Pastor Faith Oyedepo Charge at The Dedication Service of The Faith Dome, Winners Chapel






– Pastor Faith Oyedepo at The Dedication Service of The Faith Dome, Winners Chapel International Maryland, U.S.A. Second Service

To You alone be all the glory, Lord right now our hearts are opened send us Your word again. Meet each of us at the point of our needs, change our story one more time and let Your name alone be glorified in Jesus mighty name we pray.

On behalf of God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo, the Apostle over this commission we heard him speak to us a while ago I want to specially congratulate each and every one of us that are a part of what God is doing at this time and in this place and for being present in our first Sunday Service in our new sanctuary
– Something new has just opened in your life.
– As you walk through the door of this sanctuary, see yourself walking through an open door in your life.

I congratulate the leadership of the Church that is been led by Pastor Isaac Oyedepo. May you all be duly rewarded for all your time and resources. During the first service, I whispered to him “All of the glory belongs to God”. God’s servant Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. has said it over and over again at the Faith Tabernacle and I can never forget it that the glory that belongs to God is poisonous to men, don’t ever share it with Him. The Glory that belongs to God is poisonous to men, don’t attempt to share it with Him. All that has been done here, the glory belongs to our Lord Jesus.

This morning, before we go into the dedication I want to share briefly with us on a subject titled “UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF DEDICATION”.
John 12:24

By way of introduction, let us understand very clearly that every child of God is God’s building. The soul of a man has more value to God than every thing in this world, you will not come to this world in vain oh. Coming to this world without being a child of God is vanity, spending eternity in agony.


1 Corinthians 3:9,16

You are God’s temple, God’s spirit dwells in you. So treat your life, treat your body like the temple of God, give it what is pleasing to God. Whatever is not pleasing to God must not be found in your temple. Also understand very clearly that we are also called the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God dwells in you. Do you have the Spirit of God in you? Are you baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues? If you are not, make sure you don’t go home from this first service at the Faith Dome without been filled. Because this end time is going to be hot for those who don’t know God.

Therefore those who know Him and are baptized in the Holy Ghost while it is going bad for the people of the world, for you and I in Zion things are getting better. Therefore I congratulate you because where you are right now is the least place you will ever be.
– You will never go down anymore.
– For you and your entire household it will be forward ever and backward never.

Any believer that is truly dedicated to God will have his or her life filled with the glory of God.
– Therefore from this day forward, I see the glory of God fill your life.

And you know the opposite of Glory is shame, when your life is filled with glory that means no more shame for you again.
– Wherever you have experienced shame in time past, that is the last you will ever experience.
– Places where people never wanted to see you before, they will begin to look for you.
– Where they never wanted you to come around, they will begin to beg you to come.

Just like Solomon’s temple when it was dedicated, we see that story in 2 Chronicles 5:13. When that temple was dedicated, the Bible tells us that the glory of the Lord came down.

What is Dedication? I have heard God’s servant Bishop David Oyedepo define this severally and he said “dedication is deadly commitment to the promotion of the kingdom of God”. You and I must understand that Dedication is not a gift, it is a choice but it is a choice of the wise. So no one can say they don’t have the gift of dedication, there is nothing like the gift of dedication, you decide to be dedicated to God or not.

No one can dedicate your life on your behalf. Husband cannot do that for wife, wife cannot do that for children. Dedication is a personal responsibility and this responsibility is not transferable.
– As we dedicate this sanctuary to God, grace to re-dedicate your life to God receive it in Jesus name.
– If you haven’t done that before, grace to take steps to make that decision to dedicate your life unto Him receive it in Jesus name.


Every believer is a spiritual seed but until a seed is dedicated to the soil, it cannot grow and bear fruits or have proofs (John 12:24). No matter the quality of a seed until it is sown to the earth and is dedicated to the ground, it remains alone. But when it is sown then it grows, bears fruits and becomes a blessing to all and sundry. We used to have one bottle in our house where my husband put some mustard seeds and kept it on the bookshelf and it remained there month after month never changing status. It remained in that container for years, no fruits, no improvement, nothing changed – stagnation because it was not sown.

There is possibility and potential for one seed to become a tree and then produce seeds that grow into a forest but that is only when it is sown and dedicated to the earth. For your life and my life to become fruitful, meaningful on this earth, dedication is a must.

Every believer is also called the seed of Abraham with a destiny of global impact but until it is sown and dedicated to the earth, you have no future. Until a seed is sown and dedicated to the earth, it is not free from the birds of the air. When a seed is left in the open, the birds of the air are permitted to come from wherever and eat it up. That is why you find people who are not dedicated to God, the devil feasting on their colourful destiny. Everywhere they turn negative experiences: No progress, no promotion at work, wherever they turn, it seems as if the door was always shut at them.

Genesis Chapter 22, you can read all the way to verse 16. God said to Abraham “ give me your only son Isaac that you love” and thanks to God that Abraham obeyed and after he did God said to him loud and clear ”because you have done this thing…” God swore a blessing over Abraham and that blessing is still speaking till today. None of us has ever met Father Abraham but we are always glad and excited to be called Abraham’s sons and daughters. We even still sing it as a song 🎶 Abraham’s blessings are mine🎶, we are still tapping into the blessings of one man who sowed his life as a seed.
– Generations after you, will remember you for good and they will call you blessed.

In the kingdom of God, dedication is the covenant platform for the rise of giants.

When you choose to dedicate your life to God, you are the one benefiting, God is not the one benefiting. God’s servant has said it over and over that God does not need you and I for anything but you and I don’t need God for everything including the breath in your nostrils.

Benefits of Dedication

1. Supernatural Breakthrough

– From this day forward, your breakthrough is just beginning.
– It shall be breakthrough to the right, breakthrough to the left, breakthrough in your work place, breakthrough in your finances, no more borrowing and begging, no more wetting your pillows with tears in the night, no more sickness in your body.
Expect it and you will begin to experience it.

2. Supernatural Favour
Psalms 102:13

I have good news for someone under the sound of my voice today, the time of favour for you has come.
– Favour will begin to greet you every where you go

We were told in the first service by God’s servant Pastor David Oyedepo that favour is not fair because there are options and among the options God decides to choose you. Aren’t you glad that you are God’s choice?. When God favoured the Israelites in Egypt, they left Egypt carrying gold as luggage. People that were slaves carrying gold as luggage, can you imagine that?

3. Supernatural Honour
No destiny in the kingdom blossoms without dedication, when you are dedicated honour is one of the benefits that you experience.
John 12:26

When God honours a man, tell me who can dishonour that man.
– From today the honour that comes from God comes upon your head.

4. Global Impact
Maybe right now nobody knows you on your street but there are individuals under the sound of my voice today that will become a force to reckon with. Just like you hear the name of Oyedepo, it rings a bell of faith, a bell of honour, a bell of prosperity, a bell of divine help.

– Someone under the sound of my voice, your name will carry greater impact.

When you are dedicated to God, your impact on earth becomes irresistible. 1976 September 12th, God’s servant and I, we were in courtship then not married, wrote this article ‘Covenant of Dedication’ handing over to God all. I can never forget that day he called me into the sanctuary of the Church building, there was no service going on and he brought out this covenant he had written and signed between him and God. He read it to me and said: “He is Lord of All; everything in my life. Do you think you can still marry such a man like this. Wherever God says is where I am going, whatever He says to do is what I am going to do. Wherever He sends me, I am ready to go, no looking back. If it means wearing one trouser for years I will never even question Him. Are you ready?”. Of course, if I didn’t say Yes you won’t see me here today. In the physical there was absolutely nothing attractive, But in the realm of the spirit a life dedicated unto God has the greatest future.

Here we are, 45 years later, since 1976 no regret. Don’t be blinded by the things only physical eyes can see. Especially young people don’t ever be blinded by the things that only physical eyes can see. The things in the realm of the Spirit are even more real. ” For we walk by faith and not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). I know that because you belong to this family, your impact in this life is just beginning.

Business men, if you can be dedicated to God half the way you are dedicated to your business, Career people if you can be dedicated to God half the way you are dedicated to your various careers, ministers of the gospel, sons of the Prophet, male and female whoever you may be.

If you and I can be dedicated to God half the way we are dedicated to the mundane things of life, there will be a revolution. You know the time you are expected to get to work, you run to beat traffic why? It’s your place of work that is where you earn your pay. You don’t want to miss your pay but when it comes to the things of God, “Well, they will still be singing, I am not late I will meet them”. God sees everything, He hears everything.

Therefore expect to be among the high flyers of the last days as you remain dedicated to God and the interest of his kingdom.

– As we go through this dedication today, grace to remain dedicated to God all the days of your life receive it.
– May all the blessings that follow those who dedicate their lives to God, may it begin to speak in your life from this day forward.

Why are we dedicating this sanctuary today?
1. In recognition of God as the Builder
Psalms 127:1-2

Who is the Builder of Faith Dome? God. We heard our National Pastor tell us that from the construction to the completion and then the dedication, God and God alone. We have heard it said over and over again in this commission by Bishop Oyedepo that “to take God for granted is to be grounded”. We must keep recognizing God as the Builder, He alone could have done this. See what the Lord has done in the season of a global lockdown.

1999 after the Faith Tabernacle in Canaanland was dedicated, Bishop Oyedepo said it very clearly for all present to hear “Let no man ever think in the corner of his heart, yes I did it.” He said if any man tries that God will kill him. No wonder today, the Ark Project 100,000 capacity Auditorium is going on with ease, quietness, you won’t know that anything of that magnitude is happening. Because we have been taught to always recognize that God alone is the Builder.

2. To hand over this Facility to Christ – the Head of the Church

What you hand over to Christ, no assault of the devil will ever be able to penetrate. Is there any dog that does not respect a lion? Jesus Christ is the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
– No more assault of the devil over your life.

3. To secure God’s presence in this sanctuary
Giving God all the glory is the only sure way to retain the glory.

Exodus 40:9 – “And thou shalt take the anointing oil, and anoint the tabernacle, and all that is therein, and shalt hallow it, and all the vessels thereof: and it shall be holy”.

Lift up your voice and begin to thank Him again for this sanctuary.


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