Pastor W.F Kumuyi at The Showers of Blessings Global Crusade






Pastor W.F Kumuyi at The Showers of Blessings Global Crusade Day One

Saul who became Paul said, “I was bad…very bad…as badness could be. I was injurious as any violent man could ever be. I was blaspheme…I was terrible. I was the chief…the highest…..the greatest, the most wicked of all sinners. If God can save me, the chief of sinners, then, all the other people that killed behind me, the Lord will save them” He will save you tonight. He will change your life tonight. If he could save Saul and he became Paul, there is hope for you. Tonight is the night of your salvation. I don’t have to do any other thing, Christ is the Saviour. He came into the world to save sinners. Look at verse 16, it says, “…for his cause, I obtained mercy”

Remember, you are not coming, I paid much money to the Church, no! I obtained mercy. I did good…I sent somebody to school…I gave clothes to the naked… I gave water to the thirsty….that is not why you are saved. It says, “I obtained mercy” What Jesus did for me is a pattern. What he did for me is a model. What he did for me is an example for a pattern to them which will hear after they believe on him. As you believe on him tonight, eternal life will come to you.

You believe on him for life everlasting

S- Salvation
H- Healing
O- Obtainment of Abundant Mercy
W- Wonders

What are you going to have tonight? Wonders! Enemies will look at you and wonder. The sickness that has been there, as that sickness is going away, you will look back and look at you, there is no more infirmity. The evil spirit that possessed your life before, that evil spirit will come out. And as that evil spirit is coming out, it will look back and say, “Forever forever, I cannot get back into him… I cannot get into her anymore…” They will wonder. And you, you have been on crutches before for how many years long and today, the Lord will work wonders in your life and those crutches will vanish away in Jesus’ name. And then, as you go back home and you stand up straight and you are walking straight and you even run, you find people will say, ‘Is that him? Is that her?” They will say, “No, it’s like his twin brother…twin sister…” You’ll say “Yes! it is me” What happened to you? You’ll get this wonder in your life in Jesus’ name.


“W” now is Wonders for All-round miracles. You turn this side, miracle. You move on here, miracles. You turn the other side, miracle. Anywhere you are in the arena, anywhere you are far away there, as we pray and mention the name of Jesus, wonders will come to you in Jesus’ name. Look at Acts 2:22
A man approved of God among us tonight, Lord Jesus Christ, there will be miracles, there will be wonders, where will be signs in Jesus name.

We’ve already heard some testimonies and those testimonies and many more will be multiplied in your life. Look at verse 43. How many wonder? Many wonders for the young, for the old, for the educated, for the normal people, for the boys, for the girls, many wonders and signs were done by the Apostles.

Christ did the wonders and then he transferred the power to his own disciples and everywhere they went, wonders took place. And everywhere as we are meeting together and we meet in the name of Jesus, wonders. That corner, wonders. In front of me here, wonders. Far at the back, when we mention the name of Jesus, there will be wonders. On this other side, wonders in your life. Wonders of all-around miracles.

The next one there is “E” which means Exaltation From Abject Misery. Let’s look at 1 Samuel 2:8. See what the Lord will do for you tonight. Are you the one I’m talking about? Anywhere you are, any country you are and you are online, there is a miracle waiting for you; exaltation from abject misery.

I Samuel 2:8
He has power, he has wisdom, he has the ability to set the whole globe on invisible pillars and the globe is rotating and yet, nothing is shifting. The God who has the power and the wisdom and he has the ability to set the whole world upon those invisible pillars, that same God will lift you up today.

Out of the dungeon, he will lift you up. Out of your poverty, he will lift you up. Out of your suffering, he will lift you up. Out of your imprisonment, he will lift you up. If you have been lying down there and cockroaches are walking over you and reptiles are walking over you and all those…you know…messengers of the devil, they trample over you, you are coming out of that situation. Exaltation from abject misery.

And now, we have “R” which means Restoration To Our Almighty Maker. The Lord will restore you, your soul and your spirit, every part of you, restoration tonight. And every good thing you have lost in life, restoration tonight.

You are restored to the Almighty maker, the one who created you, and he says, “I know the plan I have for you, I know the good thing I have for you” And that good thing that has eluded you, that has escaped you for a long time, you are going to be restored to the blessings of God. Look at Joel 2:12-13, 25-29,32.


It is saying, “Look at the direction you have been going and you have lost valuable things in life. You have lost your way, you’ve lost your inheritance, you’ve lost the good things you should have had because of your own evil-doing”

It says, “But restoration can come tonight. Turning around can come tonight. If you will turn unto me with all your heart. You don’t distribute your heart, a part to satan, a part to the world, a part to religion, a part to tradition but you gather up everything in your life, then you say I come with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and I return unto the Lord without any mind of going back to the devil, world and sin. It says turn ye even to me with all your heart and it says in verse 13, “Rend your heart and not your garment” Verse 25 says, “And I will restore unto you all the years that the locusts have eaten.” It says I will restore all the joy you have lost, all the health you have lost, all the goodness in life you have lost, all your family that you have lost, everything you have lost will be restored unto you. And the things you ought to have to keep soul and body together, he will restore everything unto you.

And he said, “This blessing is unstoppable” I will restore to you not only the days and he weeks or the months, but all the years that the locusts have eaten the cankerworm, the caterpillar, my great army which I sent among you. He will restore unto me. He will restore in Jesus’ name. He is willing to do it. That is why he gave the promise.

He loves to do that, that is why he gave the promise and he is ready at this time to bring the restoration into your life. That is why he gave the promise and he said I the God of heaven, I that satan cannot stop, I that for everyone, we are talking about the impartial God, we are talking about the incorruptible God. We are talking about a God that when he makes a promise, he will fulfill that promise in your life. Tonight is the night of restoration in your life.

And it says, you shall be satisfied and praise the name of the Lord your God that has dealt wondrously with you. He will deal wondrously with you. Whosoever welcomes God tonight and he says, “Lord, I am a beneficiary I am a partaker of the showers of blessing and I need full restoration and total restoration in my life” And my people shall never be ashamed. Are you there? My people shall never be ashamed. Are you part of those people? My people shall never be ashamed.

Look at verse 32. It tells us, “And it shall come to pass that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered” Whosoever that corner, whosoever that place…whosoever that outside congregation there, whosoever that person online, as you call on the Lord tonight, deliverance will come, the restoration will come, salvation will come. The mercy of God will come. A total transformation will come into your life in the name of Jesus.

Now, “S” is the Supernatural Supply. It will flow into your life. All the needs of your life, spiritual, physical, all the needs of your life emotional, everything you have been crying about tonight is the night of fulfillment.The Lord will do it in your life in Jesus’ name. Supernatural Supply From The Acknowledged Messiah.

He is all in all for you, for me and for everyone. In John 4:25, The woman said unto him that I know that the Messiah cometh. The Messiah was standing at the front of her but she didn’t recognize him. Many people like that the Messiah, The Saviour, the Healer, the Helper, the Deliverer is standing right in front of them and they can’t tell. They will say, “I know the Saviour is coming” He is here. The healer is coming, he’s here. The helper is coming, he’s here. It is tonight. Your salvation I said it is tonight.

Your healing, I said it is tonight. Your redemption I said is tonight. Don’t look any other place. Don’t look for any other day, he is right here. The woman did not know that. The woman said unto him, “I know Messiah cometh which is called Christ when he is come….” You know, there are some people, they don’t know salvation and the Saviour is here already. They’ll say, “We will get it when we cross over to the other side” They will say, “Nobody can know that he is saved or healed now but at a future time when we cross the gate of death, then we will know that we are saved” My friend, he is right here. Salvation is right here, deliverance is right here, miracle is right here. She said when he is come, he will tell us all things.

When he is come, he will save us from all of our sins, when he comes, he will heal us from all our sicknesses. When he is come, he will perform wonders in every life. Verse 20 says, “Jesus said unto her, ‘I that speak unto thee, I am he'” He has come. He is here. I that speak unto thee, I’m the savior.

I am the healer, I am the deliverer, As you give yourself and offer yourself to him now, salvation has come. But you know, the showers will begin to fall now. I say the showers will begin to fall now. Salvation will be given to you right now.

Healing will be yours right now. You will obtain the mercy of God right here tonight in Jesus’ name. And then wonder. Can you think about it that you, you in particular, not another person, wonders coming upon your life today? And then he will exalt you. He will take you out of that valley of crying, of sorrow, he will bring you to the mountain top of the joy of the Lord in Jesus’ name.

Restoration, redemption, total restoration in your life tonight in Jesus’ name. My God shall supply all your needs by Christ Jesus. Are you ready?

Heaven is ready. Are you ready? God is ready. Your salvation is here available. Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord will be saved. Heads bowed and eyes closed.


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