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-Pastor David Majiyebo

Regional Pastor in charge of North East Zone, Nigeria
Day 3, Morning Session, DRC 2021

*My first time of flying in a private jet with Pastor Enenche was heavenly, born again.

Anchor Scriptures: Proverbs 11:30, John 15:16
Topic: The Lifting Power of Soul Winning (Evangelism)

1.To understand what it takes to become a soul winner for God
2.To understand the necessity of soul winning
3.To understand the impact of soul winning on the soul winner

The Christian faith is a calling into a life of usefulness and fruitfulness. Our usefulness to God is confirmed by our fruitfulness.

John 15:16
We have been called to bear fruits and also have fruits abide in the Kingdom.
The greatest heartbeat of God is the salvation of souls. It is never a plan or the will or the intention of God that any man He created should perish – 2 Peter 3:9
To avail yourself to soul winning is to touch the heartbeat of God.

You cannot with the heartbeat of God and not be in the heart of God. When you are in the heart of God, God puts you in the heart of His purpose. You are not only kept in the heart of God’s purpose, you are also lifted by God’s purpose.


1. Daniel – Daniel 12:3
Turning people to God at the frequency of soul winning makes a star out of a child of God. No wonder, Daniel was a star in his days. He was not an ordinary person.
-For somebody here, as we engage in soul winning, you shall become a star in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. Moses
Exodus 32:31-34a
The passion of Moses for the winning of souls connected him to the leadership of the people. People of God, you don’t just become a leader.

You become a leader because of the quality of your heart for souls. You don’t just step into where you are meant to be, you step into where you are meant to be, by having a passion, undying passion for the loss and anytime you begin to go out for the lost, God positions you as the Leader of His people

3. Paul the Apostle: He was a man that was so passionate after souls. 1 Corinthians 9:16

For the Apostle Paul, the preaching of the gospel was not for the sake of preaching, it was for the sake of the souls of the lost. It got to a point, he said, “woe is me if I preach not the gospel.” It was a necessity for him to preach the gospel to ensure the lost are won unto the Lord.

Somebody here, as you go out there, God is going to give you the grace to win souls and as that happens, you are going to take your place in God’s Kingdom and among His people.

Paul the Apostle, he came late. He was a latecomer that later became a front liner.
Why? because of his passion for souls.
You will never change position until your passion shifts in gear.

For somebody here, I see a shift in your passion for the lost in the name of Jesus Christ.


Why do we have to win souls? What is the necessity of soul winning?

1. We win souls because of the love of God for humanity.
John 3:16
We serve a God that is not in enmity with the people He has created.

We serve a God that is not in hatred with the people He has created. The Bible says, “He so loved the world.” He created the world, so He loved the world, to the point of sacrificing His only begotten Son.

To demonstrate and manifest the love of God for the world.

2. Soul winning is necessary because of the sacrifice of God the Father of His only begotten Son – John 3:16,


1. Divine Presence – Mark 16:20
2. The possession of spiritual power – Acts 1:8
The place of witnessing is also the place of divine power.
God gives power to those who win souls.
3. It is the guarantee of fulfillment in life – Luke 10:17
-Somebody will find fulfillment after this convention at the place of soul winning in the name of Jesus Christ.

4. Supernatural supplies: God’s servant, our father in the Lord, once said, “when you work for Him, you attract His wages.” You can’t work for God and not be paid by God. We have also heard God’s servant, our father in the Lord said that he is not on salary by this Commission, he does not collect salary.

Many of us who are sons are privileged to have a father with a heart of love to pay us salaries but he is not on any salary and that was since the inception of this Commission. But one thing is natural with him, it is supernatural supplies.

He told us yesterday of how somebody offered his aircraft for the outreaches, the crusades and said, “any time you are going out, I will be there but just ask God to give me one soul.” It is not a car that somebody is offering for crusade, it is not a BM, it is not a Mercedes but a private jet. Only God can do such things.

I had the privilege of coming with them from Jalingo, people of God, the experience of flying in a private Jet, that experience is heavenly, that experience is born again, the experience is spirit filled.

-For somebody here, God shall supply your needs according to His riches in glory as you embark on soul winning in the name of Jesus.
Peter offered his ship to Jesus, where he once failed, for evangelism. At the end of that meeting, everything he lost was restored.

-For somebody here, you don’t know what you are missing by not going out for evangelism, but for somebody here who is addicted to soul winning, I decree there shall be a supernatural supply into your life, into your destiny, into all that has to do with you in the name of Jesus.


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