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  • Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG Annual Holy Ghost Congress 2021 tagged ‘THE SIEGE IS OVER’, Day 3 Evening Session -Part 1
    Let’s lift our hands to the most high God and begin to bless His Holy name. Bless the King of kings, give Him honour, give Him adoration. He is the Ancient of days, the Holy one of Israel, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, the Ending, the Everlasting Father, the Rock of Ages, the One who spoke and darkness disappeared, the One who drowned Pharaoh and his army. Thank you Father, in Jesus mighty name we have worshiped.

Father we worship you, King of Kings and Lord of Lords we worship you.

We thank You for all what you did in the lives of your children last night, do it again in our lives this night. Father once again, give us abundant proof that the siege is over. In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Again I have good news for somebody, the Lord asked me to tell the fellow it doesn’t matter how you felt this morning, the siege is over. Tonight we want to discuss the fact that THE SIEGE OVER YOUR RESOURCES ARE OVER.

Galatians 3:13-15
When a city is besieged, the number one goal of the enemy is to attack your resources because the people in the city cannot go out to farm or trade, they begin to eat whatever is left in the city until there is no food left. Then they have to make a choice either to surrender or die.

  • Every attack on your resources will be destroyed tonight.
    When people run out of money they can do some unbelievable things: some will kill, some will steal, some can even consider suicide. The number one target of the enemy is your resources so he can drive you into something that you won’t even think of doing normally.
  • In the name that is above every other name, whatever has been attacking your resources shall be crushed tonight.

The God we serve is sovereign. Psalm 115:3. The God I serve is sovereign, He is the Original Majesty, He does whatever pleases Him. He is higher than the Highest
Stronger than the strongest. Above everyone else.

No matter how high you think you are, He will tell you that Heaven is His throne and earth His footstool. No matter how high your throne is, your throne is still under His feet.

That’s my Father. I need to make this one clear so that by the time we finish you will know that those who think you are going to die poor are in for a surprise.

You remember the story of those four boys that I told you long ago. One the son of the president, one the son of His doctor, one the son of a witch doctor and the other was the son of a messenger. You know children, it doesn’t matter how rich their father is, they play together. When boys are together talking, you can be sure they are discussing their father. The first one said my father is the highest, they asked him why and he said “my father is the president, he is the number one man”.

The second one said ” no! My father is your father’s doctor. If he commands your father to stay in bed for one week, your father must obey.

The third one said “my father is higher than all your fathers. He is a witch doctor, he can kill your fathers in their sleep without touching them”. The fourth one said ” my father is the highest of all” they laughed and said “we know your father, he is just a common messenger”. He said ” no! You don’t know my father.

My father can not only heal, He can raise the dead. I am not talking of the Father here, I am talking of the Lord Jesus Christ”. That is the God I am introducing you to tonight.

The only thing that matters to God is His pleasure. Revelation 4:11 – He made all things for His pleasure including you, including silver, gold. Haggai 2:8. He owns the cattle upon a thousand hills.

Anything that does not please Him, He doesn’t allow. That’s good news because the Bible tells us that this God has pleasure in your prosperity. Your prosperity pleases God and whatever pleases Him, He will do.

  • So I am decreeing even on the basis of that alone, you are going to prosper.
    As mighty as this God is who can do anything He likes, you can’t sue Him. You did not elect Him so He is not looking for re-election. If you know how to approach Him, you can get anything you want from Him.

The Bible says, as difficult this may be to believe that you can even command Him ( Isaiah 45:11).

So you can place a command on the All-sufficient God. You can say with all boldness that from tonight onwards the word poverty will no longer be in my dictionary. All you have to do is please Him.

How do I please Him?

  1. Have Faith.
    He told us yesterday, faith like a child. Hebrews 11:6 – without faith it is impossible to please God. That also means by faith God is pleased and whatever pleases Him is what He does. With faith, He invites you into His club, the club of the Almighty.

Mark 9:23
Faith like that of a child will you believe then like a child that in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you will no longer suffer poverty.

I will remind you of that kind of faith, you remember the story of a Watch Night Service of a particular year. God said there was someone in the crowd who was having problems paying his house rent, that in the new year He will become a landlord. Only one fellow who was a messenger in an office, had enough faith to believe.

The others were trying to imagine how can that be in Lagos. The New Year came, he went to the office, saw His boss and prostrated in our usual custom to greet Him and that one looked at him and said “Ah Messenger, have I given you any Christmas present?”. He said ” No Sir”. He said “Lagos State Government was selling some houses, I bid for one and I won. I don’t need it, come and collect the keys”.

You know the story, you know how he got to the house and found it to be a mansion. You know how he returned the following day and went to thank the chairman, and the chairman said “is there any furniture in the house?

The messenger said “No Sir”. The chairman said “I change my furniture every Christmas. I don’t know where to put the one from last year yet” he called a driver and said “Load the furniture and take it to this boy’s house”.

Faith like that of a baby. You know that story.

I am telling you to tell you that another of my children had that testimony. He came to the Holy Ghost service With all his goods thrown out of the house to the streets because he couldn’t pay his house rent and he said “the God who did that of that young man can do my own”. By the following week he sent me a picture of the load in the street and another picture of a house someone gave him.

  • I decree to someone that before the new year, the siege over your resources are gone.
    Faith will please Him and when He is pleased He enables you to move mountains and one of those mountains is poverty. Because He does what He likes and nobody can challenge Him, He said in Romans 9:15-18 ” I will show mercy to whom I will show mercy. It is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth but the one who God shows mercy”.

The elders have a saying that it is not how much you struggle that will determine how much you prosper. If it struggle that determines prosperity, some people at the dock who carry one bag of cement at the left shoulder and another at the right from sunrise till sunset and there is nothing to show for it.

  • In the name of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, your years of working like an elephant and eating like an ant is over.

I said if you know how to approach him, you can get whatever you want. You can approach Him and say ‘it is written that blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. So if I show mercy to my neighbours then compulsorily God you must show mercy to me”. How do I show mercy? You know the way.

You know the Lord Jesus Christ, that He is the solution to every problem and yet you have relatives who are heading straight for hell and you have done nothing to help them, nothing to bring them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

My question then is where is your mercy?

Some years ago, two big national rascals. They were so rascally that everybody knew them, I won’t mention names.

They met here at the Holy Ghost Service, during break one saw the other and said “you? You are here too?” The other one said “yes!”. He asked him “How long have you been coming?” He said “I have been coming for almost six months”.

The other one turned to Him and said “you are a merciless fellow, you discovered the truth and you kept it from me yet we are supposed to be friends”. Some of you have been born again now for three years, you have never brought a soul to the almighty God. Where is your mercy?

Proverbs 28:13
If you want to approach the Supreme God, on whose mercy your success depends you must confess your sins and forsake them.

That is one way of getting God to do whatever you want Him to do. Confess your sins and forsake them, don’t pretend you are a Christian and continue in your sin.

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