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Pastor E.A. Adeboye on ‘GOING HIGHER Part 38’ at RCCG Sunday Service

Let us pray.
🎶Blessed be your name, blessed be your name oh Lord. Hallelujah. Blessed be your name, blessed be your name oh Lord.

🎶Holy is your name, Holy is your name oh Lord. Hallelujah. Holy is your name, Holy is your name oh Lord.

Father Almighty may your name forever be blessed. We want you to know that we love you and we appreciate you. There is no one like you, fearful in praises, glorious in holiness, doing wonders upon wonders. Rich in mercy, that mercy that preserved us. We are very grateful Lord, accept our worship in Jesus name. Today again send your word to us, let it bring healings, deliverance, breakthroughs. Today Lord Almighty send us showers of blessings in Jesus name we pray.

We go to part 38 of our series GOING HIGHER and I am sure you will be surprised that our text is still 1 Kings 18:41.

We want to look at that word ‘sound’ today. Particularly, the sound of abundant rain. There is always a link between sound, loud noise and good news. If your team is playing a soccer game and your team scores a goal, people who are not in the stadium will know. The noise will erupt in the stadium and the ground around will shake. There is a link between sound and good news.
– I pray the Lord will give you good news in the name of Jesus.

In Leviticus 25:9, it is the sound of trumpets that announces the beginning of the year of Jubilee, the year of freedom. If you are in bondage, you sold yourself into slavery for one reason or the other, when Jubilee comes, freedom comes. You can go back home free. It is the year when everything that you sold must be restored to you. So you hear the great sound that announces that the year of Jubilee is here. You all know how we shout at the beginning of the year “Happy New Year”, everybody will roar. There is a link between sound and good news.

But when we go through the scriptures we find a lot of things associated with the sound, it could be a summon to heavenly hosts to come and help you fight. Like in Joshua 6:20, the whole army of Israel shouted and the wall fell down flat. Is there an obstacle in your way? A good shout of Hallelujah can bring down the wall. That is why at the beginning of every of our services, we shout Hallelujah.

One of the ways which you know that the service is about to start if you belong to the Redeemed Christian Church of God is that you hear “somebody shout Hallelujah”.

Why? Let that sound clear the atmosphere, remove every obstacle to our blessings. Like you have heard me say before, when some people want to preach they start by binding demons, binding the devil and so on and so forth.

We don’t do that. Why? I thought you bound him yesterday, did he get loose? If he is that slippery, how am I not sure he will be loose before you finish preaching. When you shout Hallelujah the devil is going to clear the way because the heavenly host will come and clear the atmosphere.

The most important thing about sound is that it is associated with divine movement. It is associated with the involvement of God in the affairs of men. In 1 Samuel 4:1-7, the Bible tells us that the children of Israel were fighting against the Philistines and the battle wasn’t going too well for the children of Israel so they said “Aaaah! We know what is missing, the Ark of the Covenant is not with us, let’s go and bring the Ark of the Covenant”.

So they brought the Ark to the camp and they all shouted “God is here”. When the Philistines heard the shout, they asked “what is the meaning of this shout?” and someone said their God has come to camp and the enemy trembled.

So when you hear people shouting great Hallelujah to God, it’s another way of saying “our God has come to camp”.

In 2 Samuel 5:22-25, the Philistines again came against David, David said “Lord shall I go out and smite them?” God said “Hold on. Wait till you hear a movement on top of the mulberry trees.

When you hear that movement then you know God has gone ahead to do your fighting for you so you can go ahead and win ”. The sound is associated with the movement of the army of God going ahead to fight for you. In 2 Samuel 6:12-15, a very beautiful story there.

The Bible tells us that when David went to the house of Obed-Edom to bring the Ark back to Jerusalem, they were bringing the Ark with a lot of singing and dancing and shouting. They were making such a noise to say “God is returning to our city”.

Maybe at this stage I should ask you to shout a big Hallelujah to announce to the forces of darkness that God is returning to your home.

There is a very interesting story in 2 Chronicles 13:14-16, it tells us the story of a fight between Israel and Judah. Judah said to Israel “leave us alone” and Israel said “No! we are going to fight you”.

So they surrounded Judah. Judah was just a tribe, Israel was the rest of the other tribes put together and the Bible says when Judah saw that they were surrounded they shouted to God, the trumpet blew and there was a big sound and suddenly Israel had no choice but to withdraw. Are you surrounded by enemies? , do you feel the enemy closing in on you? A big shout of Hallelujah can solve the problem.

In Psalm 47:5, the Bible says “God is gone up with a shout, the LORD with the sound of a trumpet”. God loves shouting, He loves the sound of trumpets. That’s God. If he is gone up with a shout, the Bible tells us that when he returns, He will return with a shout (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). When the rapture is going to take place, when Jesus comes again, it is going to be with the trumpet sound of the angels.

He will descend with a shout. When you consider the movement of God associated with noise making and loud shouts. You will discover why we Pentecostals are so noisy, they have discovered this secret. Let us just take one or two more examples.

Luke 2:8-14

When Jesus Christ was born, some shepherds were in the field looking after their sheep by night and suddenly a bright light shone around them and an angel came to them and said “don’t be afraid, the Saviour has been born” and suddenly a detachment of the heavenly mass choir rounded and you can be sure they were not singing quietly.

You can do everything with your mouth closed. You can pray with your mouth closed, you can meditate with your mouth closed but there is no way you can praise God with your mouth closed.

Nobody ever shouts Hallelujah with mouth closed, you know that whatever it is that has been sealing your lips and not allowing you to praise God can be gone if only you know how to shout. When Christ arrived there was noise, great sound.

When the Holy Spirit came down to abide with men at the birth of the Church in Acts 2:1-4, there was a sound like a mighty rushing wind. It shook the house to say ”Hey! The Holy Spirit has arrived”.

If you don’t like noise, don’t think of going to heaven because heaven is a noisy place, very noisy, with great beautiful sounds. Revelation 14:2-3 describes the sound in heaven like the voice of many waters, like the voice of great thunder. I like one of my colleagues, any time he is going to ask people to shout Hallelujah he says “shout Hallelujah like thunder”.

He is asking you to copy the way they do it in heaven. Revelation 19:6 says “there was a noise like the sound of great multitude”
– By the grace of God you will be part of that multitude.

When I ask you to shout Hallelujah again and again, I am preparing you for heaven. At the end of the age, when everything is about to end, when God is about to make all things new there is going to be a lot of shouting.

Revelation 21:1-4, the most beautiful sound of all will be to announce to us “behold the tabernacle of God is with men, He shall dwell with them, He shall wipe away all tears”.

– I am believing God for you, your ears will hear that sound.

When you read 2 Kings 7:1-11, A nation had been besieged by another nation. Those who were inside could not come out, those who were inside could not come in but the enemy said no problem we will wait you out till you all die. It got so bad that women were eating their children and then a man of God prophesied and said within twenty four hours there will be an abundance of food.

In another way that man was saying the siege will soon be over, which incidentally is our theme for December Congress.

Then four lepers began to march towards the camp of the enemy and the Almighty God caused the enemy to hear a sound from heaven and they said “what kind of sound is that? There is a great army marching against us, let’s flee”. It took a sound to lift the siege.
– I pray your enemy will hear a sound today to leave you alone.

The conclusion of the matter is this, the sound that liberated God’s people is the same sound that scattered their enemies and dispossessed their enemies.

When we talk about sound, it depends on whose side you are. If you are on the side of God, a shout of Hallelujah is going to give you a breakthrough. If you are not on the side of God, a shout of Hallelujah can mean big trouble for you.

Some of you might know the story of a wealthy woman who had a serious problem that whatever she ate, she would vomit. The doctors tried everything, they did X-ray and every kind of ray they could do and nothing showed.

Then the woman came to the Headquarters and just as we said let somebody shout Hallelujah as she was about to shout Hallelujah a big worm came out of her mouth.

The worm didn’t appear on x-ray but the shout of Hallelujah liberated the woman. If you are a child of God and you shout one more Hallelujah, your enemies will be scattered today.

If you are not on the side of God and you hear people shouting Hallelujah near you, you might be getting into deep trouble and so I am appealing to you, why don’t you come on the right side of God. Why don’t you surrender your life to Him? Why do you keep pretending to shout Hallelujah like a child of God when you are not?

Why don’t you surrender your life to Him today and anytime you shout Hallelujah something miraculous will happen in your life.

If you want to give your life to Jesus, bow your head wherever you are and cry unto the Lord and say please save my soul, I want to be one of your children, forgive my sins, save my soul and I will do your will for the rest of my life.

Thank you my Father, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we shout Hallelujah to you. We give you glory, we give you honour. We ask that you please accept our worship, our Thanksgiving, our honour in Jesus name.

Those crying to you for salvation oh Lord please save them. Let your blood wash away their sins, receive them into the family of God and from now on anytime they shout Hallelujah to you, rise up and fight their battles for them.

Lord all your children in spirit and in truth as they shout Hallelujah to you again and again I pray that you pull down every wall of Jericho in their way, fight their battles for them and on the last day when the host of heaven will join to shout Hallelujah to you, we will all be part of them in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout a big Hallelujah!


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