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I invited a minister from a ministry to come bless us, after the meeting about five of our members left and followed him to the ministry, when I got the report, I told our accountant to withdraw money from our account, and I went to the ministry to personally sow the seed.

I have pastored in environment where people love to go to a particular ministry and what I always do is to sow seeds there. I covet the grace upon that house, and I’m not hiding it, simple.

My attention was drawn to a man who got angry with our ministry when he checked the price of one of our international minister’s meeting, I told those who brought the info to my notice to show me his page, as I scanned through I discovered they didn’t have musical and public adress instruments, I told them we are buying instruments for these guys this week.

Check across generations, nothing has separated ministers of the gospel like the crowd following them. There is a need of wisdom to manage these people.

We don’t owe all men association, but we owe all men love and honor.

Our reaction to things is a function of the angle we are seeing it from.

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