroyed.
  21. Whoever wants to terminate your life is destroyed.
  22. As you are being lifted, you will remain lifted.
  23. It shall be said of that God has blessed you. The next thing they will say about you after today is that your story has changed.
    Lift your hands and say, “Father, the words pronounced by my father, I believe them and none of them shall fail in my life. From today, I receive them in faith and they begin to work in my life in the name of Jesus.
  24. From today, where others are crawling, you gain speed.
  25. In the midst of economic meltdown, no one connected to this commission or hearing this message globally will struggle again. Where others are struggling to succeed, the words I have spoken now will make you soar and go with speed.
  26. From today, the words I’ve pronounced rest on your life.
  27. You have been separated, set aside for a new level of glory. As I have declared it, those words stick on your life.
  28. Between now and this time next year as Jesus tarries, you will be amazed by the lifting in your life.
  29. All that saw you believe this meeting, they will see new you emerge with so much lifting and glory in the name of Jesus.
  30. In one year, whatever you have gotten will not be compared to what you will get.
  31. The lifting hand of God will lift you so high. Become the envy to nations.
  32. Among the great, you will stand out as the great. Among the prosperous, you will stand out as the prosperous.

Among the successful, you will stand out as the successful. Among the blessed, you will stan lit as the blessed.

  • So shall it be…It is done!

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