Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG Annual Holy Ghost Congress tagged ‘THE SIEGE IS OVER’, Day 5 Evening Session






– Pastor E.A. Adeboye at RCCG Annual Holy Ghost Congress tagged ‘THE SIEGE IS OVER’, Day 5 Evening Session

The next step after that is that help came from an unexpected source – four lepers. Who can ever believe that help will come to a city through lepers. But the lepers were inspired by God to discuss “why are we sitting here, let us do something”. It was not the lepers talking, it was the Holy Spirit talking through them. It was the Lord who is an ever present help in times of trouble.

– God said there is someone listening to me now that very soon people will say of you “only God can do this”.

In 1 Kings 17:8-15, the widow of Zarephath wasn’t expecting help, she was getting ready to eat the last meal and die but God inspired His prophet “go!

There is a woman who is in need of help”. It wasn’t Elijah that was in need of help, God can feed Elijah by using birds, He can use an angel but there was a widow in great need and God inspired a prophet.


God can inspire anybody to bring you help. In 2 Kings 5:1-14, it was an ordinary house help as a matter of fact, a house slave that God inspired to talk to the wife of Namaan about where to go to for Namaan to be healed. In Mark 10:46-52, it was the very people who told Bartimaeus to shut up were the people said to “go and bring him’.

Help can come to you from totally unknown sources, help can come to you from somebody you have never met before. I have told you the story before of when I became General Overseer and I went to my village, I met a businessman there and he made a suggestion “You are General Overseer now, suppose you have something to do in the village, there is no house here. I will supply you with blocks, build a house and you can pay me when you have money”.

I thought it was from God, I built the house, a very small house and the day I roofed the house, he sent a messenger to me, “where is my money? I want my money now” and I didn’t have a kobo with me.

I cried to God, God look at me, I didn’t want to build a house. It’s this man who brought me into trouble. God help me.

I was sitting down here in the camp and I prayed all night, I was sad I was now a debtor so after some time I fell asleep, when I woke up there was somebody standing before me, she came all the way from the North.

God spoke to her and told her “go to Lagos, on your way there. There is a place called Camp, get down there I will guide you”.

She got to the front of the little Camp, the Camp was very little then. She said I am looking for the head of this place, I said that’s God.

She said “I know but I am looking for His representative”. I said that’s me. She said


God told me yesterday to get up and bring you this envelope. I have never met the fellow, I have never seen her since then. I opened the envelope and it was the exact amount that I needed and my shame was taken away.

– Cry to God, Father from the East, South, West, North, send help to me. From heaven above, send help to me.

From people I know and people I don’t know, send help to me and don’t let me be put to shame.
– I decree that before the sun rises tomorrow your help will arrive.

And then something interesting happened, the Heavens opened and there was a noise.

There are Bible scholars who have given many explanations about the noise, all I know is that there is plenty of noise in heaven. When you study noise generated by God, you will be amazed.

In Exodus 14:21-28, the Red Sea heard the noise of a rushing mighty wind and it fled.

A noise is going to come down from heaven tonight that will open a way for you where there was no way.

In Exodus 12:29-36, Pharaoh had a noise of weeping in all the houses in Egypt and told Moses, “you can go now”.
– All those who have been holding you captive, they will hear a noise tonight.

In Joshua 6:20, the wall of Jericho heard a noise that shook its foundation and it fell flat.
– Everything blocking your way to your Promised Land will hear a noise tonight.

In John 11:39-44, when Jesus got to the tomb of Lazarus and asked them to take away the stone, the Bible said He cried with a loud voice “Lazarus come forth”.

The tomb heard a noise and released somebody who had been dead for four days.
– Every opportunity you have lost, will hear a noise tonight and they will come back to you.

I can tell you several stories but I will tell you one that you already know. You remember there was a wedding in one of our Churches and they were already signing the Register, the husband had signed and passed the pen to the wife and then the husband heard something, someone called him.

He was the only one who heard, he answered and fell down from the chair and died. There was commotion in the room, everybody prayed all manners of prayer.

After sometime the most Senior Pastor in the room remembered that I had taught them, when prayer fails try praise.

So he told the people to stop praying and begin to worship God. Worship Him, He is the one who can reverse the irreversible. He is the One who can bring the dead back to life.

They continued to worship God and death heard a noise and released the young man, after thirty minutes he sneezed, opened his eyes and said “what am I doing on the floor”.

Is there something you lost and it is as if you can not get it again? What I want you to do in the next two minutes is make a joyful noise. Let the heavens hear your noise.

– Everything you have lost shall be restored to you.
– The Almighty God said there is someone listening to me now that after tonight, He will change your testimony from very good to excellent.

Psalms 35:4, Isaiah 41:10-13 God promised that by the time I finish helping you, you will seek for all those enemies but you will never find them.

– Daddy wants me to tell someone, Every door that refuses to open to you shall be burnt.
When the enemies heard the noise, they fled. When the lepers arrived, they found plenty of food and money. The Bible says they went to the first tent, took the money and hid it. They went to the second tent, took the money there and hid it.

You know the meaning of that? Lepers were beginning to have fixed deposits. They were hungry in the morning, by evening they had enough money to have fixed deposit. That is unusual promotion, which is your portion.

I have told you the story before, one of my sons came to me and told me “Daddy I am tired of being in one spot for so long, I want to go forward. I have an interview tomorrow. Please pray for me”.

So I said let us pray and he said “No! Speak a word” Okay I said the interview will be successful. He went, came back beaming with joy, he said “Daddy I prepared hard for the interview when I got there they asked me three questions: What’s your name? Which post do you want? When do you want to start?. I said Congratulations and he said “No! Daddy speak another word”. So I said “your promotion will be rapid”.

The next day He came back dancing for joy, He said “I went there to resume and they sent me to the board room, the people who interviewed me yesterday were there and they said “young man our Managing Director…” because he applied for Assistant Managing Director. “After you left our Managing Director resigned are you ready for the post of managing director? I said Congratulations, that’s rapid promotion. He said No Daddy, Speak another word.

So I said Okay, the God who started a good work for you will complete it. He left, the following day He came back almost speechless, I said what is it again, he said Daddy I got to my place of work and was invited into the board room and when I went into the boardroom, the people I met said “we have found out why our former Managing Director left, our competition offered him double the salary. We don’t want you to leave so we double your salary. He said speak another word, I said do you want to take the company from the owner. I am going to give you two minutes, tell God how great you want to be and I will speak a word and we will hear your testimony soon.

– In the name that is above every other name, receive what you have asked for and anything you should have asked for that you didn’t ask for, receive it all the same. I say it is done.

What followed is what I will call Compulsory Evangelism, the lepers said “if we keep quiet about what has happened here, we are in trouble”. From now on, one of the ways you will be greeting the people you meet is my siege is over.

When the lepers came to the city and told the people there, there was rejoicing and the entire nation began to sing “The siege is over, The siege is over”.
– As the Lord lives, in your nations all over the world you will sing that song.
– The Lord said there is someone listening to me, very soon your problem will be the problem of space to put your blessings.

Psalm 47:1 is for us now. 🎶clap your hands all ye people : shout unto God with the loud voice of triumph🎶

🎶magnify the Lord with me, Let us praise His name together🎶


The very first time the Holy Communion was taken was the very night Israel left Egypt. It was a meal that said, bye-bye to Bondage. They never came back to Egypt.
– You are free tonight, you are never going to be bound again.
So the meal you are about to take is a meal that is saying my siege is over. I rejoice with you. In John 21, when Jesus wanted to tell Peter “Your siege is over, you can now work in your destiny”. The first thing Jesus Christ said was “come and eat”. As we partake of this Holy Communion tonight, we are saying to the devil “you will never catch me again” and to the Host of heaven ”Thank you for my siege is over”.
– As you partake of this Holy Communion, the siege over your body will be over, the siege over your resources will be over, the siege over your destiny will be over.

Just keep on rejoicing, because whether you believe it or not THE SIEGE IS OVER.

– As long as God is still on His throne before the end of this year, you will have testimonies. Just have the faith of a little child.
– What God has done this week, we will never forget it.

The Congress is over and I will see you either on December 31st or on the First Friday of next year.



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  1. Amen.
    From Daddy G.O testimony, I observed Daddy G.o was also faithful in his service to God that’s why God on his part hear d cry of Daddy G.o and send him an helper.
    Lord Jesus, grant me the grace and strength to be faithful in my services to you in Jesus Mighty name; Amen

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