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Pastor Muyiwa Areo at Just Us Girls Conference Tagged ‘Revived’ 2021

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Pastor Muyiwa Areo at Just Us Girls Conference Tagged ‘Revived’ 2021

One thing that came to my heart as they were speaking is that promotion comes not from the East or West. I feel like the right thing that should come after that scripture is that it comes from God. Psalms 75:6.
What follows after is that but God is the judge, Psalms 75:7.

It says promotion doesn’t come from the East or West but God is the judge. This tells you that every time God wants to lift you up, the first person that shows up for your case is not the Lifter but the Judge. So I am thinking that, it doesn’t come from these places, God is the Lifter but it doesn’t tell us that God is the promoter but God is the Judge. Every time you are praying for promotion, increase public affirmation and manifestation, the first person that shows up on your case is the Judge, it is not the Lifter that first shows up, not the Promoter, it is always the Judge

So every now and then, God put me in the forefront, God shine on me, but God says I am coming. You expect the Lifter riding on a big horse but the person that shows up is the One in the judging garment. The One that comes with a scale, measuring what you are doing whether it is time to be promoted or time to be lifted. So it says promotion doesn’t come from anywhere but God is the Judge. If the Judge shows up in your house, business today, will these prayers still be? When the Judge sets in, He looks at the things you have done and what He meets on the ground. Sometimes you expect promotion but the Bible says after judging matters, He puts down one and then He lifts up another

Many times when we are praying for lifting and it looks like God is not lifting you, the Judge has come and He has said listen I know you said this is how it should be but I have examined several things and it is not time for it yet. This matters a lot. It is a deception and lack of the depth of understanding of new creation realities whereby you know the things that Christ has finished and those things were finished so that you can finish some things yourself. They were completed for you so that you can complete some things on your journey. Those things were made available, now you know that you have been made righteous but we are still doing works of righteousness. You are healed already but there are certain things you are working out in your health, manifesting your health. There are certain places God has placed you spiritually, don’t confuse what God has done for you spiritually for the things you are seeing in your life vitally.

Listen to me, God is the Judge, the Judge always shows up before anything else. The verse says He putteth down one based on what He has judged. There are people that are praying for lifting that will never show up, it is not because of whatever. He putteth down one doesn’t mean He destroys, what He is saying is that He keeps you at a level and says wait, you never reach. The Bible says that He then setteth up another, that means He sets another to shine.

The Judge always shows up before the Promoter. God is the Judge in all circumstances. He comes. If there are things God has been saying for you, begin to judge yourself, don’t let the Judge show up.
Judge yourself sexually, financially. The mistake we make when we are talking about sin is that we think that it is about heaven and hell, sin is about what you are missing because of what you are doing. It is the destiny height you are not getting to because you have chosen to follow shortcuts. God is the Judge, He lifts up one and puts down another. The Judge shows up before the Lifter shows up. Don’t let the Judge judge you, judge yourself.

The Scriptures say judge yourself, don’t let the Judge show up on those matters. Judge your appetite, judge your sleeping too much, judge your not serving God, don’t let the Judge show up. Tell yourself I am not doing good, it shouldn’t be. 1 Corinthians 11:13.

If you don’t judge yourself, the Judge is coming, not to heaven or hell now but to promotion or not promotion.

Thank You, Jesus


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